Support video cure your Emetophobia fear of being sick-vomit –  Desire for control in relation to locus of control


The video below is an support video for people going through The Thrive Programme to overcome their fear of being sick/seeing others vomiting. The manual they are using is called ‘Cure your emetophobia and thrive‘ – which is available from this website. (There is also a teenagers with emetophobia version of the book)

The Thrive Programme is the most successful and predictable cure for emetophobia and is fully backed up by scientific research. In our own research survey, all 164 participants overcame their fear of being sick. The programme was created by Rob Kelly – a therapist with over 30 years clinical experience – who has helped thousands of people to overcome their fear of being sick, and live happy, fulfilled lives.

Overcome your emetophobia and thrive!

Rob is discussing in this presentation the effects of desire for control in relation to locus of control and finding out how people process experiences with internal or external sources. Imagine a person in a difficult situation the person with an internal locus of control is likely to think they can tolerate this and overcome any given situation. The person with an external locus of control thinks they cannot cope with this and ask themselves ‘how do i escape and avoid this situation?’.  Two completely different reactions. The internal person has a strong sense of their coping skills, feels more powerful, in control and calm, they believe they have the skills and resources and its not stressful for them. The external person feels quite anxious, they put every effort to escape and if they have got to face the scenario, they have got to over control the situation. Such as a fear of flying, fear of being sick (emetophobia) fear of dogs they don’t believe that they can go through it and therefore avoid it.

With regards to the internal person this leads to an increased sense of internality, feels more power and capable, they have got through the situation, they have used their skills and resources and feel assured by these, any anxiety they experienced at the beginning they have now overcome. The external person strengthens the idea that they don’t have the adequate skills or resources, and their anxiety is re-enforced and they try even harder to avoid difficult or intolerable situations.

Two different reactions are entirely different, at the beginning the both persons can be equally anxious about a given situation such as getting on a plane if the weather is bad for example, however the internal person processes their ability and resolve a situation and feel calm and in control and realise they can change their mind set, whereas the external person will feel powerless and feel the fear of getting on the flight itself will be having the reaction upon them, they will be creating more anxiety.

Support video cure your Emetophobia fear of being sick-vomit –  Desire for control in relation to locus of control


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