Mary’s top tips for working through the book

Below chapter by chapter Mary, who overcame her emetophobia of 75 years using Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive, gives her personal account and tips of her experience and insights from using the programme. She explains the effort and outcomes she experienced on her journey to being emetophobia free. Mary herself is now training to be a Thrive Programme consultant to help other on their own journey. Read Mary's story in the Daily Mail

Below is Mary's video testimonial:

Below is a presentation Mary gave at a recent Thrive Programme conference:

Here are the Audio notes Mary recorded when she went through the programme at home by herself:

Chapter 1 Beliefs

Chapter 2 Cognition
Chapter 3 Locus of Control
Chapter 4 Self Esteem
Chapter 5 Social Anxiety
Chapter 6 The Thrive Factor
Chapter 7 Personality Types
Chapter 8 Unhelpful Thinking Styles
Chapter 9 Mind Your Language
Chapter 10 Anxiety and Stress
Chapter 11 Belief Systems in more detail
Chapter 12 The DREAM Technique
Chapter 13 Overcoming Your Phobia
Chapter 14 Thriving

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