Cure your emetophobia & thrive
The ONLY successful, predictable, proven cure for a phobia of being sick


Based on his twenty-seven years clinical experience and extensive research, emetophobia expert Rob Kelly developed ‘The Thrive Programme‘ to help people to overcome their phobias and fears and learn to thrive. One specific application of the programme has been created for people suffering from emetophobia, and it is incredibly successful – most people are able to cure themselves in just 6-8weeks (see our research survey results)

Rob and his team have helped thousands of people to take back control of their lives, conquer their phobia for good and learn to truly thrive. Whether your phobia of sickness was a recent development –  like fourteen year old Rian’s was – or, like eighty-two year old Mary, you have battled your phobia for more than 75 years (see Rian and Mary below) you too can overcome your phobia in a few weeks, you just need our book, and be willing to put some effort in.

The programme is simple, accessible and affordable. You can undertake it at home by yourself (with a copy of ‘Cure your emetophobia & Thrive‘), with the help of one of our Licensed Thrive Consultants, or by attending one of our international events and bootcamps.

This programme is totally different to anything else you will have comes across: it’s not therapy (therapy doesn’t reliably help for emetophobia), it’s not C.B.T. (poor success rate, and only aims to help you live WITH your phobia), it doesn’t involve hypnosis (poor success rate, potential negative side effects), and it doesn’t involve exposure therapy (makes people worse, poor success rate, can be very stressful). Ours is a scientific, research-backed training programme that, quite simply, teaches you how to completely re-wire how you think, feel and behave. (Research about other emetophobia treatments)

Our programme doesn’t just reach you how to overcome your fear of being sick, it teaches you much, much more than that – it teaches you how to thrive.

Please have a very good look around the website, everything you could need to know you will find here. When you watch the testimonial videos or read the written feedback, please take not of just how much the persons life has changed: they are not just over their phobia, they are thriving.

Below is Mary’s video. Mary had suffered terribly from her vomit phobia for more than 75 years (yes, seventy-five!) She avoided having children, spent years in and out of therapy and psychiatric services, and even refused chemotherapy when she had cancer (she would have rather died of cancer, than been sick). It doesn’t matter how long you have had your phobia… Mary cured herself in about six weeks, by studying our programme at home.

Rian had only had his phobia for a few years but as he was a schoolboy at the time, it not only disrupted his life, but his education as well. He took about 8 weeks to overcome his phobia. His video is below:

See below Rob Kelly’s full presentation (below) at the first ever National Emetophobia Awareness Day:


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