Why is the Emetophobia Book spiral bound?

Why is the Emetophobia Book spiral bound?

Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive WorkbooksI get asked why the Emetophobia Book from our series of Thrive Programme manuals are spiral-bound quite often.

When I publish a new Thrive Manual, I always publish it as a spiral bound book for the first couple of years.  This is so we have time to:

  • evaluate the book itself: how easy is it to use? Do people like it? Could it be better presented? I get lots of feedback, and adapt or change any parts as necessary
  • run a research project (like our recent Emetophobia research paper) into how effective the programme within the book is (this usually take about a year). I then make any changes necessary to make the programme as easy to use and effective as possible for sufferers
  • pick up on any spelling and grammatical errors I made!

The spiral-bound books are actually updated every month or so, and you will always get an up-to-date version on Amazon. The changes might be really small, like a spelling error, or quite large, like adding a whole section to the emetophobia book.

Basically, we are continually getting feedback about the books all the time, and update the books on a regular basis.

We print A4 size emetophobia books because they are much easier to use and write on as workbooks, as they can contain much more white space.

If you are suffering from emetophobia (a fear of being sick), buy the Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive Workbook, which you can work through to overcome your emetophobia.

Or buy one of The Thrive Manuals, which cover other fears, phobias and mental health difficulties

You can also locate a licensed Thrive Programme consultant if you would like further support

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