Liz spent years suffering from low self-esteem and emetophobia

Liz had emetophobia, depression and an anxiety disorder for years, causing her many problems in relationships and life in general.

Her self-esteem was so low that she described it as ‘self-hatred’. As a result, life was extremely tough, with Liz having financial and relationship issues alongside a huge terror of being sick.

She struggled with life and nothing helped until she found 'Cure your Emetophobia & Thrive'. After completing the short programme, Liz started to ‘live life like a normal person’, she was no longer filled with the self-hatred she’d always had, and she overcame her huge fear of being sick.

Life became better than she’d ever imagined with benefits extending to all areas, not least that she no longer had a morbid fear of being ill.

Six months after finishing the programme, Liz has the highest self-esteem of her life; she is no longer afraid of being sick and she no longer suffers from the physical and emotional effects of anxiety.

The depression that Liz suffered is a thing of the past, and tools and self-awareness she learned by completing the programme means that she is her own ‘best coach’ Liz says her new life is ‘just awesome’!

Liz spent years suffering from low self-esteem and emetophobia - Watch her short video here:

In 2016 Liz trained to become a Licensed Thrive Programme Consultant - so that she can help other sufferers to overcome their emetophobia, and truly learn to thrive. The picture below is from her website

This from Liz's Thrive Consultant website:

Hi and welcome to my site. I live and work in Opotiki, New Zealand and I am a fully qualified Thrive Programme Consultant.

I became a Thrive Consultant after going through the progamme myself, and my life, I am pleased to say has been hugely impacted by it. I have learned to Thrive and so can you – the fact of the matter is many people around the world are suffering from poor mental health and well-being. We all know someone affected – but it simply doesn’t have to be like that – you can Thrive!

I used to dream of being the person I am now, for many years I watched those around me and wondered what it must be like to live a normal life, to be happy, to be at peace with myself, to like who I am.

I was on a constant search to be happier, to feel less overwhelmed by life’s events, wanting to enjoy life, and not being stuck in a cycle I couldn’t get off. After decades of trying numerous interventions that didn’t work and which only increased my sense of failure I eventually found the Thrive programme. I can honestly say I found what I was looking for.

The life I live now is radically different to the one I used to live. I no longer feel crushed by the weight of life’s challenges. Through doing the Thrive programme I overcame significant long term depression and suicidal feelings, 40 years suffering from emetophobia, numerous past traumas, IBS, high anxiety /stress and very low self-esteem/self-loathing. I really understand that life can feel overwhelming at times – it can be like climbing Everest with high heels on or crossing the Atlantic on a boogie board.

I learned that the issues I faced had nothing to do with my past, I wasn’t required to dredge up yet again the many events and experiences from my past that I felt irrevocably tied to, that who I was wasn’t set in stone and that we create the stress, worry and anxieties we feel – we create the fears and phobias we experience through how we choose to think, respond and process the events in our lives. The Thrive Programme taught me to make better choices and I can teach you to do the same.

Liz spent years suffering from low self-esteem and emetophobia

Liz spent years suffering from low self-esteem and emetophobia

The Thrive programme will teach you to take back control of your life through building strong psychological foundations and giving you incredible insight into how you think and respond to life. It is a unique psychological training programme that immerses you in learning and self-development. You learn how to overcome and permanently change those issues that stop you from being the best version of you.

I have a background in training and mentoring others along with a lifelong passion for personal development, so it was a natural step for me to become a Thrive Consultant and teach others the same skills and insights I have learned.

My friends would describe me as a kind, friendly, empathetic person who is easy to talk to. I’m knowledgeable and understanding with a great sense of humour and I’m totally committed to helping people to Thrive. So why don’t you get in contact with me today – I would love to meet up and discuss with you what I can do to help. Contact me now for a free initial consultation.

She tells here in this video what it was like to first say the words “Now that I don’t have emetophobia…”

She has since been to festivals and gone camping, she cooks meat (most notably chicken) without worrying about it, she no longer takes anti-nausea or anti-anxiety medication, living life to the fullest !

The enormity of her transformation and her delight at overcoming emetophobia has brought Liz to the decision to now train to be a Thrive Programme Consultant so that she herself can now help emetophobia sufferers beat their fear and live a thriving life !

A great story of effort and persistence from Liz. Huge well done to her !

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