Emetophobia: fear of being sick/vomit – learning to create and maintain your belief system.

It is our underlying ‘belief systems’ that drive the way you think, feel and behave. Belief systems are set of personal viewpoints which provide us with fundamental principles and rules by which we view or base everything we think, do say or believe.

In this presentation Rob explains to us the Balloon metaphor in conjunction with our belief system and how it can be created and maintained throughout our lives. A belief is nothing more than a thought we keep on thinking! This is a simple yet accurate statement – if the beliefs we have are unhelpful we will suffer its consequences as long as we believe in it, in a negative or positive way, depending on the beliefs we hold.

If you take a balloon (a normal one at at birthday party) its been blown up and after a couple of days sadly the balloon will start to deflate, we could untie it and blow some more air into it to keep it a bit longer. Our emotional belief system is just like one of these balloons, leave it alone it will go down after a short while and it won’t be important to us anymore and you will forget about it, keep on blowing it up and it will be in the forefront of our mind.

Do you believe in ghosts? (As an example) millions of people do and believe they’ve actually seen one, and rarely come across some that have seen more than one. Imagine being a non-believer you awake in the night and are convinced you have seen a ghost after seeing a strange figure in the middle of the night. If you go about your life normally for the next couple of weeks you you don’t think or talk about it much your belief will probably deflate very much like the balloon and you will perhaps laugh about it and think it was ridiculous. However if you thought about it and discussed with it with friends and family it would be hard for your belief to ‘deflate like a balloon’ the more you believe the less you question and your balloon will stay full, therefore you are convinced you saw a ghost. If you left it alone it would have deflated and shrivelled up like a dried prune.