Mary is one of The Thrive Programme’s best ambassadors, not because Mary’s journey through curing her emetophobia was any harder than any other person who has succeeded with Thrive. Mary’s personal recovery from emetophobia at the age of 82 is proof of one of the core Thrive principles – it’s not about the past. It is not about the past, it is not about how long you have had emetophobia that matters; just because you have emetophobia now, it doesn’t mean you’ll be emetophobic forever. Mary is proof that the belief that you can change and you can cure yourself in a relatively short period of time despite how long you have felt this way. If an 82 year old last can cure herself in 10 weeks of a 75 year long crippling phobia – anyone can.

Mary’s story shows a determination to change and get better alongside dedication to learning, understanding and implementing the programme consistently each and every day of her recovery. Mary has also gone on to become a vocal advocate for Thrive, even now training to become a Thrive Consultant herself. Mary’s testimonies for Thrive all include the same message – if you work hard, put in the effort, create the attitude you are going to learn to thrive no matter what, you’ll get there.

Mary’s previous life was strongly influenced by her phobia – she decided not to have children, gave up a loved career in teaching, refused advised cancer treatment twice – all because she believed that she was too scared of sickness and germs that she would rather have died than face her fear. Over the course of several weeks Mary studied the programme, first by herself and then followed by a few sessions with a Thrive Consultant, to the point that she understood herself, what she was doing to create the phobia and how she was maintaining her own symptoms. Mary then put in every effort to change this.

Here at Thrive we are very proud of Mary’s hard work which has been recognised in National Newspapers and amongst us here at Thrive. We hope Mary’s testimonies encourage you too to get on your thriving attitude to overcome your phobia like Mary.