Vidya beat her emetophobia with The Thrive Programme:
“The best thing I’ve ever done!”

Since Vidya was very young, she has had a powerful fear of being sick or encountering vomit. She didn’t even know the name of her phobia until two years ago when she went online and founds lots of other emetophobia sufferers!

Vidya conquered her emetophobia with The Thrive Programme’s Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive book

In a bid to cure herself, Vidya, 20, visited her GP doctor who prescribed anti-depressants as they thought she was clinically depressed, she also tried counselling and then CBT. But none of this worked.

Many sufferers of emetophobia have unsuccessfully tried a range of treatments Veale and Lambrou (2006), for example, found that twenty-nine percent of their sample of vomit phobics had received some form of therapy for their fear, which overall they rated as largely ineffective. Veale and Lambrou (2006, p. 139) have stated that “clinicians generally regard it as challenging to treat because of high drop out or a poor response to treatment.”

More recently, on Mental Health Awareness Day last year, Vidya’s friend sent her a link to The Thrive Programme – with her friend having recently completed the programme. It has a great track record for curing emetophobia so Vidya bought the Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive book and contacted a local Thrive Consultant to help her through the programme.

After six sessions with her Thrive Consultant and working through the book in her spare time, Vidya is well on the way to being cured of this crippling phobia. She recently went to a restaurant with her fiance and to the cinema – two things she previously found really hard.

Now, when she feels sick or there’s a chance she’ll encounter vomit, Vidya is able to deal with the situation in calm, rational way rather than getting anxious about it. She’s dealing with potentially challenging situations in a positive, thriving way.

“I can’t recommend Thrive highly enough,” says Vidya. “I still can’t believe that back in October I was a completely different person. People look at me and say ‘something has really changed about you’ which is true. Thrive has really helped me turn my life around.- it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!”

What a fantastic effort and a remarkable turnaround for Vidya. Well done! Click below for the 30-day money-back guarantee on Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive – the book that Vidya used to change her life.

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You do not need to live with Emetophobia – you can COMPLETELY overcome it – just like all the people in these videos did. Take control of your life, learn to thrive!

Emetophobia is known by many names (specific phobia of vomiting (SPOV), vomit phobia, sickness phobia, fear of vomiting…) and is associated with other fears and disorders, such as phagophobia (a fear of gagging, swallowing or choking), a fear of pregnancy, social anxiety and obsessional disorders. People can fear vomiting themselves and/or others vomiting. Most individuals are female, with research studies revealing that 85-97% of their emetophobic participants are women (Hout & Bouman, 2011; Lipsitz et al., 2001; Veale & Lambrou, 2006).

In 2007 Rob Kelly – an emetophobia expert with over 30 years clinical experience – launched ‘The Thrive Programme’, which is a revolutionary psychological training programme – that people can learn at home from a book/video programme – that thousands have used to transform their lives. All the ex-emetophobics in this YouTube channel used the emetophobia version of the Thrive Programme book/video course to overcome their phobia.