We have organised an exciting programme of events in 2015 that will help you to understand all aspects of The Thrive Programme with Rob Kelly, Thrive Programme creator.  

Next event New York!!


New York Emetophobia Seminar

Please e mail us to register your interest in this event. Please register your interest at   Cure-Your-Emetophobia-Copenhagen-Workshop-2015-Denmark   Copenhagen Emetophobia Seminar The Copenhagen Seminar went down as a great success. See the great feedback we received. Thanks to all who came and made it special!     Cure-Your-Emetophobia-London-Workshop-2015-London-1 London Emetophobia training day This one-day event led by Rob Kelly was a huge success with over 35 attending.  

Upcoming Events

Cure-Your-Emetophobia-Endinburgh-Workshop-2015 Edinburgh Emetophobia Seminar Saturday 6th June This one day event is scheduled soon with Thrive Trainer Andrew Farquharson. Please see page link for more details or email enquiries to Andrew Farquharson.   Oslo, Norway: Emetophobia training weekend We are finalising details for this course which will take place over two days in June 2015. Please note the course will be in ENGLISH. Contact Gunn Skjøstad in Trondheim for more information +47 470 41 573 or e mail to register your interest as there are limited spaces available.  


Ontario, Canada Emetophobia training weekend

Please contact us to register your interest in this 2 day event which is likely to be held in Fall 2015. Our licensed Thrive Programme Consultant in Ontario is Daniel DesLauriers

Feedback from the recent training weekend in Copenhagen:

100% of attendees would recommend the event to another sufferer of emetophobia.

We asked the delegates ‘Which was the most helpful part of the weekend’? These are their replies: “There is SO much – most of it was the most helpful” “You are awesome! I feel so dedicated and looking forward to living my new life” “Just about everything! I now know what to do to try to manage my thinking and challenge myself in every area to get better (self-esteem, social anxiety etc)” “That I can change my thoughts/beliefs” “It can only be better from now on” “Just being here to hear about the Thrive Programme” “To hear everything said out loud. It’s easy to read and now it’s easy to do the actions because of a weekend full of examples” “Thank you” “Asking myself – ‘is my thought helpful?‘” “Being gentle and loving when not colluding with my partner” “It’s not about trying to cure my emetophobia – it’s about building my psychological foundations. It’s not Mount Everest; it’s a small hill I have to climb” “I was very positively surprised. I was rather sceptical (defences up!) when registering. I feel empowered and relieved” “It’s not about the past” “That I am creating this entirely in my mind” “The black and white marbles have been comforting, that I can do something about everything at once [and learn to Thrive], not just overcome emetophobia” “Focus on effort not outcome” “I drove myself here – first long drive in seven years and it was totally worth it” Pictures below from the recent ‘Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive’ in Denmark. IMG_5691 IMG_5671

For more information on how the programme can help you, contact a Thrive Consultant® for a free consultation.