After a lifetime of suffering from emetophobia and trying CBT, Suzy cured herself in weeks!

Suzy, 27, suffered from emetophobia for as long as she can remember – ever since she was a little girl she was terrified of being sick, and it got worse as she got older…

Suzy tried everything to cure herself of her emetophobia, including CBT...

Suzy tried everything to cure herself of her emetophobia, including CBT…

In her adult life, her phobia stopped her from going out for drinks or dinner with friends and family as well as many other normal things. She was incredibly fussy about what she ate and would avoid foods such as chicken and anything reheated.

Like many emetophobia sufferers we see, it was the dominating force in her life but she didn’t feel able to tell many of her friends or family about it. This caused problems for her relationships.

After spending years trying to beat her phobia by herself, Suzy went to see her GP and was prescribed anti-sickness medication and a course of CBT. Neither had the desired effect. But then she found ‘Cure your Emethopbia and Thrive’ and after an initial consultation, described the programme as being “me, completely – I just related to it instantly…”

Suzy threw herself into completing the programme and even read the book twice – with each week she got better and felt more in control of her thoughts and fears. It was a revelation. She finished the programme and now describes herself as being “cured completely”

Life is now great for Suzy – she can go out with friends to eat and drink without worrying about anything (something that was previously not possible) and she’s able to dismiss any pro-emeto thoughts quickly with the tools she’s learnt.

“My quality of life now compared to what it used to be…is so much better. I cannot recommend this programme enough. If my story sounds like you and you’re struggling with emetophobia, then I really, really recommend ‘Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive’ to help you. You will be cured and it’s so worth it, I can’t recommend this enough” concluded Suzy.

Rob Kelly, using his two decades of experience as a psychologist, developed the programme using his vast knowledge and experience of treating phobias and anxiety-related issues. Since launching, the ‘Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive’ has proved itself to be the most reliable, predictable way of curing emetophobia with a near-100% success rate.

The programme can be undertaken through a book, with the help of a consultant one-to-one or via Skype, and involves no medication, CBT or traditional therapy. It’s cost-effective and easy to follow.

Emetophobia is a fear of being sick or vomit and affects up to 8% of people worldwide, especially females. However, it is hugely misunderstood and various CBT or medical treatments are often used with little success. Cure your Emetphobia & Thrive is the most reliable and consistent cure available.

Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive was launched in 2007 by psychotherapist Rob Kelly, utilizing his 20-plus years of experience in curing phobias to design a reliable and predictable treatment for emetophobics. Since then, thousands have changed their lives and now live phobia-free.

If any of this resonates with something you’re going through, please get in touch – it is possible to be cured of emetophobia!

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