Cure your emetophobia fear of being sick-vomiting – Support video Changing your belief system


The video below is an support video for people going through The Thrive Programme to overcome their fear of being sick/seeing others vomiting. The manual they are using is called ‘Cure your emetophobia and thrive‘ – which is available from this website. (There is also a teenagers with emetophobia version of the book)

The Thrive Programme is the most successful and predictable cure for emetophobia and is fully backed up by scientific research. In our own research survey, all 164 participants overcame their fear of being sick. The programme was created by Rob Kelly – a therapist with over 30 years clinical experience – who has helped thousands of people to overcome their fear of being sick, and live happy, fulfilled lives.

Our belief systems that drive the way you think, feel and behave. What are ‘belief systems’? They are sets of personal viewpoints which provide us with fundamental principles and rules by which we view and base EVERYTHING we think, do, say or believe. They are created out of a need to organise and store life experiences in a way that makes sense to us.


In this presentation Rob is discussing our degrees of belief, and degrees of change of beliefs. This is important in our locus of control. When a person first changes a belief, they change it intellectually and after they completed the quiz and scored somewhere around 20 points, after a few weeks, and they re-did the quiz their score may have gone down to 5 or 6, its very unlikely that after this period they can get their score down to this, or if they have, the only change that’s taken place is an intellectual one.

So for example they believed in ghosts and after reading the book and challenging this, they now don’t believe there are ghosts. This is an intellectual change, however this is a flimsy belief, this could easily be switched back the other way, especially if they’ve have a bad nights sleep, they’ve heard another noise or seen something and they are back to believing in ghosts again. This is not a very strong belief system. An external person will think that the house is haunted and they’ve seen a ghost, however an internal person will come to the conclusion that the house is old and its creaky.

When changing limiting beliefs lets use an impenetrable brick wall, a defence mechanism protecting you from the outside influences that would otherwise challenge your view of your experiences in life. In this analogy, each brick in the wall is a significant experience that has helped to form the belief system, and the strength of the cement holding the bricks together relates to how much NEED you have to maintain it. Many of our basic belief systems are created during childhood, as we learn about the world around us. All our experiences are processed and grouped together, creating belief systems about ourselves and other people. As we go through life, more and more experiences – bricks in the wall- are added into our belief systems, strengthening and reinforcing them.

Cure your emetophobia fear of being sick-vomiting – Support video Changing your belief system

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