Before reading this book every day was a misery but now I treasure every day and look forward to my future! Thank you to the amazing Rob Kelly for helping me to understand my ways of thinking and writing the best book ever written!

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The research-backed self-help programme to help you overcome your fear of being sick

Cure Emetophobia & Thrive Book

Comments from people who have overcome their emetophobia


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About Rob Kelly

Rob Kelly is a therapist, lecturer and author, who has successfully helped many thousands of people to overcome their psychologRob Kellyical, emotional and physical problems. He has spent the last twenty five years studying how our thoughts, feelings and experiences impact upon our lives, creating symptoms, anxiety and illness. Rob is director of research and training for the IAPH.

Rob runs many specialist clinics, treating people with particular phobias, such as emetophobia (fear of being sick), corporophobia (anxiety around pooing), and shy bladder (paruresis) as well as many other symptoms, including depression, obsessions, anxieties and weight issues.

Below is the ‘About the Author’ section from the ‘Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive’ book, written by Dr. Anna Forbes, an integrative Medical Doctor in Mental Health:

“I have never met anyone like Rob Kelly as he conforms to no stereotype! He touches people’s lives both professionally and personally on a daily basis with such warmth and generosity. Regardless of what is happening in his own life I would defy anyone to remain unsmiling within moments of meeting him, although he is far from being a ‘people-pleaser’! With his clients he has the tremendous ability to keep the atmosphere light whilst enabling them to confront their deepest issues. He is not afraid to challenge anyone if it means it will help them in the long run: I do not know of another therapist that puts so much into their clients getting better.

Personally, Rob leads a full and varied life: he plays football for his village team and flies four different types of aircraft (one to international competition standard). He loves music (performing and listening), off-road motorcycling, snowboarding, scuba diving, reading, socialising, martial arts, and the list goes on, in many of which he includes his two children to whom he is a fantastic father.

Rob is a highly experienced and excellent therapist; he remains a great inspiration to me in my own practice: to this day I continue to seek out his pearls of wisdom and greatly enjoy his training seminars. I have known Rob for many years but it wasn’t before quite some time that I inadvertently discovered that he had been through greater hardship in his life than most. If asked, he might describe his childhood as ‘challenging’ where others would use the word ‘abusive’. Subsequently propelled into his teens with a great deal of anxiety and negligible self-esteem he was soon faced with a serious neurological disease that required a series of operations to the brain and spinal cord, which left him with problems in his neck, upper limbs and hands. Until recently, one of his favourite endeavours was playing the guitar and singing in a band, however his muscular problem took a turn for the worse rendering his left arm pretty useless. When asked about how he felt about not being able to play the guitar anymore his response, with a beaming smile, was 'I play the keyboard now - one handed'. Many of his friends and colleagues will be stunned to read this part of Rob's bio because he simply wouldn’t have mentioned it. Rob never blames his past, other people or his illness for anything: he truly does ‘walk the talk’, living and breathing all that he teaches.

It was not surprising when Rob entitled his training programme ‘Thrive’, because that is exactly what he does.”