Help is here to Cure your Emetophobia!

Live YOUR life free of fear & worry with The Thrive Programme. Rob Kelly, author and creator of the best-selling original Thrive Programme, has now released the latest version, “Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive”. This edition builds upon the tools & techniques found within the original book, but focuses specifically on Emetophobia. The insights that are described within the book are backed up by the latest scientific research.

Anybody willing to put the time and effort into following the programme can cure their Emetophobia for good and start to live their lives to the fullest without falling victim to unhelpful thinking and beliefs. You can buy the book from Amazon and work through it by yourself at home. You can also be guided through the Thrive Programme with a “Thrive Consultant”, who has been trained to provide support, help and bring the insights contained with the book to life, enabling people to gain the most from the programme.

We recently ran a research survey for emetophobes who had completed the Thrive Programme. We had 62 respondents, all of whom rated their symptoms as having a ‘severe’ impact upon their daily lives before they started the programme. After completing the Thrive Programme, 55 participants rated their symptoms as having ‘little or no’ impact on their daily lives. The remaining seven individuals rated their symptoms as having a ‘moderate’ impact. All participants also reported other improvements after completing the programme, including higher self-esteem and lower social anxiety. To read more about this research, click HERE.

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