Recent testimonials from ex emetophobia sufferers

Laura transforms her life with the help of Thrive – another National Newspaper appearance for Thrive!

Laura (or Birdie as we know her) has come a tremendously long way from where she was just a few short years ago. Having had a poor childhood, Laura made a life changing (or ending decision) having had enough. Astoundingly after she threw herself in front of a lorry in full motorway traffic, Laura survived. She was nursed and cared for physically back to health having suffered some very significant injuries. Unfortunately her experience of being cared for psychologically did not match up. Laura was left feeling awful about herself, her actions and her life. It was within her, however, to keep searching for help. She found Thrive. She got stuck in. She turned her life around. The rest is history – having now found love and a passion for fitness in life, her next challenge to conquer is to qualify as a firefighter. And we know she will do it.


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Personal trainer, 22, who tried to kill herself but survived with horrific injuries now says the traumatic experience has helped her appreciate the joys of life

Laura Bird, from Cambridge, was devastated by death of school friend
She tried to step into traffic but believes she was saved by fate
Miss Bird broke multiple ribs, had portions of skin ripped away and broke her femur so severely doctors considered amputating her leg
She has made a full recovery and now sees her ordeal as a blessing 

PUBLISHED: 15:19, 11 June 2015 | UPDATED: 16:52, 11 June 2015
A personal trainer who survived an attempt to kill herself says that despite being left with horrific injuries the experience has made her appreciate life.
Laura Bird, 22, [...]

Mary overcomes her fear of being sick and makes a splash in today’s newspaper!

Mary is notably one of our biggest supporters having dedicatedly overcome her fear of being sick last year. After 75 years, Mary decided enough was enough and that it was time to do something about it. After researching about her fear of being sick and discovering Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive, Mary decided to put all her energies into taking back control of her panic and anxiety symptoms.
Since then, Mary has gone on to many things (including sitting and being interviewed for a National Newspaper!) from relearning to drive, taking up new hobbies and meeting new people (including a Guest Appearance at our Thrive Annual Conference in which we were honoured). Mary’s new drive for life is only possible down to the amount of effort and work she put in herself to stopping her phobia. Mary wanted to get better and she made sure nothing prevented her from getting to that goal. Each time Mary needed the motivation and clarity to continue, she looked inside herself and sought a new way to create it. This alone makes her one of the most knowledgeable people in overcoming emetophobia (or any phobia for that matter).
The Thrive Programme helped Mary get to a place where she believed that she was creating her fear and instilled dedicated techniques with which to help herself overcome it. When things didn’t go well, she did not let that dishearten her, she got on with it, set her attitude to Thrive, and helped herself in ways she’d never have foreseen. Mary shows that if you put in the work, be kind to yourself, and manage your thinking anything is possible. Even at 81 years old!

You can read the whole article here. And [...]

Another ex-emetophobic..

Claire, 45 from Cornwall

After 40 years of debilitating emetophobia I came across Thrive out of sheer desperation. My life was becoming narrower and my behaviours more and more restrictive to the point where it really was all I could think about each and every minute of every day!! I found it so frustrating that I could not find a way out of the misery that I knew I was creating for myself. The Thrive Programme was truly life changing for me, I worked through it initially on my own and then had 2 sessions with an amazing Thrive consultant called Lucy Williamson who helped me to really clarify what I was learning about myself. The program takes consistent effort but it is so worth it!! I feel free for the first time ever, and can start living again without the terror, apprehension and unease that had become an everyday feeling. The program not only cured my emetophobia, it has changed everything about the way I perceive myself and how I interact in life generally.  I am so grateful that I found this programme – I really am Thriving and it feels fantastic.

Jenny overcame her emetophobia in six weeks!

Jenny had suffered from emetophobia (a fear of being sick) for many years, and it was significantly holding her back in life. She overcame in just six weeks – after going through a revolutionary new psychological training programme called ‘The Thrive Programme’. see or for more details.

Vanessa overcame her emetophobia

Vanessa overcame her emetophobia. This is what she has to say about her experience of the Thrive Programme and how she cured her emetophobia.

If you want to find out how to cure your emetophobia or anything else about the Thrive Programme get in touch with you local Thrive consultant. Your local consultant

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My own experience of Thrive – by Alecea White

My own experience of Thrive

I use thrive with many of my clients because I believe in it. I have recently had to become a thrive trainee again and apply the principles to myself all over again. Just a few days ago I was driving along the m25 200 miles from home heading back to our holiday apartment when I heard a bang and then all of a sudden we were spinning round the motorway nose to nose with an oncoming lorry at one point and eventually coming to a stop in the fast lane facing the central reservation.  A lorry in the next lane to us had decided to change lanes without checking his blind spot first. Over the next few hours images of the accident would flash into my head. Because of my thrive training I know that I was creating these images and that they weren’t just happening to me. I began to shout STOP in my head to make the images disappear, looking at the smiley face of my 1 year old helped too!  I refused to let the images make me think what if…

I always have been and always will be a daddy’s girl and the first person I rang whilst standing on the hard shoulder was my dad. He told me I should be elated we had survived and that he was so proud of me for keeping my family alive. I said thankyou and yes I’ll take that praise because I knew I deserved it and it is now on my list of 10 achievements!

Well today I got behind the wheel of a car again. I was nervous and extremely hypervigilant of course but I had to keep [...]

Claire has taken just six weeks to overcome her emetophobia.

Claire has taken six weeks to overcome her emetophobia. Claire is now Thriving. Below is the final part of Claire’s video blog of her Thrive journey.

Are you Thriving? Rob is. Hear his story.

When we finally decide that we need to do something differently to get out of the rut we find ourselves in, these days we usually search on the internet. Its always useful to hear other peoples stories and how useful they have found particular approaches. So here is a great testimonial by Rob who is talking about his experience of working through the Thrive Programme. Thrive is a psychological training programme that clearly explains how many emotional and physical symptoms are both created and maintained. Listen to Robs story here.


It was my time to change – THRIVE has given me a new lease of life!

At 8 years old I developed an ever growing fear of sickness, although I’m not sure what it was that started it exactly. Since then my emetophobia had developed a growing debilitating presence in my everyday life. I developed obsessive cleaning and sanitation habits as I was terrified of getting anything like Norovirus. Through recognizing my career aspirations and ambitions, some significant life changing events (Divorce), battling with Depression in my early 20’s for 18 months and now being a proud mum to my seven year old son meant I couldn’t go on anymore with this phobia it was really ruining my life. It was only after I researched “fear of sickness” online that I realised firslty it had a name “emetophobia” and secondly that I wasn’t alone and thirdly there was a programme called “THRIVE” that could cure me! WOW! So I found an amazing Thrive consultant (Cara Ostryn), who worked with me through the book and the programme and really helped me to understand my inner workings, my belief systems which helped me find that cure. The fantastic thing about Thrive is that YOU can cure yourself, the Thrive book is your anchor along with the consultant but you have to put the effort in and work through the exercises and process process process your mind to make this change.

The Thrive programme has taught me about myself, people have seen such a signifant change in me. As well as curing my phobia, it has given me confidence, a new gravitas in my personal and professional life. It’s a whole new me, and I can’t actually believe a book has done this for me. It has changed my life, it was worth every [...]

Best book for emetophobics

This book was a lifeline in the stormy ocean that was emetophobia. I’ve written a book on this subject and at the time I was in hell because of this on diction and could see no way out. I’d had different attempts to help/cure me and nothing came even close. I bought this book in desperation.

What a revelation! It’s so obvious when you read it, but if you follow all the action points and use the DREAM technique, then you can significantly lower your anxiety levels. I now know that if I were to be sick, then I would be able to remain calm. There might be that initial “oh no!” feeling, but that would go. I know it for sure, because I know I have the skills now to deal with it. If my child were to say they felt sick, then I know I would be ble to stay with them nd not panic at all. In fact, I’d feel sorry for them. Not sorry for me!

Rob Kelly has given me my life back. Now if only he could cure menieres….!