Emetophobia Cure – Jane cures here Emetophobia after fifty years

Emetophobia Cure – Jane cures here Emetophobia after fifty years

Emetophobia Cure: Jane cured herself of emetophobia after fifty yearsThe video below was filmed in May 2014 at the IAEBP (the International Association of Evidence-Based Psychotherapy) Annual Conference. It shows Jane’s emetophobia cure presentation, alongside her ‘significant other,’ Maggie.

Jane had suffered with terrible emetophobia (a fear of being sick/seeing others being sick) for over fifty years. Her fear was so bad that she:

  • tried to jump out of a car doing 70mph (knowing she would be jumping to her death!) to escape a child being sick
  • couldn’t visit her dying husband in hospital because she ‘couldn’t go into hospitals because someone might be sick’
  • tried to jump off a cross channel ferry!

Because of The Thrive Programme, Jane now has a life completely free from her fear of being sick – she couldn’t care less about sickness and vomiting.

In the video Jane describes how she overcame her emetophobia using the Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive handbook, and with help from Thrive Consultant Ali Scobbie. Jane is incredibly candid and honest about her experiences. Also in the video is a conversation with Maggie, who was Jane’s main ‘significant other’. A significant other is someone (usually a friend/partner/family member) who colludes with the sufferer’s belief systems and, because of this, actually makes it HARDER for them to overcome their problem.

Strong language is used in the video, and the video was recorded live.

We have Jane and Maggie’s permission to show the video here.

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