Mother helps her 10 year old daughter to overcome a fear of being sick.

Becki Mann is a normal mother who would do anything to help her 10-year-old daughter. Five years ago Matilda suddenly began to suffer from OCD and Emetophobia (emetophobia is a huge fear of being sick/vomiting, sometimes called: vomit phobia, SPOV, or ‘specific fear of vomiting’) and her life began to suffer.

After trying therapy and CAMHS Becki came across ‘The Thrive Programme‘, and specifically our book ‘cure your emetophobia and thrive – young persons edition‘ – which is the most successful and predictable cure for teenagers with emetophobia – our research shows that most sufferers overcome their phobia in just six weeks.

Matilda is now not only cured of her phobia, but many other areas of her life have improved dramatically: her self-esteem has gone up, her social-confidence has gone up, and she is much happier.
Watch the video below to find out how they both went through the programme together, in their own home, and ultimately, gave Matilda back her life.

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Below are some comments from Becki about the positive changes in Matilda’s life:

“Thanks so much again, the last month or so since Matilda completed the programme has been so different for us as a family – she really dictated the mood before (more often than not that was pretty crappy!!)”

“My 10 year old daughter has been suffering with emetophobia for more than half her life. I put 2 and 2 together last year but up to then I just thought she was a very highly strung child. I discovered ‘Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive – Young Persons Edition’ by chance, best find ever! My daughter worked through the programme with me – 6 weeks later she’s ‘thriving’. She is now happy, confident, content I’d even say and has all the tools to deal with anything life throws at her. Brilliant!”

“We did the programme by ourselves, I watched all the videos by myself first so that I had an understanding before we began and then we followed it religiously. I bought the journal to go alongside and in my opinion that is a vital part of keeping on track. I’m ordering another this week because Matilda definitely wants to keep that momentum going. I know I said in last message how different she is but to coin a phrase it’s ‘like a weight has been lifted’ off those tiny shoulders! Being mum and daughter I think had its own challenges going through the programme together because, you have to remember, I have the history of dealing with a very stressed, angry, explosive little girl at times over the years so consequently the blips she had going through the programme caused conflict a few times. If I had been impartial I wouldn’t have lost my rag a few times!! (not proud of that). BUT we did it, more importantly Matilda did it and yes there will be blips as she grows but now she is fully equipped to deal with what ever comes her way 😊”

“Honestly Rob, you wouldn’t believe the difference Thrive has made – not only to Matilda but the whole family. Before starting Thrive her constant moods (can see now that was due to her anxiety) since the age of about 4 years had a massive (negative) impact on the rest of the family but it’s a joy to see how that has changed – me, my husband and Matilda’s older sister have felt the positive change 😀”

“Matilda has just completed the sense of power quiz for the second time and her score has gone from 19 right down to 2!!! Can’t tell you how wonderful that is (you know though!). The Thrive programme is amazing and thanks to you we now have a child who is most definitely thriving and has the skills to help her as she continues to grow up. In the Easter holidays she would like to make a video of her experience for your thrive website so look out for that! (is there any advice you’d need to give for us to do that?). Thank you Rob and all else concerned, it’s changed not only Matilda’s life but the family’s too. Please don’t feel you have to answer this message, I know how busy you must be, it’s more for me to let you know how Matilda is now, Kind regards, Becki”

“Dear Rob,
I am currently working through the Thrive programme (Emetophobia) with my 10 year old daughter, Matilda. She is doing so well and, yes, we’ve had blips along the way but as we enter week 6 the difference in her is becoming more and more evident. I think that’s why I wanted to send this email now to let you know that with the guidance of this programme Matilda is already happier, confident and much more pleasurable to live with bless her! She has announced recently that she would like to put her own testimonial on your website when she is thriving – now if that isn’t having high self-esteem I don’t know what is!
Thank you Rob and no doubt we (Matilda or me) will be in touch again in due course.
Kind regards, Becki”

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