Research into ‘cure your emetophobia and thrive’….

Our own research into the efficacy of the The Thrive Programme - for treating emetophobia - will be presented on March 5th 2014 at the UK's first National Emetophobia Awareness Day.

The UK's first National Emetophobia Awareness Day has been designed to educate and support those that suffer from the phobia to understand and overcome their fear.

Rob Kelly will be launching his new paperback book in person at No 1 Wimpole Street and will be revealing the latest research on Emetophobia to help UK sufferers with the condition. Alongside him will be clients, who have cured themselves using the Thrive Programme, to talk about their stories and experiences.

Places are limited to media, and on invitation only.  For more information, details of the event, please contact,  or Tel:  020 7 691 4232

For more information on how the programme can help you, contact a Thrive Consultant® for a free consultation.