Emetophobia and locus of control: fear of being sick/vomit caused by the way you think.

Locus of Control – your belief about how much power you have to influence events and experiences in your life – has a huge effect upon yourlife. Your self-esteem, social anxiety and different thinking styles (such as the ‘catastrophic thinking style’, or ‘black and white thinking style’)

This short presentation discusses the differences between the way people process experiences and events in their life in either a internal or external way.  Internal and external refers to locus of control.  Locus of control is about how powerful a person feels and how much they believe they have the skills and resources to overcome any hurdles in life and learn to thrive.    Rob explains a scenario in this presentation about two people walking down a street on a cold winters evening, one is an internal person and one is an external person, what this means is both are in the habit of viewing life in a certain way which is locus of control.  The two people walking down the road are both feeling a little unhappy, the internal person will look inside themselves and wonder what they are doing to cause this feeling of unhappiness, whereas the external person will be wondering what is happening to them to cause this.

The internal person will be more powerful and realise they are creating the feeling of unhappiness and therefore be more confident in their ability to change this to feeling of unhappiness to a more positive outlook.  The external person will more likely look to the weather and blame that for the sadness and will hit a dead end.  When an external person attributes their emotions to an external source (such as the weather as an example in this presentation) they can feel powerless to change anything and will stay depressed and loose the ability to think critically about the situation.

An external person will look at life in an external way and for believe that their lack of self-esteem will refer back to their childhood and will believe that they cannot move forward.  Self-esteem is only two weeks old and an internal person will have the ability to change it now as they are in control of how they feel and recognise they CAN change it.  In another example if you are an external person you will believe that you are not able to do certain things whereas as internal person will believe they can if they put the effort in and they will succeed.