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    Exclusive two-day Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive course offer!

Exclusive two-day Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive course offer!

I’ve been asked by a number of people to run a full course of Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive, in Cambridge, over two days.

I am doing this on Sept 14-15th with the venue TBC, depending on numbers. This will be a FULL Thrive Programme course, specifically related to emetophobia/the book Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive’ – with me, Rob Kelly, delivered over two days.

During this two-day course we will go through the programme in far more depth than you would do going through it either by yourself or one-to-one with a Thrive Consultant. We will take about 16 hours (as opposed to 6-8) to workshop our way through every aspect of the programme, including all exercises. I will also discuss many new useful and interesting updates I’ve discovered/created since the programme was last updated 18 month ago.

This special two-day course is for sufferers who are struggling – for whatever reason – to get through the course already… it is not for newcomers to this programme. The course will be run in Cambridge, and the cost is £800 for the two days.

Warning: This course has specifically been scheduled for emetophobes who have either (a) already completed the Programme (either by themselves or with a Consultant) or (b) who are currently studying the course but are struggling for whatever reason. As such my approach with be much more robust than it would normally be (1), and you should therefore only consider coming on this course if you are prepared to be challenged, and to put in 100% effort.

You will not be allowed to attend one or part of a day – you must be available 09.30 – 17.30 on both days.

If you do everything I [...]

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Five Ways I Changed After Thrive

After going through The Thrive Programme for emetophobia, Edinburgh-based Katie Gow has made some massive changes in her life, and all for the better. Here are her top five ways she’s made a difference.

The biggest impact that The Thrive Programme has had on my life has been the reason I came across it – to overcome my emetophobia. The fear left me with very little life and a constant intense fear or my own body and the world around me. I identified with the book straight away and devoured it, fascinated and encouraged by what I was learning about myself. There was hope! Being able to cope in nauseous or sickness-related situations has been the biggest change. However, my recovery didn’t just end there I was also able to face so much more and my life was completely changing.

Because The Thrive Programme doesn’t focus on just overcoming your symptoms, I was learning to apply the skills and techniques across all areas of my life. As I began letting go of my desire for control I noticed I was gaining confidence and belief in myself to face other phobias that I had. I had a huge fear of both needles and the dentist. I no longer avoided either and was able to get dental work done without diazepam. I was also able to get blood taken on a regular basis as well as even being able to inject myself with medication that I had been worried about for months prior. Two huge achievements and it only allowed my confidence to grow.

Doing Thrive raised my confidence and self esteem to new heights. As I [...]

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Why fate is such a terrible belief

The harder a decision, the more unlikely or improbable something seems, the bigger the issue that gets solved or event that occurs…the more likely we are to call it ‘fate’.

We’ve all heard: “That’s so amazing that you met your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/best friend/soul mate/husband/wife in *insert seemingly random circumstances* – it must be fate!”

It’s not.

Fate is another word for something magical, a higher power controlling our destiny – in other words, it’s not real. To be clear: fate doesn’t exist, there is no godlike figure controlling our lives and manufacturing random events for our benefit or displeasure.

But, for some people who might find making big decisions or comprehending changes in their lives difficult, ‘fate’ is an easy way out. ‘It’s meant to be’, ‘god willed it’ and ‘it is what it is’ are other versions of fate, dressed up as religion or fatalistic thinking. Illness, relationships, jobs, money, accidents, birth, deaths and success are all things that are often talked about in this way.

Think about the first statement, regarding meeting a partner and how it is often attributed to ‘fate’. In your lifetime, you might meet tens of thousands of people as you go about your daily life. There is a high probability that at some point, out of all these people you interact with in various ways, you will meet someone you are romantically attracted to, who is also romantically attracted to you too, and that you have a relationship based on this.

Yes, there may some factor in the meeting that seems coincidental – but the same could be said for every human interaction. We’re all connected in some way – big or small – so that chance meeting or seemingly random event is rarely [...]

How to have a Thriving week!

Thrive Programme founder Rob Kelly shares his tips for an amazing week!
Unsocial media…
How many hours do you burn every single week scrolling down social media timelines, and how does this actually make you feel? A recent study highlighted how comparing yourself to others on Facebook can trigger or exasperate depression and associated mental health issues.

Envy, unhealthy comparisons, reminders of past relationships and negative comments are all deeply unhelpful, to the point where the American Academy of Pediatrics declared “Facebook depression” to be a real phenomenon. They defined it as: “depression that develops when preteens and teens spend a great deal of time on social media sites, such as Facebook, and then begin to exhibit classic symptoms of depression.”

The answer? A host of smartphone apps will allow you to turn off, restrict or ration your social media or app use; Offtime, Moment, Break Free, Flipd and StayOnTask are some of the most popular and cover iOS and Android devices.

Set one up and spend the time you’d otherwise clock up on your daily social media safari doing something that, instead, fills you with joy; call your best friend, go for a riverside walk or bake something delicious!
Work it out
Think of serious exercise and, for most of us mere mortals, visions of lycra-clad cyborgs operating assorted torture devices in crowed gyms come to mind. It doesn’t have to be like this!

Exercise is all relative, so if you’ve spent the past few years getting very friendly with your sofa, then a brisk walk to the shops and back is great news for your mental health. The Royal College of Psychiatrists, no less, are big on this and state that being active helps alleviate negative [...]

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The Thrive Programme in Schools – Recent Case Studies

Over the past year, The Thrive Programme has launched an initiative to put Thrive into schools. We have already been successful with our book Thrive for Teenagers and it is our opportunity to bring effective principles of The Thrive Programme to a younger audience in relevant environments. Below is the write up of our work in three case studies in Scotland and the South of England.



The Thrive Programme is a psychological training programme that equips people with the self-awareness, skills and resources that they need to flourish in life. Rob Kelly’s programme combines his twenty-five years of clinical experience in psychotherapy with research from the field of positive psychology, resulting in a dynamic course that helps students to change their lives for the better. The Thrive Programme offers a host of benefits: behavioural, educational and therapeutic, and can be tailored to your school or setting.

The Thrive Programme is a six–ten week course that boosts students’ resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence.   This offers educational, psychological and health-related benefits, both in the short and long-term. In addition to quantifiable benefits, students completing the Thrive Programme report advantages such as increased happiness, more self-reliance and even a calmer temper. The course is suitable for students from Year 7/Primary 7.
The Thrive Programme teaches students techniques in a meaningful, memorable way. Sessions are fun and interactive, making use of practical demonstrations, video clips and group tasks: they are deliberately not like a normal lesson, and this is one of the things that holds appeals for students. There is some written work and follow-up tasks, and schools often choose to recap learning during tutor time, for maximum impact. The course is suitable for all students regardless of literacy ability, and comprises a number [...]

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Sometimes our Thrive Trainees deserve a special mention…

Just received another lovely email from a stranger. I have permission to share her email and some of her diary maps..
You can clearly see the amount of effort and determination this lady has put in to changing her life. She deserves the freedom she has created.
Dear Rob,I am a 55 year old wife and mother. For years I have suffered from being obese, self harming and self loathing.I work in primary education and thankfully for me I have a very understanding boss who acknowledges mental health and who referred me to our school counsellor.On meeting him I was apprehensive to say the least, he was half my age, what would he know? This wonderful young man introduced me to Thrive. It took me a while to digest the contents, possibly because my ‘Locus of control’ was most definitely EXTERNAL!I stuck with it, and this week whilst on half term, I decided to devote time each day to myself…I started to understand myself, accept myself. I made myself a scrapbook, with a page for the key events etc, in my life. Then I’ve spent the last few days just writing words, phrases, quotes and thoughts, anywhere and everywhere.I have to date lost 18lbs in eight weeks, food doesn’t control me anymore! I feel as though I’ve emerged from a cocoon into a bright, new place and in that place I’m happy to be me.I have revisited the quizzes in your book and I can’t believe the change, I feel that I can start to live my life. I know that not everything that comes my way will be easy but I know that I have the tools to cope.So I’d like to say [...]

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Flying High with The Thrive Programme

Have you ever watched, jaw-dropping, a light aircraft performing aerobatics?

Death-defying dives; stomach-lurching twists and turns?
There’s something awe-inspiring and captivating – if not perilously nerve-wracking – that keeps your eyes fixed on the sky.

Driving past a local airfield recently I spent a while watching planes, which brought to mind an obvious analogy with The Thrive Programme.

People do The Thrive Programme for a number of reasons, and in doing so they learn how to master their thinking, control their mind and make decisions with a newfound confidence and sense of capability. People who have completed the Programme and started to ‘thrive’ get in touch all the time to tell us of the dramatic ways their lives have changed; the decisions or life events they have taken in their stride whereas previously they might have hidden their head in the sand, quaked in their boots or nervously given excuses (sound like you?) . People find it easy to start undertaking new feats which would have been beyond them beforehand , without the skills and self-knowledge gained through the Thrive Programme.

Same with the pilot performing aerobatics… From the ground, the pilot’s skill is awe-inspiring and for most of us it is beyond our imaginations or wildest hopes to be able to perform the same feats. However, for the pilot in the cockpit, he/she was once just like you or I and had to start somewhere; little steps, careful mastery, conscientious practice. And once you’re airborne it’s much easier to put it all into practice and give the new skills a go: from the ground, it’s just theory, potential, possibility.

The Thrive Programme gets quick results but it is not a quick-fix; reading the theory is one important part [...]

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Mary thrives again in her local paper!

Again Mary is picked up by her local paper as an amazing story of achievement for overcoming her debilitating fear of being sick. It is not surprising that Mary won Thrive Trainee of the Year considering her remarkable journey. And in case it is not clear, that’s her trophy she’s holding in the photograph! Well done Mary!

Laura transforms her life with the help of Thrive – another National Newspaper appearance for Thrive!

Laura (or Birdie as we know her) has come a tremendously long way from where she was just a few short years ago. Having had a poor childhood, Laura made a life changing (or ending decision) having had enough. Astoundingly after she threw herself in front of a lorry in full motorway traffic, Laura survived. She was nursed and cared for physically back to health having suffered some very significant injuries. Unfortunately her experience of being cared for psychologically did not match up. Laura was left feeling awful about herself, her actions and her life. It was within her, however, to keep searching for help. She found Thrive. She got stuck in. She turned her life around. The rest is history – having now found love and a passion for fitness in life, her next challenge to conquer is to qualify as a firefighter. And we know she will do it.


To read the full article, click here.

Personal trainer, 22, who tried to kill herself but survived with horrific injuries now says the traumatic experience has helped her appreciate the joys of life

Laura Bird, from Cambridge, was devastated by death of school friend
She tried to step into traffic but believes she was saved by fate
Miss Bird broke multiple ribs, had portions of skin ripped away and broke her femur so severely doctors considered amputating her leg
She has made a full recovery and now sees her ordeal as a blessing 

PUBLISHED: 15:19, 11 June 2015 | UPDATED: 16:52, 11 June 2015
A personal trainer who survived an attempt to kill herself says that despite being left with horrific injuries the experience has made her appreciate life.
Laura Bird, 22, [...]

Mary overcomes her fear of being sick and makes a splash in today’s newspaper!

Mary is notably one of our biggest supporters having dedicatedly overcome her fear of being sick last year. After 75 years, Mary decided enough was enough and that it was time to do something about it. After researching about her fear of being sick and discovering Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive, Mary decided to put all her energies into taking back control of her panic and anxiety symptoms.
Since then, Mary has gone on to many things (including sitting and being interviewed for a National Newspaper!) from relearning to drive, taking up new hobbies and meeting new people (including a Guest Appearance at our Thrive Annual Conference in which we were honoured). Mary’s new drive for life is only possible down to the amount of effort and work she put in herself to stopping her phobia. Mary wanted to get better and she made sure nothing prevented her from getting to that goal. Each time Mary needed the motivation and clarity to continue, she looked inside herself and sought a new way to create it. This alone makes her one of the most knowledgeable people in overcoming emetophobia (or any phobia for that matter).
The Thrive Programme helped Mary get to a place where she believed that she was creating her fear and instilled dedicated techniques with which to help herself overcome it. When things didn’t go well, she did not let that dishearten her, she got on with it, set her attitude to Thrive, and helped herself in ways she’d never have foreseen. Mary shows that if you put in the work, be kind to yourself, and manage your thinking anything is possible. Even at 81 years old!

You can read the whole article here. And [...]