Agoraphobia sufferer beats her phobias in just a few weeks:
“My mentality completely changed!”

A few months ago, Jen’s life, as she admits, was “a bit of a mess” and she suffered from various anxiety disorders including agoraphobia and emetophobia, plus she smoked a lot.

After finding The Thrive Programme online, Jen was amazed at the results: “Within two weeks, my mentality completely changed!” It taught her how to beat her phobias, which were ruining her life and causing problems with her work and relationships, to the point where she would rarely leave the house before.

Jen has changed her life dramatically over the past year

Now, after completing the programme, Jen is living phobia-free and has recently qualified to become a Thrive Consultant, which means she’ll be able to help others who find themselves suffering with phobias, anxiety issues, depression or want to stop smoking.

In summary, Jen said: “You will be amazed at how your life will turn around! This really works – give it a go, you won’t be disappointed…trust me”

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You do not need to live with Emetophobia – you can COMPLETELY overcome it – just like all the people in these videos did. Take control of your life, learn to thrive!

Emetophobia is known by many names (specific phobia of vomiting (SPOV), vomit phobia, sickness phobia, fear of vomiting…) and is associated with other fears and disorders, such as phagophobia (a fear of gagging, swallowing or choking), a fear of pregnancy, social anxiety and obsessional disorders. People can fear vomiting themselves and/or others vomiting. Most individuals are female, with research studies revealing that 85-97% of their emetophobic participants are women (Hout & Bouman, 2011; Lipsitz et al., 2001; Veale & Lambrou, 2006).

In 2007 Rob Kelly – an emetophobia expert with over 30 years clinical experience – launched ‘The Thrive Programme’, which is a revolutionary psychological training programme – that people can learn at home from a book/video programme – that thousands have used to transform their lives. All the ex-emetophobics in this YouTube channel used the emetophobia version of the Thrive Programme book/video course to overcome their phobia.