Claire wouldn’t start a family due to severe emetophobia… now she’s a Thriving mother!

Claire was desperate to start a family but, suffering from severe emetophobia, she didn't think was possible. The thought of being pregnant or having a child was terrifying, let alone trying new foods.

After trying various treatments, including CBT, she found 'Cure your Emetophobia & Thrive' and hasn't looked back. After going through the programme, Claire fulfilled her dream of starting a family and is now mother to a happy, bouncing two-year-old.

As well as conquering her emetophobia, Claire has improved her self-esteem, resilience and overall well-being to lead a Thriving life free of anxiety and phobias.

She is now looking forward to a long and happy motherhood, as well as trying lots of new foods and experiences that were previously off limits.

You can watch Claire's story below:

Claire wouldn't start a family due to severe emetophobia

Claire wouldn't start a family due to severe emetophobia

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