Exposure therapy for emetophobia didn’t work. So how did Kat cure herself?

exposure therapy for emetophobia

Exposure therapy for emetophobia doesn't work. So how did Kat cure herself?

Exposure therapy for emetophobia (a huge fear of being sick/watching others being sick) does not work because of the very complicated nature of the phobia.  Kat tried numerous therapies and interventions none of which worked.

Finally she found 'The Thrive Programme' and specifically their book 'Cure your emetophobia & thrive' and she is now completely cured!

This is her story...

Having every aspect of her life impacted by emetophobia, from her education and career to her friendships and relationships, Kat was constantly worrying about vomit and the threat of being sick herself.

Kat’s obsession with her phobia led her to take anti-nausea medication daily, carry anti-bacterial hand gel with her wherever she went and to disinfect everything she had carried with her during trips outside of her house. This practice led Kat to breaking two mobile phones, which aren’t designed to be bleached!

Desperate to overcome her constricting phobia, Kat tried a number of interventions – all of which failed. She went through a course of CBT. She endured the trauma of Exposure Therapy. She tried EMDR and NLP. She also had sessions of Hypnosis and Acupuncture. Eventually she ended up at a Psychologist’s door who simply prescribed her anti-anxiety medication.

Of course, all this failure to beat her emetophobia left Kat feeling terribly powerless and meant that Kat was pretty sceptical about The Thrive Programme.

However, after working through the programme with a licensed Consultant, everything changed for Kat. She learned everything she needed to know about emetophobia and its components and put in a huge amount of effort to challenge and change her safety seeking and avoidance behaviours.

By the end of the programme Kat became aware that she wasn’t even thinking about vomit or ways to avoid it any longer.

She tells here in this video what it was like to first say the words “Now that I don’t have emetophobia…”

She has since been to festivals and gone camping, she cooks meat (most notably chicken) without worrying about it, she no longer takes anti-nausea or anti-anxiety medication, living life to the fullest !

The enormity of her transformation and her delight at overcoming emetophobia has brought Kat to the decision to now train to be a Thrive Programme Consultant so that she herself can now help emetophobia sufferers beat their fear and live a thriving life !

A great story of effort and persistence from Kat. Huge well done to her !

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