Emetophobia fear of being sick – Support video psychological foundations and “firefighting”

The video below is an support video for people going through The Thrive Programme to overcome their fear of being sick/seeing others vomiting. The manual they are using is called ‘Cure your emetophobia and thrive‘ – which is available from this website. (There is also a teenagers with emetophobia version of the book)

The Thrive Programme is the most successful and predictable cure for emetophobia and is fully backed up by scientific research. In our own research survey, all 164 participants overcame their fear of being sick. The programme was created by Rob Kelly – a therapist with over 30 years clinical experience – who has helped thousands of people to overcome their fear of being sick, and live happy, fulfilled lives.

Primary limiting beliefs as your psychological foundations. These are the foundations of your mind, the foundations of you. Locus of control, self-esteem and your social anxiety. These are the most important things you can work on through the programme to get your foundations psychological as deep and as stable.

On the presentation you will see the ‘Thrive Factor Board’, showing a triangular diagram of Locus of Control (how powerful you feel, or the belief you have about the skills and resources you have to make things happen in you life, to overcome events, whether thats an internal or external feeling of power) Self-Esteem and Social Anxiety.

Locus of control has a big effect on your self-esteem and social anxiety, your self-esteem has a big effect on your locus of control and social anxiety, and your social anxiety has a big effect on your locus of control and self-esteem. So all of these three things have a big impact on each other. Any changes to one, will change the other two, if your self-esteem goes up you will feel more powerful so therefore your social anxiety goes down, if your social anxiety goes up, due to perhaps an embarrassing time at a party, your self-esteem will go down. If your locus of control becomes more internal then your self-esteem shoots up and your social anxiety goes down. These three things are the cornerstone of the Thrive Programme. You want to work on these a lot, far more than anything else. Increase your self-esteem, get your locus of control more internal and overcome your social anxiety.

There are essentially two main components of a person’s psychological functioning, their foundations and their mindset. The stronger your foundations the less effort required to keep your mindset positive and functioning well.

The two drawings of houses on the presentation show their foundations. The first shows (the grey area) deep and strong powerful foundations that can withstand anything such as bad weather, its structure is stable and permanently strong. The second has little foundations the house appears flimsy and weak, any adverse weather the house could fall down. These are your psychological foundations. You cannot build a house on weak foundations, the building will indeed crumble, any slight challenge in that persons life the building will fall. However good you are at managing your thinking or fire-fighting, if your foundations aren’t strong you will keep becoming unstuck.

The stress-o-meter, shown relaxed to stressed. When people who suffer from particularly a phobia such as Emetophobia, or suffer from Anorexia, OCD or ME, they tend to have a very strong sense of desire of control, they want a lot of control yet they don’t feel they have any, they have a poor external locus of control, they put a lot of effort in, which is described in this video as ‘Fire-fighting’, for example people suffering from emetophobia they spend a lot of their lives in a highly stressed and anxious state, even though they are good at avoiding the thing they fear the most (being sick or being around a situation that could make them feel sick, such as a bug/illness going around) they are still full of anxiety they live with their lives very close to the red, putting out fires. The most common question asked by someone who is going through the programme is ‘how do i get rid of these intrusive thoughts?” you don’t want to worry about these intrusive thoughts, or thinking about fire-fighting, because your life is going to be full of stress. Instead of asking how do you keep putting out these fires, what you want to be asking is, how to do I stop creating these fires in the first place, (intrusive thoughts)

You will get better at managing your primary limiting beliefs, if you keep your stress-o-meter needle low on your dial you will feel more competent, feeling in control, high self-esteem, low social anxiety and more internal locus of control.

Just as a plant won’t flourish in bad soil, its very difficult to thrive without strong psyphological donations. The stronger your foundations the easier it is to thrive and the more resilient you will be.

Emetophobia fear of being sick – Support video psychological foundations and “firefighting”

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