Emetophobia Locus of Control Quiz: why do you feel so powerless about your fear of being sick?

Hello, and welcome to our Locus of Control quiz.

The following quiz is designed to gauge your beliefs about yourself and the world around you, as these significantly impact upon your ability to overcome phobias and anxieties and Thrive. The quiz should take about 5 minutes. Read each statement out loud, and tick either ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ for to each statement. You cannot sit on the fence on this… you must either agree or disagree, even if some of the statements don’t make much sense to you.

Important: This quiz is designed to elicit from you what you HONESTLY believe about the world around you. It’s not to test you on (a) how you think the world SHOULD be, or (b) how you would LIKE it to be. People can become very used to stating what they THINK they SHOULD answer to questions so that they feel ‘normal’ (whatever that is!) or so that they don’t feel judged by other people. In order for this quiz to really mean something, please think before ticking either ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’, about what you REALLY feel about each statement. It’s okay that some of your answers may not fit what you would like to think of yourself.

This is also not a factual quiz – I am not testing you on the right answers, but on what you feel or believe about the statements. It might sound odd but, sometimes what you ‘feel’ or ‘believe’ contradicts your factual knowledge. For example the factual and scientific part of your mind may ‘know’ that spilling salt does not cause ‘bad luck’, but when you do spill some you feel a little uneasy and throw some over your left shoulder ‘just in case’.  This quiz is looking at your feelings and beliefs, rather than facts.

Please relate the statements to your life NOW (say, the last three months or so) – it’s not relevant how you would have responded two, five or ten years ago, OR how you think you could feel in the future; this is about now. Really think about whether you agree or disagree with each statement.

One final thing; people with a fear of being sick tend (in every other area of their lives not affected by their symptom) to be very positive, motivated, driven and focused, and don’t mind challenging themselves. In the ‘cure your emetophobia and thrive’ book, I collectively refer to these traits as your ‘desire for control’. The reason to mention it now is because this desire for control sometimes affects the way you see things. People with a strong desire for control often think: ‘I could do that’, or, ‘I could get over that’, or, ‘I wouldn’t worry about that’ without really appreciating the task ahead.  This is one of the main reasons why people with your symptom positively HATE the fact that they cannot control their fear… they could get over just about anything else in life, but this one bloody thing! From my clinical experience, I estimate that people with a strong desire for control, who study this programme at home (and therefore don’t work through this quiz with a Consultant who could challenge/validate some of their answers) mis-score on this quiz by about 20%.

So, please slowly and carefully read the statements before you AGREE or DISAGREE to each one.  Getting an accurate score on this quiz is really going to be helpful for you.

Rob Kelly
PS There are some helpful hints for some of the statements – only click on the hint button if you really are stuck!