The Thrive Programme Testimonials

The following testimonials come from people who have bought the books (‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’, and ‘Thrive’) and people who have undergone the Thrive Programme with one of the Thrive Programme Consultants.

I was referred to the Thrive Programme by a friend who knows I have suffered from anxiety issues at various points in the past.

I found the program extremely useful to help develop an understanding of the way I think and perceive things around me, particularly with regards to self esteem and the locus of control/ need for external validation. The Thrive Programme is extremely clear and having Fiona to guide me through the various exercises and help challenge some very ingrained ways of thinking was an excellent combination.

Thrive won’t give “miracle cures” but does help you challenge yourself and change the way you think if you are willing to fully apply yourself and listen. You stop being your own worst enemy which has been invaluable over the last few months – if I get anxious I am now more able to turn things around and apply some perspective that was lacking in the past. I would thoroughly recommend Thrive and Fiona as a guide who was an excellent sounding board and teacher. Helena

I started Thrive because I wanted to resolve anxieties felt in both work and personal life. With guidance from Fiona and putting into practice skills learnt over the course of the book once you understand and acknowledge the key factor is yourself and that change is up to you it can be an incredibly powerful tool.

Above all I started to stop being so hard on myself. It’s a work in progress, it always will be. For me previous life time goals either seem less important or now simply forgotten. Small victories on a day to day basis is what currently works for me now. Paul

Below is the testimonials from a mother and her daughter who came to the Thrive Programme to help her daughters emetophobia and eating problems. They both got a lot out of their treatment.

My daughter Jessica has recently completed the Thrive program with James to help her overcome her emetophobia.

I first contacted James when my daughter had been admitted to an eating disorders clinic due to her low body weight. Her phobias, which centered on a fear of becoming ill had led to her restricting the amount and variety of food which she was happy to consume. She would not share food with others, would not eat food when unable to wash her hands, would microwave everything she ate even if it was hot already. She would not drink water from a filter jug. Eating large amounts of food made her feel that she would be sick so over a period of time she restricted her portion sizes.

She received very little therapy whilst in the clinic, and this did not appear to help her overcome any of her phobias. The treatment in the clinic consisted of making Jessica eat large amounts of food, which caused her distress as it would make her gag and feel sick. Her anxiety levels soared. I contacted James to try and find a solution to her ongoing misery.

When we met with James when Jessica was on home leave, she was very nervous and wary of therapists due to her ongoing ordeal in the clinic. He told us that many emetophobia sufferers go undiagnosed for years and are often misdiagnosed with ‘Anorexia nervosa’.

Thankfully Jessica was discharged a few weeks later and was able to start the 6 week Thrive program. Jessica learnt how her feeling of lack of control over her life had led to her trying to control what she ate and factors in her environment. She felt empowered by the program to let go of the phobias that had led to her weight loss. Her self-esteem scores improved dramatically and her social anxiety lessened. All the phobias I mentioned above have now gone and Jessica has been able to maintain her weight independently in the normal range. More importantly Jessica is much more content with her life, feeling more in control and confident that she has the skills to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life.

I would definitely recommend the Thrive program to emetophobia sufferers, or for anxiety in general. I have attended most of Jessica’s therapy sessions and feel that I have gained a more positive outlook on life. I cope with negative thoughts much more effectively and have learnt to focus more on what I want to achieve in life rather than dwelling on reasons why not to attempt something! Jessica’s mum


I visited James with my mum several weeks after being admitted to hospital for my low bodyweight. Having suffered from emetophobia since the age of 9, my fear had affected the quantity and types of food I would eat, and this avoidance of food had led me to become physically unwell. I lacked in confidence in social situations, particularly with parties and gatherings with friends. I was very wary of food that others had prepared, because I couldn’t be sure if it was hygienic. The safety seeking behaviours I had developed caused more problems as I was constantly worrying what others thought of me.

James taught me that my unhelpful thinking styles were causing me to have a negative outlook on problems, and that I have the power to change the way I process thoughts for the better. By changing the way I thought in certain situations, I was able to control my anxiety and focus on other aspects of life. In six weeks, I overcame my fear of being sick, and have become a more confident person. It’s amazing to think that before, worries about hygiene and bacteria took up about 90% of my day, and now I rarely worry about being sick. Jessica

First of all my ED problem is solved. I still need to practise a bit  but that’s OK. It’s not a problem for me anymore. Now I control it!  Secondly, I’m sure you noticed that looking at the whole Thrive programme was much more interesting for me than just looking at one specific problem. So I am very grateful that I found you and the Thrive programme!   If you want to, you can tell Mr. Kelly that his book is interesting. But you are amazing.
Reading the book made me think, but after each of your sessions, my mind was spinning, trying to remember every single word and full of new ideas and ways to look at the world. There hasn’t been a day since, that something you taught me does not pop up in my mind more than once, and helps guiding me. And I am sure that this will continue for the next many years.  So thank you so much for not just solving my problem but for giving me new personal powers to deal with so much more! Having been through your sessions will help me develop as a person bot personally, socially and professionally more than any book or course or person would be able to do. Thanks!
Mike, treatment for erectile dysfunction

THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. My words are inadequate in expressing how grateful I am that Rob wrote the Thrive book for emetophobes. It is life-changing in the purest sense of the word. I must write to him and thank him. I went for my first meal out in 9-10 years on Tuesday this week! I was a little nervous beforehand, but I was fine once the food arrived and it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience (AND actually, I’ve just realised I didn’t brood much at all about being sick from it. I did think about it once or twice, but not obsessively like I’d have done before Thrive)!  I feel very grateful to you, Rob and Thrive for getting me to this point and proud of myself for overcoming what’s been such a huge hurdle. I feel so much more confident in eating out now. It feels quite remarkable really!
My social anxiety has reduced massively, so I’m now networking, making friends, spending time with people more and today I have a business meeting to discuss paid creative work! I’ve been collaborating with other creatives and this has really boosted my confidence, helped me make connections and is opening up more opportunities. So all in all, I’m very happy and feel our sessions are a huge part of that. I mention how brilliant Thrive has been to me whenever I meet someone who I think may find it useful. I mention what a fantastic support and help you are too.
Lorraine, treatment for emetophobia with Thrive Programme

I have been married for 2 years and after trying dilators, and seeking help from a psychosexual clinic via the NHS, I was still not able to have intercourse. I went to see Cara apprehensively. I had no faith whatsoever that she could help my condition using Thrive. Thrive sounded completely unrelated to vaginismus, like a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and I struggled to see how anyone could cure me by simply having a chat. But within just 4 sessions with Cara I was able to have intercourse! What made me most apprehensive about Thrive has now become what I love about it the most. It’s holistic. It doesn’t just deal with vaginismus but every aspect of our thinking. It’s now helping me with other aspects of my life and has made me a more positive and happier person.
Zara, 23, Thrive Programme for vaginismus

I came to see Cara in the summer of 2014, I really felt it was my last option. I had been suffering with post viral fatigue and what had been labelled ME. I never thought I would get better, I am in my early twenties and had been crippled by the lack of energy and fatigue I was suffering, it was ruining my day to day living and the prospect of my future plans, to train to be a teacher. I arrived to see Cara, and was welcomed into her room and was asked general questions. Everything Cara asked me didn’t worry me, I felt I could be as honest as I would be with a good friend (even though I had only met Cara for half an hour). After a couple of sessions with Cara and reading the Thrive book at home, slight things were beginning to change, as in the way I was thinking about my ‘illness’ and ‘why me, I will never be better!’ I realised that I actually may be able to take control of this and be the ‘normal’ me again the me before my glandular fever and viruses.

Cara taught me to see what was in front of me and to stop focussing on the negatives. It may have only been 6 sessions and 1 book but it has changed me forever. I am now half way through my teacher training and a year ago I would of been feeling ill, moaning about the aches and pains I suffer every morning but now I no longer start my days off on that negative foot. I can’t recommend Cara and this programme enough. If you are suffering with ME symptoms and have been told you may only be able to slightly improve the symptoms and have been left with these depressive thoughts. Go to Cara with a open mind, listen and reflect and she will open the door to what is really important and that you are strong enough mentally to turn it all around.
Sarah, 23, treated for ME

Dear Cara, I first came to see you on 17th December 2014. You helped a friend of mine to stop smoking and I came to see you for the same reason. During our initial meeting, I told you that I had lost my wife in July 2014. I know that the pain of the loss of my wife had changed my life, after all, Mo was my life. However, I was not aware of the extent that my wife’s death had affected me, the guilt, anger, the feeling of being worthless. You quickly identified that for me to stop smoking, there was a raft of issues that I needed to deal with, mainly due to Mo’s death.

The Thrive course is amazing, written in a way that I would call ‘human’ and not too difficult to get your head around to understand. However, any course is only as good as the person administering it. You Cara, have been truly wonderful, your warmth, your feeling, your understanding and most of all, you truly cared. Yes, you helped me to stop smoking, but more than that you helped me to deal with the grief and devestation that I was feeling at the loss of Mo. In short, you helped me to get my life back. I will always love and miss Mo, but due to you I am able to deal with it.

For that Cara, you will always have my heartfelt thanks and gratitude. You helped me become more internal. I may never see you or talk to you again, but I shall always remember you.
James, 70, treated for struggling with feelings of grief

Put in the effort and it will work. I was very sceptical when I first heard about the Thrive Programme if I am going to be honest. Since I could remember I had always had a fear of being sick and others being sick in front of me. I really wanted to overcome my fear and tried everything I could think of. I just couldn’t believe that this programme would work on me, I felt alone and stuck with my condition but I thought I might as well try it, nothing else so far had worked. I always felt that my emetophobia had controlled my life for all these past years but I was wrong. The only thing which made me have this phobia was myself.

You will look at your life in a completely different light. Everything you learn is relatively basic but not obvious to someone which such a phobiaThe more effort you put into this course, the more you will get out of it. I would like to publicly thank one of the consultants that I saw, Cara who demonstrated all this and has taught me all I know today. My life is so much better now than it was. I am able to go out with friends on a night out, use public bathrooms without fear and watch movies in the cinema without friends vetting them first. I promise if you buy this book you will not regret it.
Emma’s Amazon review, treated for emetophobia

Hi Cara, I hope you remember me – I completed the thrive programme with you around a year ago. I was seeing you for vaginismus.I wanted to let you know that I am completely cured of vaginismus. It didn’t happen straight away after completing the programme but I built up to it over about a month, just gradually pushing my boundaries and tolerating the uncomfortable feelings.

I am soooo much happier in all aspects of my life now. I feel more confident and comfortable in myself, have a much more internal locus of control, higher self esteem and lower (though this one still needs work!) social anxiety.
So, I just wanted to let you know that you really helped me. Thrive really was the turning point for me and I recommend it to everyone I speak to in and outside of work who wants to make any kind of change in their lives. Thank you!
Sophie, Thrive Programme for vaginismus

About 12 years ago I developed an eating disorder around the time I was studying for my A levels. From then onwards things became progressively worse; depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem and body dysmorphia. Following the advice of my doctor I tried various therapies and antidepressants in my early 20s, however these were unsuccessful and I eventually gave up on finding a solution. I felt completely powerless to change how I was feeling.

More recently, a friend suggested that I book an appointment with Cara, who I cannot recommend enough! Cara is very easy to talk to and helped me feel comfortable discussing difficult issues. Cara was very patient with me and helped me to see just how detrimental my unhelpful beliefs and thinking styles were; I was creating and maintaining the feelings of depression and anxiety myself, and this could be changed. I slowly began to see that being happy was something that I did have control over, but it just hadn’t felt like it previously as my negative thoughts had become so automatic. Cara showed me how to work through the exercises in the Thrive book, and when I made a very conscious and determined effort continually over a six week period to work throug h these I began to see a huge improvement.

Once I saw the beneficial effects of applying the techniques I became even more determined to carry on working through the book and I now feel like a completely different person. Prior to completing the Thrive course I hadn’t believed that I would ever be totally free of the feelings of anxiousness and the persistent negative thoughts, but they are now completely gone and I am finally able to relax and feel happy for the first time in years. I am confident that I will never return to the way I was before as I have completely changed the way I think, and I can’t even remember what it felt like to be so unhappy! Cara has helped me to completely change my life and I couldn’t be more grateful….thank you.
Zoe, 30 , help with anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia

I went to Cara for a consultation and felt she could help me overcoming my longstanding problem with IBS. I couldn’t believe I had been viewing myself so negatively. After my six sessions with Cara I felt confident enough to drive on the motorway and tackle heights which I hadn’t done for years. My IBS is much improved and I feel confident that with my internal locus of control being so much stronger I can only go on improving. Thank you Rob and Cara for all your help.
Jean, 77, help with irritable bowel syndrome

I just wanted to email you to thank you for the past 3 sessions, which went better than I ever imagined! Not that I did not have faith in you, because I do! I feel so happy and overwhelmed at the changes in (her) already, and thank you for teaching me lots too as I am also thinking differently and in a more positive way, thus ensuring my family try and do the same! I was in fact in my comfort zone and felt at ease during the sessions, thanks to you Cara for doing such a great job and being so genuine and friendly! I shall certainly be recommending you to absolutely everyone !!
Mother of 10 year old girl consulting for fear of feeling dizzy.

Just wanted to let you know that I went to a sleepover at the weekend and felt completely good about it. I have also sat several exams since I have seen you and they were really good, I was a little nervous and first but calmed myself down and got good grades. Thank you for all your help:)
Penny, 14, Thrive for fear of exams and sleepovers

I saw Cara for 5 sessions mainly to help with my emetophobia but also some other more general issues too. I started going to work through the book on my own, but felt that seeing a therapist would help me to understand it in more detail. I cant recommend both Thrive and Cara enough! With regards to Thrive, I just wish I had discovered it sooner! It makes total sense and once you master how to manage your thinking, and how damaging some thinking ‘styles’ are, you will feel so much better. Its hard work and only you can do it, but if you put in the effort you will see results really quickly.

I feel so much happier now and in control of my life. I’m glad I choose to work through Thrive with Cara. I loved her approach, felt very comfortable talking to her and she explained everything in a clear way. I honestly feel that it was money well spent and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend thrive and Cara to anyone struggling with any phobias or anxieties.
Penny, treated for fear of being sick

I came to Cara to try to alleviate my social-anxiety. I was so nervous about leaving my house just because of how I looked every single day; I would spend hours indoors just waiting by the door to pluck up the courage to leave. My focus at school was beginning to drop and I was just getting worse. After just a couple of sessions with Cara I felt so much better, like a completely different person! I can’t even remember what it was like to be so worried and stressed out.

When I go back to the beginning of my Thrive book and look at some of the answers I gave to the quizzes I think: ‘Why would I have said that? Did I really used to believe that?’ After completing the course I feel so much more free and can have a happy day every day! I cannot both thank nor recommend Cara enough, she has done so much to help me and my life has truly been changed. Thank You Cara
Elliot, aged 14, treated for anxiety about his looks.

I found the content of the Thrive Programme very helpful and it has improved my ability to cope a great deal.The programme has turned my life around; for the first time I have found the cause of my problem.The first 3 chapters were a bit hard to understand – I had to look up the meaning of a few words! I think the Thrive Programme is amazing. It has changed my way of thinking for the better so much and I want to thank Tricia for all her help and support over the weeks.


Stroke Survivor Testimonial (name omitted for job security reasons)
I was a very happy, fit, active, and healthy 36 year old with a career that I had always dreamed of and worked extremely hard to achieve. My job requires me to be very physically fit, mentally sound, with exemplary judgement and this was constantly assessed on a regular basis whilst under stressful conditions.
In October 2010, whilst at home I unexpectedly suffered a large stroke which affected the whole left side of my body, leaving me with a brain injury that affected my speech, my strength, my memory and my decision making. This came as a huge shock and I knew that it would be mountain to climb and that I would never be the same again. I was told that my career would be over and that I had to resign myself to this.
It took me 2 years of utter determination and complete hard work to get myself fit, healthy, active and well again – although I was not the same as I was before, which began to have a negative effect on my self confidence. I was considered fit and well enough to return to my beloved job however mentally I was not prepared at all and this began to take its toll.
I became withdrawn, unable to sleep, quiet, paranoid and very negative. I decided to seek help away from my workplace and found Pat. I sent Pat a message via her website and she contacted me on the phone for a brief chat. I was extremely nervous and did not know what to expect as I had never undergone anything like this before. Pat put me at ease immediately and we arranged an initial consultation to see if she could assist me.
The first appointment was nerve wracking a few tears were shed due to my frustration with myself and not understanding of what was happening to me.
Pat recommended that I would be a perfect candidate to the “THRIVE” programme. I agreed and signed the declaration at the beginning of the book to give it my all. I did just that and I have not looked back since. The processes that I have been taught are absolutely invaluable to me and I use them regularly and the beauty of it is, no-one knows or can tell when I am using them except me.
Pat I cannot thank you enough for showing me how to get myself mentally back on track, with your guidance and encouragement I now know I can do anything……..
Thank you.

The Thrive program changed my life!
I found out about Daniel DesLauriers and Thrive program when I searched the internet for “sexual anxiety therapy Toronto” or something like that. Prior to this I had been just started going to a counselor which lead me to discover that I had a “General Anxiety Disorder”, medical terminology aside, talking to someone helped me realize that I did in fact have some deep set issues that were effecting me on a daily basis. Not to the point where I wouldn’t leave the house, but just little thoughts constantly floating around my head revolving around worrying about pretty much everything. I was able to live with this, in fact I just thought that was how I was always going to be.
The breaking point came when this anxiety and negative unhelpful thinking started effecting my performance in the bedroom. I hit rock bottom, my self esteem was the lowest it had ever been, my girlfriend was on the verge of breaking up with me, I felt completely helpless and terrified. Through the exercises in the book I discovered that I actually didn’t love myself and part of my belief system was that I wasn’t a good lover and didn’t deserve to be happy or have a girlfriend. So I was basically subconsciously sabotaging my own life. Those little negative thoughts that floated around my head were leading me down a path where I would be alone and miserable.
I felt completely helpless until reading this book and meeting with Daniel every week. It really did change my life. I learned that I had control of my thoughts and that I could change the way I thought and felt about myself and the world around me. Over the 6 weeks I worked through this book my mood, self esteem improved and my anxiety lessened more an more. It took a lot of work and self analysis. It’s not really hard work, but I feel like you have to want to do it for it to work. And I did want to do the work. I worked even harder, once I realized that the work I put into it was having a direct and positive effect on me. You will learn that it takes persistent daily effort to overcome your unhelpful thinking habits, but the more you do it the easier it becomes until it is just second nature.
Friends who have notice the change in me always ask “who is your therapist?”. I tell them that Daniel isn’t the same as a therapist, he is more of a guide. His role is to keep you accountable and answer an questions you may have as you work through the book. The really important part of the Thrive program is that you aren’t reliant on anyone or any procedure. The changes all come from within. The book and the consultant just help to show you the techniques to eliminate the unhelpful thinking styles and beliefs. It’s a very powerful thing to realize that you have the power to change and build new positive pathways in your brain for perceiving the world.
Daniel is an excellent consultant. He has a very gentle disposition and has a good sense of humor. I felt very comfortable talking to him and sharing some very personal things. He is very accommodating to your schedule, even meeting over Skype when situations didn’t allow us to meet in person.
I highly recommend Daniel and the Thrive program for anyone who is suffering from something like sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression or obsessive compulsive behavior. Thanks to this program my anxiety is not an issue anymore, I’m able to experience emotions, be present and love myself. I am now looking forward to every new day and continuing to thrive in my life. Anyone can do this, I truly believe that. – Donald Thrive Program Toronto

I would like to give my sincere thanks for the professional manner in which you guided me through the Thrive course. The results by way of concerted and determined effort on my part with your first class help and guidance have proven to be most beneficial to improving my life and my whole way of thinking and behaving. I feel such a dramatic change upon completion of the course and do genuinely believe that it is so much better than “other” forms of therapy in that it has addressed the root of my problems, namely the way I perceived life and its issues. To remedy the cause and not the effect. Once again, thank you dearly.
Mel, Herts

Hi Nigel Sorry for delay.
I have been doing lots of different courses but actually found that the Thrive is the most effective. After our first session you made me understand that I’m that one who actually create all this problems which makes big difference in my growth.

I recently finished working through this book with a thrive consultant. I was plagued by periods of excessive vomiting usually following a sore throat whereby I vomit about 5 times an hour for up to 48 hours. Unsurprisingly this left me extremely fearful of sore throats/sickness bugs I found out about the thrive program online and thought I would give it a go. The book is very well written, Rob completely understands why a person is emetophobic and how you can make simple changes to your thinking and cure your problem. Although the changes you need to make are simple they do require a determined effort every day, but for me the results were amazing. During the program I got a sore throat and I managed to stop myself from having a vomiting episode. In addition to this I am a more confident and positive person with much higher self esteem. Defiantly recommend!

I was looking for a new way to address my weight issues & after some research & talking to Derek I proceeded with the Thrive programe. I didnt realise that my weight issues were a symptom of my thinking processess & unchallenged beliefs. The Thrive programe & Derek showed me how, with some work from myself I could easily change the way I lived my life. I now feel more confident, excited about life & the changes Ive made & I know I can deal with my weight issues or any other issues that may happen in my life. I would recommend this programe to anyone who wishes to do something for themselves, those that have issues or not. I believe anyone who does this programe & engages with it wont be able to prevent themselves becoming excited by the changes they see happening withen themselves.
Noirin, Co.Kerry

I came to Daniel for help in overcoming a trauma based phobia.  Within the first few visits I had with him, he was able to identify what I should focus on which was very helpful.   After 6 sessions and working through the book Thrive with him I have made substantial progress in overcoming my fears.  Daniel is empathic, easy to talk to and creates a trusting and non judgmental environment in which he conducts his therapy.  I highly recommend him.
anonymous in Toronto

I just felt the need to scream and shout about this!!
I suffered for years and years from what I now understand to be emetophobia.
Not even realising anybody else suffered from it and thought that I was the only one!
Life was like prison for me, I avoided anything and everything that reminded me of anything to do with being sick, the fact that I can even write about it is a big achievement and testament to the consultants ability to make me realise why and how I found myself in that hell hole of a life I was in.
I now realise that although I was living my life in a constant state of acute anxiety and fear, not by(conscious)choice, that I had the power to choose not to be.
In fact one of the more difficult things to get over through this training course has been getting used to living without all the fear as I could not imagine life without it for so many years.
I would like to thank Rob Kelly from the bottom of my heart for showing me the way to change my life and can not recommend this book enough to anyone who has suffered like me. X

When I arrived on Daniel’s doorstep, I was exhausted, anxious, faintly hostile, and frankly, desperate. I am in my mid-thirties, and have been in one form of therapy or another since my early teens to try to ‘treat’ my daily anxiety attacks. I’ve wallowed in it all: talk therapy, CBT, mindfulness, yoga, cranial-sacral, naturopathy, guided visualizations, diet-changes, chakra balancing… the list is endless. I am a competent, professional, high-achieving woman in a demanding leadership role, who secretly popped Xanax and other medications just to get through another day. In the midst of my final round of withdrawal, when I couldn’t stand being inundated with brain zaps and drowning in every increasing anxiety, (and when I realized that I’d been with my former therapist for five years and we were re-hashing the same old stories and ‘solutions’ over and over) I called Daniel. It was a last-ditch attempt, a grasping at straws… and turned out to be the single most important step towards mental health that I have made in my life.
Last week I gave away every single self-help book I have collected over the years. I’ve stopped looking for something external to ‘save’ me, or ‘change me’ or ‘fix me’ or ‘cure me’. There was nothing wrong with me at all – except that I had more than a handful of misguided beliefs and poor brain/thinking habits, mixed with low self-esteem and an external locus of control. In simple terms – I was thinking myself into craziness, physical illness, and spirals of anxiety (because at the time, I didn’t know any better way to think!).
Once Daniel helped me figure that out through the tools in the Thrive Program, I’ve been able to stop the toxic thinking patterns, and also stop the physical and mental manifestations of anxiety, self-hatred, and catastrophic thinking. For me that means no more making it through the day with a public persona of competence, and falling apart every evening in frantic tears, working myself to the bone trying to ‘prove’ that I wasn’t as worthless as I was afraid everyone would find out I really felt inside. It means that I finally, fully, believe that I am an awesome person, worthy of the love that I receive from others – but more importantly, that I am worth loving myself. It sounds trite, perhaps…. but it feels, and is, lovely, and calm, and strong and solid and right.
Thrive wasn’t magic, or even particularly easy. I did the entire Program fairly slowly twice over eight months, because the first time through I ‘got’ it intellectually, but wasn’t really living it. After a break, I re-committed to the program, and lived the work. And now, anxiety is simply not a part of my daily life. I’m still me, my life is still challenging and real and messy and involved – only I’m not systematically torturing myself with my thoughts as I go through my days and nights.
I am profoundly grateful to Daniel for his coaching, mentorship, and compassion through this journey. He created a safe, encouraging, excuses-free space for me to process the Thrive program, and held me accountable for my own growth. Both he, and the program, are worth your trust and your time.

I was very nervous at the start, but after meeting Stephen I became more relaxed. I felt comfortable as session went past and I enjoyed finding out things about myself I honestly didn’t know where even there.
The treatment has had an amazing effect on me both physically and mentally. Before I and become almost recluse and non-sociable and very tired and weak. After only a few sessions I felt I was getting back to my old self, feeling more positive and motivated, I was sleeping better and had therefore increased my energy level. I have definitely become more independent and trustworthy towards myself.
Probably why I felt so comfortable, was straight away I felt for the first time in a long time that I was not being judged Stephen treated me as an equal, and I felt immediately from day one that he understood me.

Hello Diane,
I hope all is well with you and that you had a wonderful Christmas and new year?
Just thought I would send you an update on how I have been getting on!!
I have had a couple of wobbles with my anxiety but I have dealt with them and moved on. The Thrive treatment is great and makes so much sense its just easy sometimes to slip back into old habits but when I notice this I reward myself and think about Thrive and re read sections of the book. Many of my friends comment on how much I talk about the book / treatment and how I sound like I am trying to sell it but I just can’t help it and I think everyone would benefit from reading it!!
I had a wobble coming back to work after Christmas (just over 2 weeks off) but I spoke to myself and day by day it got easier again! Also on the 25th November I found out (after being very sick) I was 6 weeks pregnant which explained alot!! I am now 14 weeks and due on the 15th July it’s still abit weird for me and sometimes I think I try to forget but I believe it is because I am still being ill and not feeling myself. But I have dealt with hospital appointments and the blood tests and just think its only for a little time and then I can enjoy myself.
So thank you for all your help and support. I can’t thank you enough.
Katie x

I found each and every session from the consultation to the end of the programme totally inspiring. I thought my life would always be the same.
How wrong was I, this has totally transformed my life from the way I mange my thoughts and to how understanding I am towards other people. I enjoyed the relaxation of each session, how easy it was to talk and the way Stevie explained the programme, in a way that was totally relevant to me. Everyone should do the Thrive programme.
The Thrive programme has totally changed my life perspective and outlook on my life, for the first time I think and feel totally in control of every aspect of my life, whereas before I was just resounded to the thought that this is just the way it is going to be.
I no longer feel socially anxious, don’t get stressed out because I am more able to manage my thinking, my self-esteem has rocketed, I have never felt so good and all of my anger issues are dealt with.
I can now express how I feel instead of bottling it all up, I can be anywhere and not be thinking what are people thinking of me, truly life changing.
If I would have purchased this book and not went through it with Stevie, I would probably still be trying the make sense of it this time next year. After 6 weeks I’ve got it, I was getting it after my consultation, thank you Stevie.

I went to see Vikki just two months ago, I was, or so i thought dependent on alcohol and had been for many years, I was very embarrassed about this as it was impacting all of my life. I thought I would never be able to stop and could see me going down the a slippery slope, I was frightened that I might loose everything that is important to me. Vikki started helping me, using the ‘Thrive’ program.
You may not believe me but I left that first session in such a different state of mind, knowing that I could resolve my problem myself, I was not addicted I just was not trying hard enough to sort myself out. From the first day it worked, i did not drink that very first day and two mmonths later and 3/4 of stone lighter (an added benefit) I feel great. I have cracked my habit, and feel back in control.
I can not recommend the program enough, and with Vikki’s support you have a great chance of succeeding in whatever you may wish for.
I hope this helps – still doing really well and thanks for all your support

I initially went to see Farhad to improve my confidence and my social anxiety.
We started at my early life experiences and set about changing the way my mind processed experiences in my past and day to day.
I thought the location was perfect, I always felt at ease and it was very easy access for my car.
I’ve learned to process the good things that I do everyday, instead of the negatives, I’ve learnt how to gain perspective on issues that make me stressed or anxious.
Moving forward these skills will be vital for me to push on in life and my career.
I think the thrive program was so impressive because all topics were touched upon, so as to suggesting any improvements; just do what you do Farhad.
My outlook on life and myself is much more positive now.
I now know that I am in control of my emotions.
My social anxiety is much lower now and I am thinking more internally about everything.
My current goal is to go full time with my career in performance and teaching.
I am very confident that by using the steps learnt on this course, I know I will achieve what I want in life.
The Thrive program is the first “life changing” book that has ever resonated with me, on a lot of occasions the book could have been an autobiography on the unhelpful thinking patterns that had been plaguing me for so many years, I’m now a different person… Thank you Farhad.
Any point I was struggling to understand, we went through in the sessions and with repetition I can say that I’ve taken everything on board and my life is getting BETTER EVERYDAY IN EVERYWAY.
Thrive is the only course that has really resonated with me, once you pick the book up, it is very hard to put down and covered all aspects of the unhelpful thinking styles that had become so automatic in my life.
With Farhad’s help, I have been able to change the way I process everything in my life and now I look forward with a new sense of optimism.
Doing this course has been one of the best decisions of my life!!

No more depersonalisation and anxiety
I was given this book a few weeks back after I had had a terrifyingly bad experience with cannabis 6 months ago, in which I thought I had become schizophrenic. It left me suffering from constant depersonalisation/derealisation and crippling anxiety; I spent every waking second scared senseless, waiting to start hearing voices. I quit university, I cried myself to sleep every night and I wished it would end by any means necessary. I was at the lowest point possible, worrying I would be stuck this way for the rest of my life without hope of ever recovering.
With the help of this book supplemented by just 4 sessions with Rob Kelly himself I can honestly say I don’t just feel back to normal, I feel fantastic. Rob, you are a genius. To all those out there who are experiencing what I was, I implore you to buy this book.
Thanks again Rob,

Stephen explained the Thrive Programme on the introductory session very well, I definitely Thrived and can turn negatively into positivity by using the techniques which have made me more happy with my life.
The Thrive Programme helped me realise that my nursing career choice did not suit my personality (perfectionist), setting myself high standards. As a perfectionist (although trying to achieve 75% at the minute, not 100%) I realise I cannot work in an environment where the potential for error is always there, I couldn’t live with myself if I put someone’s life at risk.
I liked the setting for the Thrive sessions, Stephen is funny, explains Thrive well.

Amazing book
This book was given to me during therapy sessions when I feared I would never get over my fear of being sick. I was barely leaving the house and it was really ruining my life. But this book really helped me to stop thinking so negatively and to overcome my fear. I’m so pleased I read it, it has been incredibly helpful and I am getting on with my life with few worries! If you want to overcome any sort of fear or addiction, I strongly recommend you read this book and go through the exercises, they are excellent!
Katharine Willard

Comprehensive, credible, compelling
There are, literally, hundreds of thousands of self-help books published each year – but Thrive is one of the best.
The book first takes you through a process of self-exploration to highlight the psychological areas in which you are not ‘thriving’. Then it explains, simply and directly, the underpinnings of ‘why’, and the ‘how’ of changing.
The book’s impressive not only because it covers such a wide range of issues and problems, not only because its theory is methodically evidence-based, but also because the solutions offered are practical, workable and powerful.
In addition, Rob Kelly writes well – accessibly, persuasively, and sometimes laugh-out-loud humorously; his approach is neither airy-fairy nor fluffy, but robust, sensible and effective.
Apparently the book can be used alone or as an adjunct to work with Rob or one of his trained facilitators; whichever, it’s a great buy!
Susan M. Quilliam

Time for Change – Fantastic book!
After suffering a bad sickness I was constantly worried about my health and becoming ill, I shut myself away and created a lot of anxiety about leaving the house which caused panic attacks. For 3 years I followed the same routine, I visited several doctors about different symptoms & worries, each time it was the same diagnosis, ‘anxiety’. They never told me what I could do to help it though, this made me feel it was just something I was going to have to deal with and there was no ‘cure’ for it, I felt out of control & powerless. That’s when my friend recommended I read this book, for a couple of weeks I was apprehensive, I never thought it was going to work, I had given up hope, in the end I decided to give it a go. I began going through the book with a Thrive Consultant in Ipswich called Noel Wilson, each week we would discuss the chapters I had read. It was unbelievable what I was learning, I would constantly find myself nodding along to the book, it was as though It was a book written about me! Everything I read related to exactly how I felt, It not only described how I felt it told me why I was feeling that way and how I could change it! It was fantastic, in just 6 weeks my life completely changed, and not because I was taking medication prescribed by a doctor or because I waited around hoping one day something would change but because I CHOSE to make my life change! I am no longer worried about leaving the house, in fact I now enjoy travelling. Once you understand it’s your thoughts (the little voice saying ‘what if’) and beliefs which hold you back and YOU control them it’s easy to change them and instead make you “Thrive”! I highly recommend this book, it was written excellently in such a way that everyone can benefit! It is a fantastic life changing experience and my thanks go to the author and my hypnotherapist for teaching me how to Thrive!

A must for positive coherent change!!!
I worked through this book 17 months ago when my life was a mess. My thinking had completely lost all happy or useful course. My ability to understand my inner strength was all but gone. This course completely changed all that. It is not a self-help book as such; more a simple ‘statement’ which logically re-wires your thought processes and in my case, returns them to their proper function, to work for you rather than against you. It lays out a simple coherent way to keep the power of your thoughts completely internal, eradicating the damaging limiting belief systems I had let enter my thinking which took my life out of my control and into a very dark place. I was taught how to re-awaken my concept of belief in my thinking as independent of itself which allowed for a new freedom and new response to my life and how I live it. It’s main aim is to be logically empowering, aiming straight out belief systems which affect your self esteem, your social anxiety, and your point of mental control. This book is in no way exclusive or over-academic. It is a completely simple and powerful book which changed my life.

I approached this course with scepticism and what I believed was one very specific problem I have had for many years. Danny took me through the course reinforcing everything in the book in a very down to earth and sometimes humorous way. I quickly realised that my particular problem was not isolated but was merely a symptom of my whole belief system and attitude to life. As we worked through the book and I completed the actions and exercises it all started to feel rather obvious, but this is only because it makes sense and I started to wonder why I hadn’t realised all this before. It is evidence based, does not rely on psychobabble and whilst I am sure the book alone would work, the input of someone who understands this was invaluable and acts as an encouragement for you to put the work in. I have not quite finished the course, but suffice to say that I am well on the way to overcoming my original problem, but a far bigger change has overtaken my life as a whole, I feel more positive, happier and in control of my life than I have for many, many Years. Whatever you perceive your problem to be I would urge anyone to either see a Thrive therapist or buy the book, it will help you with whatever your problem is, but more importantly you’ll soon realise it’s helping you with all the other issues you didn’t even realise you had! In short you can Thrive.
Kind regards

Most interesting and fact based. I’ve worked my way through the book and really enjoyed it as well as am really happy with the progress I’ve made. You do need to do the exercises included but they are not too arduous. Well worth it and highly recommended.

Life enhancing
I went through the Thrive programme with support from a Therapist in order to try and confront a fear that I had. Working through this programme gave me so much more than I had imagined and I would recommend it to anyone. I think working through the programme with progessional support would be advised to maximise the benefit. It is hard work but for me the results are incredible and I am very grateful.

This book is a must.
I have just finished working through this book with a Thrive consultant. The book by itself is brilliant but if you can afford it do book yourself in with a Thrive consultant as I found that having a consultant explain it to me in great depth and detail really helped me to change. (She also challenged and questioned me which I beleive helped me challenge my own thinking). I did the programme because my 20 year old son had completed it. He seemed to have go SO much from it I had to give it a go and I have to say that it was fantastic. This book is so well written…easy to understand and the exercises so relevant in terms of understanding your own thinking style and what makes you tick (or what previously made you tick, as as soon as you recognise some of the more negative styles you had adopted you begin to change them!). When I read the final page I was almost sad. Sad that I had finished it and the learning but then happy that I had completed it and have made some changes already. Rob gently guides you through the process of understanding yourself and supports you in making changes. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Having spent years at various times in “talking therapy” I just wish I had known about Thrive years ago…would have saved me so much heartache. It has taken me this long to realise that looking back and pondering about what went wrong is just so unhelpful and kept me locked into that place. Well done Rob, you seem to have truly managed to get to the heart of what it means to thrive.
Helen Walsh

Insightful and liberating
After falling into a deep depression in 2012 as the result consistently being taken advantage of by what I thought were friends I had slowly let myself go. I fell back on drinking as an escape to the chaos around me. In April of 2013 I was in intensive care as the result of not taking medications for a life long pre-existing condition (yeah it got that bad).
Thing is I had already known about Thrive but what I wasn’t doing was putting into practice or recognizing the factors that applied to me at the time. That all changed quite quickly as I took responsibility for what happened and put it all into practice. My recovery was astoundingly quick and today when things get rough or stressful I am able to navigate through them easily by managing the psychological factors that in the past would have led me down a similar road.
Today I am helping others do the same and thoroughly enjoying the fact that they will not go down the same road I did.

easy to understand and all the information makes so much sense. I have dramatically improved. recommend to everyone with anxiety
B. Evans

With the help of this book I have rediscovered the confident carefree person that I USED to be :) 
After suffering with pretty severe social anxiety for over 10 years now I can actually say I am excited about life again in the same way that I was when I was a teenager. I haven’t even finished the book just yet (1 chapter to go) but I felt I needed to leave a review in the hope that anyone else that may be living a life of fear would take my advise and purchase this book. Since reading the book I have to say I’m a little bit annoyed with myself for wasting so much of my life thus far fearing (what I realise now to be) the most ridiculous of things.
WE are in control of our thoughts and our emotions, WE get to decide how happy, sad, confident or shy we feel and that’s what this book will help you realise.
If you have any type of issue which you feel is holding you back from enjoying a wonderful life then invest a little bit of time and a little bit money in this book.. I promise you.. It will be the best thing that you ever do :)
Thank you Rob Kelly
Darren B

Life changing
I cannot recommend this book enough.yes it takes work on your part but the rewards are life changing.I came to the Thrive book at my lowest ebb and having worked at it can honestly say I have a new lease and new outlook on life.My self esteem has increased my anxiety has decreased and I have been able to reduce my medication
Mrs S Duke

Life changing tools for your mind and thinking processes. I came across thrive training (not therapy) 4 weeks ago. My whole thinking processes was frozen/stagnant and coming from the past. Coupled with a black white attitude/perspective on life and other hindering traits, I NEEDED TRAINING, NOT counselling. I found my local THRIVE CONSULTANT in Rickmansworth and from there on in I was committed to working through the book.
The book, touched on things that I WAS FEELING, but I couldn’t put it into words. It also read to me, as “non-judgemental” and “understanding”. After each chapter was an exercise to put my knowledge of the chapter into practise. Not only was the book excellent at explaining psychological concepts, it was most excellent at making it as SIMPLE as possible for the lay person to relate to it, to understand it, to UNDERSTAND WHY, and to put it in to practise in everyday life. Of course, I am not perfect and never will be, however the BOOK has most certainly enabled me the TOOLS to cope/manage my thinking so that I thrive (as the book suggests). I look forward to taking off my shit-tinted glasses and putting on my rose-tinted glasses!!
Karishma Patel

I was recommended this book by my daughter. What an amazing book I now find myself checking and re phrasing what and how I say things. I thought I was good at doing this alas Robs book has tweaked the way I think and speak.
Life certainly is on the up the buds of life are opening and life’s journey has been enhanced by this amazing book.
Thank you for sharing such a simple way to crack the code to a happier, healthier life.

The best thing I’ve ever done
I don’t think I will ever be able to put into words how this book has changed my life.
Let me start by saying, I was a sceptic when I started, I read the first page and scoffed, thinking that it was not serious enough to be any good (an accurate representation of my mental state at the time, no doubt). Never the less, on the recommendation of a close family member I persevered and here I stand, six months later, a completely changed person.
I’m not going to analyse all the good stuff that’s in this book, and I have no particular authority on therapy or treatments of this type, but what I can offer is the ultimate ‘proof in the pudding’ scenario. This book has changed my life for the better, so much so that I think about it almost every day and can’t help but smile (really smile, not just in my head). I’ll be the first to admit that I struggled with it, as I said, not really believing it would work, and hating every minute of the ‘figuring yourself out’ bits, I didn’t even do all the exercises that religiously at first, but after a while I began to feel a teeny tiny bit better, so I stuck with it.
I’ve asked a couple of my close friends and family (the favoured few who knew I was undertaking this course) if they think I’ve changed (other than the fact I preach Rob Kelly whenever possible) and they’ve all said yes, noticeably, but that I am still me.
And isn’t that all you can really ask for? I will be forever grateful to the family member that forced this book on me, to Rob Kelly for writing this book, and to myself for sticking with it and actively improving my life, and I honestly believe that there isn’t a person out there whose life couldn’t be improved (even by the tiniest bit) by going through this book.
I’m sorry if this is a bit rambling and lacks specific details (I can’t give everything away!) but please, if you’re considering buying this book, believe the 158 (now 159) five start reviews! It is beyond fantastic.

Excellent I would recommend highly for anyone who has any issues, problems or fears as a way of realising you can change the way you think and have lasting effects on your general outlook.
The book works as it changes the way you view any issues you have through managing your thinking and realising the capacity to create positive thoughts and consequently reducing any negative thoughts / feelings you have on a range of issues which feel uncontrollable before starting the course.
I would recommend going through the book with a practitioner.
Thomas Ware

Life Changing
This book is so important that it should be in the national curriculum. It shows in a very clear way how we all, to some degree, misuse our imaginations to our great detriment. More importantly it goes on to show how we can learn to use that imagination instead to help us in every aspect of our life. Inspirational, concise and down to earth.
Charles Milne

This book has been life changing, with the help of a consultant in Watford i have been able to build and internal locus of control and diminished my limiting beliefs. I am now unstoppable, free to do as i choose any old time. I love life.
The Walrus

I tried to count the number of times I would worry about the same subject

I bought the rob kelly book after being recomended it by a hypnotheropy counciller. i started looking for help due to my unusual symptomns, In the past i have been depressed and succesfully overcame this with a long course of cbt. however it never really helped me with anxiety. my anxiety was unusual, it was not strong or debilitating but constant 24hours 7days a week and my dreams also sometimes contained my worry/fixations. i tried to count the number of times i would worry about the same subject (the subject of worry would change and mould over long periods of time as life changed). my best guess was the same fixating thoughs between 100 and 150 times a day, every day. it was like my brain was stuck in neutral and was grinding my self estiem and energy down. I am the kind of person who changes things in adversity and i am always looking out for the new and positive so no one would know about this. my problem was if things in life happened that i didnt like and i couldnt conjour up a 5 minute fix for then the brain went into overdrive.
needless to say i have been trying to stop this but didnt know how to. a second nhs councillor and various books couldnot fix this. finally after a round of hypnotheropy and using the tools (particularly the DREAM) i am probably brooding about things about up to 10 times a day tops, plus i can stop any new worry in its tracks before it becomes my “new subject to brood about”
and lots of little things have changed, i keep forgetting who owes me the odd couple of pounds, some people may think this is a bad thing, but have been critisised many times for being really tight, what is money for if not sharing with your family?
the best bit? i can ride my mountain bike better, i now see an off road trail as “the line i want totake” and not”full of holes and puddles that i need to avoid!”
rob kelly – thanks for getting my head out of neutral, your the best!
Mrs E.Y. Walsh

I suffered from OCD for over 5 years with fear of almost everything. I was unable to go to the supermarket, shopping was a major trauma (so I simply ordered online) and slowly I became more and more reluctant to go outside preferring if possible to take the safe option of staying in my house as that meant that I didn’t have to face problems or clean everywhere when I returned. I strategically planned all trips before-hand mapping out any possible scenarios to fully prepare myself or went only to places I considered ‘safe’. I washed clothes at 60 degrees or higher to ensure I removed any contaminants (of course this meant clothes were
discoloured and ruined!). My hands looked like those of a 90 year old due to the constant washing and my skin was terrible due to excessive showering. ‘What if’ was my favourite phrase and cleaning ‘just in case’ was part of my daily routine.
Life was really bad and not just for me but for all of those around me. I had tried CBT therapy and it wasn’t right for me. I simply wasn’t prepared to do some of the ‘exposure therapy’ (I wouldn’t have done those things even when I was well). I was desperate to find myself again (the person who loved life, enjoyed going out, was always busy and had lots of friends; things I had slowly lost as OCD gradually crept over me and took over my life) and then in a last ditch attempt I searched the internet for alternative options. That’s when I came across Alison and the Loughborough Hypnotherapy Clinic. Contacting Alison was the start of my new life and finding the ‘old me’.
I don’t think Alison realises how much she has helped me and in turn those around me. I was sceptical when I arrived at my first session and didn’t really believe that something could work in such a short period (given all of the alternatives I had tried). How wrong was I! I started to see results within a couple of weeks and things just got better and better (don’t get me wrong – I did have set backs and it was hard but I worked through them, didn’t dwell on them and quickly learnt that we all have setbacks particularly when I was tired but I chose not to let them affect me and I chose to move on. Some things may still bother me but I have the techniques to put them in perspective).
Alison really is fantastic. She is non- judgement l and really helps to give you techniques to help you to regain your confidence in yourself and life. She works with you and doesn’t dwell on the ‘illness’ and this was important to me in my recovery. Alison helped me to change the way I was thinking. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy and even after my 10 sessions I am working on the techniques and apply them in my daily life but it was and is worth it. Every day my life really is getting better and better. My life has changed dramatically. I now go out to the supermarket. I enjoy going shopping and actually prefer to go to the stores rather than shop online. I enjoy doing new things. My hands are looking 100% better! I don’t shower excessively. I don’t wash clothes on temperatures higher than 40 (so all clothes are now looking good). I am rebuilding my life. I look back at some of the things I was doing and I genuinely can’t believe it………..why was I doing those things? Why was I choosing to waste my life, literally ‘washing’ my life away? I look at them and think “it was crazy to be doing that”, yet at the time it was absolutely necessary and normal to me. Not anymore I am happy to say!
I couldn’t have done this by working through the book alone.
Alison is really wonderful and please if you have OCD or anxiety don’t live with the illness any longer. Contact Alison and give it a try, you have nothing to lose
and everything to gain. I will still see Alison from time to time because I want to make sure that I keep on track as it is really important to me and my family to keep Thriving.
Thank you so much Alison.

Thrive Program with Pat
Thrive has transformed my life in a way I never ever thought it would. For the first time ever I was able to decorate my Christmas tree with my children and enjoy the excitement. This experience would have normally ended up with me climbing the walls with the amount of mess going everywhere, the tree not being symmetrical in decorations etc. All that has gone out the window because I am taking control of my mind. I have learnt to take control and stop taking external factors into account. I believe I can change and make a difference to my life, not a new pair of shoes or the house being tidy. My perfectionist style is no longer the impossible, it is okay to do your best and be happy with 60%. I am not a failure because my children did not have a bath today and they have had bake beans on toast. I do not have to be in control of everything, I can now live on the wild side of life!
Pat helped me to see the bigger picture and learn techniques which are so easy to put into reality of life. I am finally in a place where I feel happy and not on edge. I can look in the mirror and not feel sick. There are days where I feel I am being tested and I have a scream, but that’s okay, its how you bounce back! We are human.
Reading the book was like reading me, I felt so alone before. I learnt I was not alone and having Pat to correspond with helped me with my journey through Thrive. You could do the book alone, however you do need someone to show you the bigger picture.
Pat has not only helped me achieve happiness but has become my friend.

Having suffered from anxiety on and off for over 10 years, and tried many different ways to battle it, like cognitive behaviour therapy and medication. I can honestly say the thrive programme I took with Alison, is the best. It provides you with techniques and skills to over come any (yes ANY!) problems that you may have now or face in the future. Highly recommended.

I cannot thank Tania enough for the difference she has brought to my life through the Thrive program. I had been going round in circles in my life, making the same mistakes, not feeling like I was in control. Through the program I have learned some amazing techniques and skills which I am using to create the life I want to live. Tania has been so positive and supportive every step of the way, always doing it with great humour and helping me to see where i can make the changes that will matter to me personally. These are life-changing skills.

Update from Colette, formerly a smoker

Things have been pretty good since I finished my sessions, and I wanted to let you know that at the end of the summer, on the last day of my holiday in Ibiza, I became a non-smoker ) Just said to myself, that’s it I don’t want to smoke anymore and haven’t. So was pretty easy, and now haven’t smoked for a month! Well done me, .
Colette, Watford, formerly unhelpful relationship cycles and lack of success at work

I found the sessions very enlightening and revealing. It was really good to understand why I behave in a certain way and to discover what I could do to change my negative thoughts/behaviours.
I used to have frequent days where I would feel very low and at times somewhat depressed. I can honestly say that since I have started the sessions I have not had any of my low moods and I am feeling so much better about myself. The most important thing I have learnt is that I am responsible for how I feel. It is my own belief system that makes me think and behave in a certain way and I can change any belief which has a negative impact on my life.
The sessions were relaxing and friendly yet Claire always remained professional. I enjoyed reading the Thrive book and wish I had known more about this book years ago. I will certainly read the book over and over and will recommend it to my family and friends. I will certainly miss my weekly sessions with Claire.
Barbara, 55 Nurse

I found the sessions very helpful, being able to ask questions and clarify any points in the book I was unsure about. It was very useful to get an objective viewpoint – particularly on the personality type exercise.
The Thrive book and accompanying sessions have been a huge help in enabling me to think much more positively about myself and life in general. I now feel much calmer and in control in situations I would have previously felt anxious about – i.e. flying, giving presentations. My nail biting habit, which I had for well over 20 years, has virtually disappeared.
Tania was very good at putting me at ease, meaning I felt comfortable to talk about what was on my mind and ask questions. Items provided (chevreul’s pendulum + cube vs pebble) helped me understand key points more easily.
Cheryl, 36, formerly confidence & social anxiety issues

Initially I found the sessions quite awkward. If found it difficult to explain things, but as I read more of the Thrive manual and Claire explained things more clearly, I began to feel more at ease. The more Claire helped me understand the easier it became. So much so, that now when I see Claire, it’s as if I’m talking to a good friend who’s known me for years and understands the person I was, I have been, and am now, which is what I enjoyed the most.
‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’ words from a once famous song, that’s just how it is for me now. Claire has helped me understand why I did what I did and why. I really think that this course has been life changing for me. I feel more empowered, confident and at ease with myself than I have done for years. I only wish this course had been available for me to do 30 years ago, I would be very different if it had been! I’m not shy anymore and I like who I am!
After the first session was over I came away thinking ‘what a lovely friendly lady Claire is’, she puts you at ease and encourages you to talk openly about things that maybe you didn’t mean to reveal. That was good for me. Claire has a soothing voice and made me feel like I was safe and understood. I am so glad I came to see Claire, she was very professional and good at her job!
Wendy, 51, Administrator

I thought I could never be cured from the phobia I had! I was constantly checking people around me looking for signs that they may become sick. It took over part of my life I was beginning to avoid doing things I love like going on holidays for fear of someone being sick on a plane. I now know it was because of the way I was thinking. It’s never too late to start thrive programme. I have seen great changes in my life since I began the programme.

During a brief break from traditional psychotherapy, a process I had been engaged in for over a year, I was restlessly trawling through Amazon one day when I happened across and downloaded Thrive onto my Kindle. Although willing to try, I wasn’t convinced of its claims and didn’t expect to finish it, after having started hundreds of self help books over the years in the hope of finding some kind of external answer to my anxiety, blushing and tendency to ruminate over the past and to have a general default setting of low level anxiety and emptiness.
After getting through about 3/4s of the book and thinking there was something in it I decided to try the programme with a Thrive consultant and got in touch with Danny Nuttall, a Bath based therapist. I’m very pleased that I did. After my first session with Danny I ended the psychotherapy process with my other therapist and committed fully to the Thrive programme. Danny supported me through some challenging and rewarding exercise but also some real epiphanies and moments in which I had to admit to myself that change was not impossible after all and that the answers were much more straightforward than I would have previously been able to admit to myself. With the help of Danny to reinforce these insights and to discuss the many new things I was becoming aware of within myself and in my potential as a person, I was soon able to leave behind the troubles that I had allowed to limit me for as long as I can remember. Not only am I able to disengage from worries and mental pain easily but I am also able to look back over my life so far and to see very clearly where I have gone wrong. I don’t hate my old self anymore, I just see her as person who was victim to a lot of irrational thinking and who lived in an imaginary world of her own projections, only mistakenly seeing herself through the eyes of all- powerful others. I see things in a totally different way now and I only wish that I had done the Thrive program years ago. I won’t be shelling out for long term psychotherapy anymore, a process that I felt out of control of where the therapist seems to have some special knowledge that you will one day see after going through all of your painful memories for an indefinite period of time and at an indefinite rate of expense. Thrive isn’t like that. Danny told me it would take about 5-6 sessions to get me thriving, however, after my third I was doing really well and I only needed 4 in the end. I was impressed that he was honest and didn’t just stretch it out for his own gain. I really felt like Danny believed in me and he is living proof that Thrive works.
I would recommend Thrive, and Danny as a Thrive consultant, to anyone who wanted to learn about viewing themselves and their lives in the most useful way possible, and about how to be free of life limiting beliefs and fears. You only get one life and when you see things from the correct perspective and give yourself permission to be happy you will feel such a sense of relief and freedom that there will be no stopping you from Thriving.
Anna, Bristol.

I started the Thrive programme to help me with a particular problem which had troubled me for a number of years. I had been to see my GP and a Medical Consultant but I didn’t want to take prescription medication which would only treat the medical symptoms as I felt the cause of my condition was psychological.
I consulted the Thrive website and found Barry Kieran the Thrive Therapist working in my area. After an initial consultation with Barry I realised that many men over 50 years of age with the same condition could be treated successfully through the Thrive programme. I could have just bought the Thrive workbook and worked my way through it on my own but because I wanted to give myself the best opportunity for success I decided to ask Barry to help me with it. I attended six therapy sessions with Barry.
The Thrive programme has changed my life for the better in ways I didn’t expect. Most of all it has given me the ability to get to know myself and from that to manage my thinking and make positive changes in my behaviour and lifestyle.
The particular problem I had has been successfully treated thanks to Barry and the Thrive programme.
I can recommend this programme to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.
The purpose of the programme is to help you “Thrive”. It does exactly that”.

Participating in the Thrive programme empowered me to deal with anxiety and mild depression effectively. When I initially started the programme, I felt low, overwhelmed and that my levels of anxiety were unmanageable. As this was a problem that I felt I had had for quite some time, I wanted something that would help me manage this long-term, rather than go on medication for a few months with the possibility of finding myself back at square one as soon as I finished. Thrive was exactly that. Thanks to what I learned through Thrive, I now feel that I have the ability to manage my levels of stress and anxiety by effectively dealing with my negative thought processes. I am no longer overcome by feelings of negativity, and when I do start to feel negative I know that I can stop these negative thoughts from getting the better of me, something which I would have struggled with previously. I would highly recommend the Thrive programme to anyone who wishes to make a significant change in their life and who wishes to make that change in a self-empowering way.
N.D. Tralee

Hi Barry,
Apologies for taking so long to get back to you, just remembered your mail there now as i was scanning through them.
Anyways…In a word everything is great. So many good things have been happening lately and I’ve never been as happy. I’ll let you in on a few things…… now lasting ages in bed, still seeing the girl i was with at christmas, had the confidence to call her out on a few things where before i might have said nothing and now things are going great. The sex life is great, I’m moving in to a class new apartment, the course is going well and I’m looking into new job opportunities aswell!
I’ve found my outlook has completely changed and when things get tough at times I’m so much better able to deal with it.
I’ve learned a lot about what i initially consulted with. The DREAM technique helped a lot but there was a little bit of physical work to do aswell in that I had to learn to understand what my body was doing, get used to the sensations i was feeling, all while staying calm and cool.
There was a bit to it, maybe we should meet sometime so I can give you some more feedback about everything and you’ll have a point of reference if people come to you with that specific problem in future?
Looking forward to hearing from you Barry,
Thanks again for everything

As a trainee integrative counsellor I decided to buy this book for understanding of cognitive interventions. Initially I set out to just read the book for the knowledge contained within the pages. After reading the first few chapters I began to see that this could bolster my personal development so I decided to return to the beginning of the book, sign the declaration and actually do it. I have no regrets, development and personal awareness was greatly aided. I whole heartedly recommend this book but emphasise it is actually a doing book, no magical solutions to your problems, just a clear focus on issues you may like to address in yourself.

I have read a fair amount of what I guess would be classified as self help books, many of which I found very helpful but didn’t seem to have a lasting effect. I would often feel much better for a while but I still didn’t seem to have much emotional resilience and when things got tough I would crumble again. Thrive was recommended to me by a friend and it was just what I needed. Rob really gets to the crux of the matter, he doesn’t sugar coat but he also doesn’t judge. The book is practical and it works. It helped me challenge and change the very unhelpful, and often harmful, thinking styles that I was indulging and made me realise that changing them is as easy as acknowledging them and choosing to change them. Sound too easy? Read the book and try to prove me wrong.

Life changing book
I would not have believed the change this book, along with 3 sessions with Rob, has made to my life. Initially I needed to rid myself of a constant cough, but Thrive helped me to change my thinking and improve the general quality of my life, viz sleeping well, increasing my self esteem and therefore the quality of my life. I will continue to read Thrive and practice its message for many months to come. Truly a life changing book.

Hi Barry, Sorry for not checking back in before now. I just want to give you an update that all is going great for me. I’m not having any problems and I feel so happy with life my love life.

Thanks for all the help,

6months ago i was haunted by emetephobia, i used herbal anti anxieties regularly and felt i had know way out!! Out of the blue i searched hypnotherapy and found thrive, with support from a therapist i have now learnt to manage my anxiety and am free of emetophobia! I strongly advise anyone with any level of anxiety and emetophobia to read thrive, because it works!

Life can be good… I’ve finished a thrive course with Ginny Foy a few weeks ago and I’m feeling so much better about myself and my life…I was suffering from low self esteem and social anxiety I feel in control of my life and of my thoughts.The book is brilliant its easy to read, and to follow its the only book you are ever going to need … buy it you wont regret it…


As a person who seems to have spent most of her life struggling against the flow, feeling low and not being able to see the wood for the trees, and with an unhappy marriage behind her, I sought the help of a hypnotherapist for a ‘quick fix’. She guided me through the thrive programme with the help of this workbook, and in 7 weeks helped me to change my life forever.
The course enabled me to first understand, then challenge the limiting beliefs I have grown up with, and then train myself to establish new and healthy patterns of thinking and living in a logical fashion. I now know all the stages where I went wrong in life and am determined to change it all around and spread the good word myself.
Nothing new-age or mystical about it, but instead entirely sensible and wholesome; I just couldn’t see or deal with all of my problems without the help of this programme; life is immeasurably better now and I have thrown away all other self-help books.

I originally came across this book when seeking help from a local hypnotherapist (a qualified `Thrive` therapist) in regards to anxiety, depression and mainly just not feeling very happy for a long period of time. I was dubious that a book could do anything to help me when my hypnotherapist suggested it to me. However something told me to go for it and I started to work through the book in my own time over a period of 6 weeks. During these 6 weeks I also had 1 hour sessions once a week from my Thrive Therapist.

This course has changed my life significantly for the better. The book makes so much sense and guides you through what you are going through in a logical and easy to read mannner. Don`t get me wrong you will have to put in some serious effort to get the results, which believe me will come! All you have to do is commit to the Thrive Programme (the book) and the included (thought based) exercises. The book changes the way you think for the better and most importantly tells you why you need to make these changes. I found the Thrive sessions with my therapist invaluable as I worked through the book at a slow and steady pace (dont read the book in one go as the information will simply not go in..about 2 chapters a week whilst undertaking the exersises worked for me).
Its not the book that changes your life, its you. But without the knowledge and expert guidance of Thrives author, Rob may never be shown the way.
Give the book a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Andy (London)

I never appreciated how a book could have such a profoundly positive effect on my life until I read Thrive. It gave me the knowledge to see how and where my fear of heights and bridges had started and how I could not just conquer those fears but how resilient, calmly confident and content I could be. The book is full of light-bulb and WOW moments and refreshingly easy to read and relate to.
Martin N Davies

I contacted Helen after seeing a small add in the local link magazine and nervously attend my first appointment in Stortford. I didn’t know it at the time but this was the point where my life would go through an unbelievable change!
I attended after feeling depressed, anxious and upset about my weight and failed attempts to loose it. I started with Hypno analysis for the first few sessions and though I struggled with this in the beginning I felt comfortable and happy to be moving forward.
I then began the Thrive programme and this was simply amazing! Within the first few chapters and attending regular sessions with Helen each week I felt my confidence building, my anxiety and low self esteem dissipating and my understanding of how I had been limiting my own belief in myself changing.
I learnt about how and why I made certain choices and the sometimes negative effect this had on me. I began to grow in confidence both in my appearance and my ability to achieve my goals.
Helen with the help of the Thrive programme has helped me to work out how to change my life, the way I feel about me, increase my self esteem and believe I can achieve what I want when I want. As she said in a word I am “thriving”. I cannot recommend Helen and the Thrive programme highly enough for anyone from all walks of life.
Hayley, Essex

Before I met Claire sleeping was a real issue for me, I was finding it increasingly difficult to drift off at night and I had tried a number of well-known remedies but none had worked. After just one session with Claire on the Thrive program I noticed a change and after completing the course I can honestly say things are dramatically different, not only with my sleeping, but also in the way I think, and I would whole heartedly recommend Claire and the Thrive programme to anyone!
My mum suggested contacting Claire and when we talked it through with her she explained why she thought the Thrive program would be best for me. I got started on the workbook and over a course of around 6 weeks I completed all the reading and activities in the book, along with my sessions with Claire. Over just this short period of time not only did my sleeping vastly improve, but my self-esteem grew, I had a lot less social anxiety and I was generally a lot happier, more positive and felt more in control of my own life. Claire made me feel instantly at ease and her warm, welcoming personality made the sessions enjoyable as well as helpful and informative. The Thrive program sets things out in a way which is easy to understand, so although at times it can be challenging, it doesn’t seem too daunting and unachievable. Going through the book with Claire helped no end as she could help me when I became stuck on certain sections of the book, and she encouraged me throughout to continue with putting what the programme teaches into practice!
I have noticed a big change in myself since starting Thrive with Claire, and I know these changes will not be short lived. I am incredibly thankful to both Claire and the Thrive program for what they have done for me, and I am thrilled to say that I now have a ‘Thrive attitude’!

Once again I would like to thank you for your help and for introducing The Thrive program to me. When I started this program I could not imagine that I will learn so much in such a short period of time and that I will be able to change my life.
Using the Thrive techniques I learnt about myself, learnt how to be healthy and happy again.
I got my self confidence back. Started to do things which I was afraid to do before (to make a phone call to strangers or ask someone to meet up). Now depression is in the past for me, I am loosing weight and every single day I am stepping out of my comfort zone and enjoying my new life with more confidence, joy and knowledge that I build my life as I want it to be and that I am making my own happiness.
Thank you for helping me to find myself.

Life changing results
I first went to see Rob last year (2011) and was suffering lack of confidence and self esteem as well as anxiety. After 6 sessions and following the Thrive programme I can honestly say it not only helps you understand yourself but also put issues into perspective. Being able to recognise how you are thinking and feeling is probably one of the most important things you can learn in life and has helped me not only overcome the depression I felt last year but also to deal with various situations in the future.
I would highly recommend this book and Rob’s programme to anyone suffering addiction, depression, anxiety and low self confidence as well as phobias. There are alot of trashy ‘self help’ books out there but this one really is ‘the real deal’.
Thanks Rob!

I contacted Sarah to help me with blushing and social anxiety. My anxiety was at an all time high and confidence at an all time low. With Sarah’s insight, she helped me realise how my unhelpful thinking was at the root of my issues. She also helped me to see what was really important and what I needed to focus on and how flippant I was being about a number of other big events that were happening in my life. Sarah really listens, makes you feel safe and provides helpful and caring guidance. She took me through the Thirve programme and it was done at a pace to suit me – with lots of encouragement, plenty of support through the blips and some laughs along theway. My confidence has improved dramatically, I barely blush now and generally feel much more relaxed. Thank you Sarah.

I had experienced serious depression and a considerable degree of social anxiety for as long as I can remember. I had been in various forms of therapy and seeking self-help solutions for a number of years, with little discernible success. Depression dictated the patterns and contours of my life. However, with the THRIVE book, and the diligent, professional guidance of Helen Bartram, all that has changed in a matter of weeks. I am facing my future, even my present, for the first time in years, with energy, zeal and optimism. The change is remarkable and I cannot thank Helen enough, or recommend the program more strongly. Using clear language and simple yet insightful ideas, the book works to build your understanding and confidence, and provides regular points at which learning can be consolidated and reflected upon, which gives a tangible sense of progress and achievement. With Helen’s expert support, I sailed through the exercises and enjoyed the process. The progress I made was real and quantifiable. THRIVE, with Helen as Consultant, is a winning formula to a happier future. Seize the moment and THRIVE with Helen. I did.
Dean, Derby (via Skype)

I went to Stephen as I had suffered from anxiety and sleeplessness since I suffered an anaphylactic shock a few months earlier, I feared that it could happen again and that this time it would be fatal. This would be highly unlikely as I was allergic to a drug that was only given as part of an anaesthetic, however it had a profound effect on me as I almost died, making me question my entire life and leaving me feeling totally out of control. Stephen really put me at ease in our first meeting, and I had every confidence that he would be able to help me get back to normal. He recommended the ‘Thrive’ programme and as we were working through it I learned that I also had very low self-esteem and self-confidence, issues that had held me back over the years but that I had never really addressed as being a ‘problem’. At the end of the programme I felt much more confident and in control, able to sleep well at night without sleeping tablets and was also able to stop the anti-depressants I had been on for years. I am no longer scared to voice my opinion or stick up for myself, which in turn has actually led me to have much better relationships with my husband, friends, family and work colleagues. My self esteem has also greatly improved, with everyone noticing the change in me, this new found confidence has led me to accept a more challenging (yet more rewarding) role in my work, which I would have otherwise turned down, thinking myself ‘not up to it’. I will be eternally grateful to Stephen for helping me to change my life, and would recommend anyone with self-esteem or confidence issues to give the ‘Thrive’ programme a go.

Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to both the Thrive program and Claire herself. With the combination of reading and completing tasks from the book and going to weekly sessions with Claire, the positive change I felt within me occurred both quickly and strongly.
The treatment itself was recommend to be by Claire as I was first considering hypnotherapy. However as I wanted a more long term fix Thrive deemed as being more appropriate. The book itself was clearly laid out in a step by step manner, and it highlights all of the negative thinking styles possible and how to go about changing them and why they exist in the first place. This relatable technique was engaging as you can re-count to the thinking styles and recognise where you are going wrong. Also Claire was very encouraging, caring and made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning.
My program only took six weeks, but within them six weeks I felt a miraculous change within myself which helped all aspects of my life. It not only made me feel more confident and in control of life, I also found it reduced my stress levels and increased my self-esteem dramatically. After each session I felt recharged and excited about what I would be tackling each week instead of being fearful and anxious. My parents, friends and boyfriend have also seen a huge difference within me and have ordered their own copy of the book as they liked the changes they saw in me.
So far it has enabled me to see life in a completely different light. One of which is a much more positive one and it is allowing me to confront my previous fears head on with no problems what so ever from the onset. For example, I can now eat out in public fearlessly, sleep with the lights of confidently, tolerate loud noises like hovering or showering when I am home alone, speak in public with low levels of stress, not worry so much about what others think of me and so much more. Consequently, I can therefore say that I am actually ‘thriving’ and not just surviving.
Thank you so much for all your help,

Life Changing!!!!!! I would like to say a massive thank you to Jane and the Thrive Program for helping me turn my life around. I had been creating anxiety on and off for many years and was at an all time low when I turned to Jane for help. She was absolutely wonderful and immediately put my mind at ease. I was initially very sceptical about the sessions and the book, but within a week I started feeling a lot more confident that I could change my beliefs. This progress continued and it has now been several weeks since I finished the program and I can honestly say I feel like a different person. I would recommend this program to anyone with problems that prevent them from leading the life the want to lead. I have learnt so much about myself and am confident that I will never encounter the same limiting beliefs that I had when first met Jane ever again. Thank you so much.
A. Miller

I found the sessions interesting and intriguing and have learned a lot about myself. In between sessions my confidence grew and the Thrive book became my new best friend. The sessions were tailored to me as an individual and I wasn’t pushed and if I needed to go through something again this was fine. The exercises were also particularly helpful.
I confided that I had been ‘doing’ emetophobia to my best friend, without the sessions there is no doubt that I wouldn’t have done this. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was able to not only talk to her about it but also about the Thrive book
Right from the moment I met you I have relaxed. I didn’t feel judged and I felt at ease as if you knew exactly how I was feeling which helped me in the end to convince myself that this was something that I could overcome.
I rang you at a particularly low moment after visiting my doctor (who had literally laughed in my face) as soon as I had made the appointment I had a surge of relief. Thank you x

I found my sessions with Stephen life changing, the thing I enjoyed the most was the relief of the anxiety and managing my thoughts positively.
The difference that the treatment has made to my life is that I stay calm! Look at life positively! Make the most of my time! Treat people around me kinder!
Stephen has been an amazing friend to me and changed my life forever!

Thrive for weight Loss & more…
Despite initially discussing hypnotherapy for weight loss Claire took me through the Thrive programme. I loved how fast my mindset changed after our discussions each week. I looked forward to sharing what I’d achieved each week and seeing how each part of life improved as a result of the ideas and techniques Claire helped me put into practice.
Thrive is a really fitting name, I feel that’s what I’m now doing. I’ve banished negative thoughts, have high self esteem and choose to be capable and happy.
As a result I’ve signed up to complete my MSc after deferring for 2 years and am learning to drive because I know I can do it! Without putting myself though diets I’ve also managed to lose 1 stone already and know the final stone will follow steadily behind – because I’ve re-found my love of running and no longer feel the need to eat a lot of junk food.
I found it easy to be open and honest. The lovely building gave a relaxed, private and calm atmosphere.
Sue, 35

‘Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive’
For the past 30 years of my life, I have had a debilitating fear of vomiting in public. Before I had to leave my house I would suffer from panic attacks and would vomit as a result of my phobia. I would starve myself of food all day or make myself vomit, just in case I had to leave my home…I might vomit in public. Over the past 12 years I have spent thousands of dollars on “treatment” for my Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Panic Disorder, Depression and Emetophobia nothing I tried worked. My life was an absolute mess! My fears were affecting my marriage, my children and my health. I was at breaking point.
In July 2013, I discovered Rob Kelly’s book ‘Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive’. So I made an appointment to meet with Liz Hogon a Thrive Consultant, to try yet another treatment option. I went into this latest venture guarded and sceptical. Within 6 short weeks of meeting Liz and beginning the ‘Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive’ program, my life changed dramatically. I used to suffer numerous panic attacks everyday and vomit sometimes as much as 5 times a day. Since completing this program, I haven’t vomited in 4 weeks! Only a short time ago I was terrified of leaving my house and of eating, I now put my two young children in the car and drive to places we have never been and have lunch in public places and I am finally loving my life.
Before discovering Rob Kelly’s program and working with my supportive consultant Liz, doing these things were unimaginable to me. I was a prisoner trapped by my own negative and obsessive thinking. This program is not a magic cure you have to do the work. But if you want to gain control of your life and not just live, but THRIVE then this is the program to choose. Rob Kelly’s book taught me how to live without fear of my own thinking and I am forever grateful as is my family.
N.B (Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Claire,
So sorry for the lateness of the feedback, but better late than never
Having come into the sessions feeling a bit skeptical about what benefit they would be to me, I was pleased at how they went and what I learned through them. There was a good mix of theoretical and practical information that I could put into use straight away and I felt at ease talking to Claire about my issues.
I feel much more in control of my thoughts and emotions now. I’m not as hard on myself as I was previously and I can accept any negative experiences much more freely without them impacting on my life for a long period of time.
I’d like to add that Claire is as friendly & welcoming as she is professional alleviating any anxieties you had about receiving treatment.
Many thanks for your help, Craig

The sessions were helpful in that they provided me with a platform to divulge my thoughts and feelings (thoughts and feelings I thought for years) and have them looked at in a different way, giving me perspective.
It’s made me recognise I had low self-esteem and helped me build it up and that I can manage my thoughts.

The depression is over
I never write reviews mainly because the things I buy online are usually what I expected or less so. I used to be a pessimist, believing everything was down to fate and that I had my fair share of well earnt depression and no way to get out. Endless trips to pick up anti depressant tablets and a therapist who told me I’d be on them for ever, I was a great candidate for Thrive.
So why recommend this book? Because it has helped me regain my life which I didn’t expect. Its turned the voice inside my head positive and made me realise my life is in my control and under no one else’s no matter what life event you go through. You have to believe me when I say I felt there was no way out and all my issues were deep routed. It’s written in plain English, no words that make you feel like a victim. It’s a practice I only wish more people knew about.
It’s easy, it’s wise, it’s my guide I refer to when life gets a bit tough, I can’t swallow it but I’d take this book over any anti depressant any day. Do the same, you owe it to yourself!!!!!
Lou Wood

Essential Read to Overcome Issues
After spending years suffering from insomnia, anxiety attacks and general self-esteem issues yet frequent doctors visits to no-avail. I decided to put destiny in my own hands and started to research the psychological reasoning behind why I was the way I was. Since then, I’ve read numerous self help or even text books on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and understood the concepts of self-efficacy and behavioural models but still found it very difficult to actually put this theory in to practice.
I found the unique approach taken by Rob Kelly in this book excellent, by slowly easing you in to a different mindset. Step by step, in an easily readable yet not dumbed down manner, he helps you to question your own internal values and beliefs and very clearly shows you where your limiting factors are. Once these are identified, he demonstrates how to change your internal thinking to overcome your issues. This book not only has helped with the above problems but it has also helped in all areas of my life; and the beauty of it is you can re-read and repeat the tests at a later date to see how you have developed and what still needs developing.
Great book, thanks Rob Kelly for writing it and Amy Smith for recommending and guiding me through it!
Gareth Mills

Didn’t really know what to expect, but sessions were very informal and really straightforward. I never felt judged or that I was being melodramatic. The thing I enjoyed the most was learning how my mind worked and how I could change my thinking.
The biggest ‘relief’ is that I realise my past is past. Now-one is judging me for it and I’m the only one who was hung up on it. I feel like an equal now, and like and respectable and compassionate person, as opposed to somehow feeling inadequate and underserving of a happy life.
I’m far less concerned about how others view me and feel more confident socially. I can better control my thinking and dismiss negative thoughts quickly and easily.
I would urge anyone who has any kind of depression or fear to go through these sessions with Stephen. I have very (surprisingly) easily gone from not caring whether I lived or not, to now looking forward to each day and celebrating all the good stuff I have achieved.

Thrive Works
I have worked the Thrive Programme with the help of a Therapist in Sudbury. The results have been life changing for me. My life is the same, but I know how to deal with problems that come my way. A life enriching change has happened for me.

The sessions were very enjoyable. I felt relaxed and at ease. As the sessions progressed I started to understand more and more how I can take control of my life and not let it control me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Claire.
I feel a lot more confident in day to day life. I am not afraid to speak out in group situations any more. The whole experience has made me a lot happier than I was. I am looking forward to the future now and how I can influence what direction my life takes.
Claire is a fantastic therapist and is very knowledgeable about how we influence our life and shape our future. She makes you understand that life can be exactly what you want it to be. Thank you very much Claire for everything.
Stephen Squire, 44, technical author, Gloucester

Thrive Health Happiness and Success
I found Thrive at a difficult and vulnerable time in my life. I had a bad fall which resulted in arthritis and suffered with depression and anxiety. My therapist and the workbook were amazing. I have experience in psychology counselling, social work and education and basically felt I should know what to do. I understood the theories but emotionally I was unable to put them into practice. Thrive changed this. I not only enjoyed the exercies and reading material but found by practice, visualisation, looking at positives instead of negatives I was able to change the very limiting belief systems which were crushing my emthusiasm for life. I looked forward to the learning experience offered in each and every chapter and friends and family were advising me that I not only seemed better psychologically but physically. Without even consciously thinking about it, I was walking with less pain, managing stairs better and losing weight. By changing my belief systems and being positive about my future my emotional health was improving and having an impact on my physical wellbeing. I would highly recommend this book to others and certainly recommend it to those who work in the field of care, be it with children, older people or those who are mentally or physically challeged. The book offers a wonderful insight into who you are as a person and how your interations with others impacts on their emotional wellbeing.I am thriving thanks to Rob Kelly and his wonderful book. “Every day in every way I am making my life better and better”.
Dr. Catherine Dalton

I can highly recommend this book. I came across the Thrive Programme after many years of consulting clueless psychiatrists, who prescribed numerous medications, to no avail. Thrive enabled me to change my faulty thinking style, this programme has proved to be far more effective than any tablet. By following this handbook alongside several sessions with Rob I was finally able to change. The whole therapy was a huge eye opener, I understand myself and other people far better, no longer a people pleaser! Above all I have far more self control and motivation. Thrive gave me a new lease of life. I hope one day it is introduced to the NHS it would save millions of pounds and help so many people who don’t need medication but need to be taught “how to think”. Brilliant book, a massive thank you to Rob Kelly.

I found the sessions open and interactive this allowed me, through Stevie’s help to gain a better understanding of the type of person I am and the stressors in my life resulting in my personality traits.
I can gain a level of calm and relaxation I never thought possible, allowing me to feel fully in control of my place kicking as well as ‘problems’ in my life.
I enjoyed every minute…self-realisation, you can change anything if you want you are in control!

A very straight forward “No bs” positive approach. Perfect common sense and easy to digest. “Thrive” is a very practical approach and helps you look at your own way of thinking. I found it best to work through this book with a therapist who could guide me through and high light the important points. “Thrive” is very constructive and reveals a lot about your personality and some of your negative and destructive thinking patterns. The book has made me feel more in control of my life and able not to be ruled by my anxious thinking. I would totally recommend this book to anybody who wants to “Thrive” and get on with their life, be successful, healthy and happy.

I first experienced anxiety as a young girl and over the years I’ve tried to deal with it, but to no avail. There’s been occasions where anxiety has ruled my life and ruined my relationships. It wasn’t until I met you and you explained the Thrive program, that I realised I had a chance to resolve my issues. Not by someone listening to my problems but by me changing the way I think about things that usually bother me.
When I came to see you for the first time & you explained Thrive to me, I was at a point in my life where I really wanted to make the changes, so was prepared to put the work in that’s involved. I found the Thrive programme challenging, insightful and fun. Some sections even seemed like they were written about me! The author and therapists involved with Thrive, really know what they’re talking about and you steered me along the right path in achieving my ultimate goal. Which was to regain my self esteem, be happy and not be scared of people judging me. The pace of the program was set by me and what I could do each week. I made a real effort to complete the tasks and follow what the book suggests and found within very little time, as I completed the questionnaires & tasks, that I was starting to feel better about myself & the relationships I have with people close to me. Completing the tasks in the book rather than ignoring them is a vital part of the program. By doing them, I created my own evidence which helped me change the way I was thinking but also proved the guidance in the programme to be right and so I believed in Thrive more & more. I started to realise that positive outcomes, really do come from positive thoughts. It didn’t take long before my self esteem started to increase and as it did, other areas of my life started to fall into place. I’ve learnt so much about myself and how to stop myself feeling anxious & manage my thinking if a hiccup in my day/life occurs. It’s not something someone can solely teach you, you have to learn it yourself by creating your own evidence by completing the tasks. As I learnt this, I realised that anxiety is just a name for a feeling you create inside yourself by not getting perspective on whatever you are thinking about.
I really didn’t believe at the beginning of the course that I’d manage to reduce my LOC score down so low, but I did and when you achieve that, it’s proof to spur you on further to continue thinking the way you’re thinking.
Thank you so much for you’re help with the program, it was invaluable and I’m continuing to use the tools I’ve learnt every day. See you in September.
Many thanks (this is the first time I’ve written many thanks in an email & truly meant it!)
Jo x

The treatment has been amazing the changes were unthinkable at the start. I used to be unhappy, out of control, very angry and smash things, I lacked self-confidence.
Now I am very confident, more successful both in my career and what hobbies I take part in.
The treatment has helped beyond belief with everyday life. I am now less stressed and enjoy more of what I do i.e. work / personal life.

After years of heavy smoking and hospitalisation twice because of this, I knew I had to stop. I’d stopped smoking several times over the years; it had always been a very difficult thing to do. You name it, I’d tried it, patches, gum, inhalers, drugs; it was always a real struggle and I must have been horrible to be around! Usually tense, irritable and eating chocolate! Then I met Kate. A truly lovely person, she practises a special form of hypnotherapy which really works for things like smoking, losing weight and just about anything we suffer from and can’t seem to control. I visited Kate. I was able to stop and this was surprisingly easy. Better than this, though, I went on with Kate’s help to turn my life around, with the Thrive programme.
Really, I had given up hope of ever being happy. I didn’t understand why my life seemed so hard, why I suffered from so much anxiety, anger and feelings of powerlessness. I often felt overwhelmed by stress and spent long periods brooding about even the slightest criticism from anyone. I’m pleased to say things are now very different; in fact I am very different. I’ve discovered that the answer to all my problems lies within me and I am now enjoying life as never before. For me, now, misery is optional and I no longer have to suffer unnecessarily. I’ve learned how to be happy and it’s surprisingly easy.
I can’t recommend her highly enough, she has a special gift that can help anyone overcome their troubled lives and I believe anyone at all can benefit from her help.

Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to both the Thrive program and Claire herself. With the combination of reading and completing tasks from the book and going to weekly sessions with Claire, the positive change I felt within me occurred both quickly and strongly.
The treatment itself was recommend to be by Claire as I was first considering hypnotherapy. However as I wanted a more long term fix Thrive deemed as being more appropriate. The book itself was clearly laid out in a step by step manner, and it highlights all of the negative thinking styles possible and how to go about changing them and why they exist in the first place. This relatable technique was engaging as you can re-count to the thinking styles and recognise where you are going wrong. Also Claire was very encouraging, caring and made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning.
My program only took six weeks, but within them six weeks I felt a miraculous change within myself which helped all aspects of my life. It not only made me feel more confident and in control of life, I also found it reduced my stress levels and increased my self-esteem dramatically. After each session I felt recharged and excited about what I would be tackling each week instead of being fearful and anxious. My parents, friends and boyfriend have also seen a huge difference within me and have ordered their own copy of the book as they liked the changes they saw in me.
So far it has enabled me to see life in a completely different light. One of which is a much more positive one and it is allowing me to confront my previous fears head on with no problems what so ever from the onset. For example, I can now eat out in public fearlessly, sleep with the lights of confidently, tolerate loud noises like hovering or showering when I am home alone, speak in public with low levels of stress, not worry so much about what others think of me and so much more. Consequently, I can therefore say that I am actually ‘thriving’ and not just surviving.
Thank you so much for all your help,

I thought as soon as I walked out today I should of given you some sort of testimonial as I’ve found the whole experience really positive, hence why I have now sent 3 referalls through to you also. Please feel free to put ‘as a busy company owner trying to deal with bouts of what I would class as serious depression. It finally took its toll earlier this year.
My Doctor advised the usually medication and suggested that it would be better for me to be taking a small dose forever rather than constantly trying to give them up. Although incredibly low I could not bear to take the pills and after some online research called Jon.
After just one session I could see a small amount of light (enough to last another week anyway) and returned for weekly sessions to work through the Thrive programme. In Just three weeks I was not only free from depression but actively losing weight and feeling the best I had in as long as I can remember. I have since recommended other people to the programme and can honestly say my daily life’s not only easier but actually so much more enjoyable. I never realised I did not sleep through the night until I actually started sleeping through.I am often very sceptical about alternate therapies / treatments, however this was the best things Ive done with my life in years. Im now confident and happy.
Thanks again to Jon Froggatt and Rob Kelly

I enjoyed the fact that Stephen is easy to talk to and very encouraging. Stephen put everything into perspective and stressed nobody’s perfect.
I am looking a lot more positively on life and not getting annoyed even if I find myself getting embarrassed as it is only natural, I am concentrating more on achievements rather than my failures.
I enjoyed the simplicity of the treatment that I would just recommend Stephen to anyone who has similar problems. The treatment has fully changed my life.

Hi Diane,
I wanted to email you and let you know how I am getting on since my Thrive training finished with you.
I initially came to you because of my phobia of dogs. As a 24 year old that had never been in the same room as a dog without screaming and crying uncontrollably I decided it was time to change! I chose you because of the response you gave to my first email; you were kind and caring and the free initial consultation showed me you wanted to help people, not just make money from people (unlike some others I had emailed!)
Today, I have stroked a dog for the first time! I interviewed a customer (in my very small office at work) who bought her dog with her. I am so proud of myself for using the DREAM technique and understanding that I was causing the fear myself with my badly managed thinking. And most importantly, that thinking CAN be changed!
Previously diagnosed as an “IBS sufferer”, I have stopped taking my prescribed medication too. I have realised that by managing my thoughts well has stopped the incredible pain I used to suffer. This has almost completely disappeared so thank you.
In the last few weeks I have also done a few things that I would have previously worried and stressed about for months. I have been able to put things into perspective and make choices based on real events – not things I have worked up in my head.
Thank you for spending your time with me and helping me to realise that I CAN change my life and do ANYTHING I put my mind too!!

Hi Claire
I found the sessions challenging and thought provoking and ultimately an extremely uplifting experience.
I can now go into the shed and get the mower! My life has been enhanced by an increase in confidence, self esteem and a more positive outlook on life knowing that my life is under my control and anything is possible!
The Thrive program addressed many of the personal issues I had connected with low self esteem and a feeling of powerlessness. It helped me recognise that my unhelpful thinking styles were clouding my outlook on life.
Thank you so much again for all you did – I am so grateful. I am missing our sessions already!

Thanks for your help..I have improved beyond what i expected..Not had any anxiety since i last saw you and although i have had the occasional hot flush i have managed to ignore it and not let it develop into an episode.
I’d also like to say i appreciate your honest approach to the job you do and would recommend you to any one in a similar situation to mine
regards Dave

“I’ve just signed up for a big challenge for charity. A year ago I would not have had the confidence to even think I could do this. I’m in a much better place now with regard to my ‘thinking’ and I would like to pass on a big thank you for helping me reach this point” Ann

I realise now that for over 3 years I had been making myself depressed. I was taking anti-depressant medication and sleeping pills and I felt fluffy and foggy for a lot of the time.

Then my mum died and things just got worse. I went to work, came home and couldn’t wait to go to bed, just to get the day over with. I realised I was getting through life, not living it.
I needed help, that’s when I turned to Derek a Thrive Consultant. He was great, he explained The Thrive Programme to me and how he would help me to help myself, so I signed up.
After a couple of sessions I felt less helpless and I could feel I was getting control of my life back. I looked forward to and enjoyed the sessions, there were times though when I really had to challenge myself and face up to uncomfortable realities but is was the realisation that I was responsible for the way I thought and felt that was an important part of me making the changes.
After a while I stopped taking the sleeping tablets and had my first natural, real nights sleep in years. I completed the six sessions with Derek and shortly afterwards spoke to my GP about gradually coming off the anti-depressants as I felt I no longer needed them.
Now, one year down the line I am doing really well, I am drug free and looking into giving up my job and retraining, I have such a zest for life now. I do sometimes have a low moment but I remember what I have learnt and can soon turn it around.
At the moment I’m going through a sad period as my father is dying but because I have done Thrive I now have the knowledge and tools to know I will cope with this and come out the other side.
I have achieved a lot. Well done me!

I started my programme ‘Thrive’ with Rita in May 2012, at that time i was feeling as if i had ‘lost my way’ in life i am a wife, a mum of four ageing from 21 months to 18 years old, and i was in the middle of a very stagnent house move, Rita spook and showed me that everything around you has options its the way you think and react to them, one word that used to come up time and time again in our sessions was ‘can’t’ and over a reletively short time, the word was seldomly said, The programme requires you to be honest and sets challangies that seemed impossible, one of my issues and challengies was my 21 month old daughter i called her a hard, difficult child she was so different to my other three, Rita asked of me for one week to spend as much time with her as possible and not my husband doing it, even when she was difficult and calling out for dad, be patient and use the tools that Rita had taught me, I came away feeling scared and doubtful, I wouldnt say it was easy but i did it and that week proved to be the foundation of the bond my daughter and i had begun.
I am forever thankful to Rita and the Thrive program, the workbook that associates with the program sits pride of place at my bedside, its always a good read if im feeling a bit lost, and i know i will always have a friendly and positive voice at the end of the phone if at anytime i feel the need to call Rita.
Thankyou Rita for helping me find myself positively. xxx

I’ve got my life back!
I’ve suffered with a phobia for many years and has gradually got worse and worse as time has gone on. It got to the point where it was effecting my everyday life and it wasn’t enjoyable any more. I had already been for hypnotherapy but that hadn’t worked. I approached Ginny Foy of Fareham Hypnotherapy as a last resort as a review from a previous customer of hers had completely recovered from her phobia which was the same as mine.
I contacted Ginny in the summer of 2011 and had my first session. Ginny is a pleasure to be with and completely puts you at ease. When she told me I was going to study a book to get better I was a bit surprised but willing to try anything. She said at the beginning that she was fairly confident that I would only need 6 sessions and she was absolutely right. In a nutshell the book teaches you to look at yourself in a way you have never done before. You analyse every detail, thought process and patterns that you have previously taken in life. In order to change my phobia I had to change my thought process and re-train myself. Every session with Ginny was interesting and informative and I thoroughly enjoyed going through the book and doing the homework. The work really starts at the end of the course when you are confronted with situations where you would normally react and you have to re-train your thought processes and methods to ensure the outcome is how you want. I have now been doing this for several months. It is so easy to fall back into your old habits but by being assertive, strong and using the techniques given I have now experienced situations that I would have normally dreaded and actually enjoyed them, completely. Hooray! Not only did the course deal with my phobia but it has also made me a stronger person who believes they can do anything and be anything. I am more confident, happy in myself and looking forward to life and all it has to offer. I can not recommend Ginny enough and will always thank her for helping me take the necessary steps to a more happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Thank you Ginny.

“A nurse, suffering with emetophobia would sound like a joke! Not when you are the one living through it….Every single thing, and every comment, at home or work, was filtered through my emetophobic glasses. There seemed no way out… life was exhausting.
That was until I came across the Thrive programme , and tentatively made contact with Richard Parsons. What a fantastic decision I made !…
I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful and compassionate response, at a time when my self -esteem was low, leaving me feeling very vulnerable.
Usually I do not enjoy being in “the patient” role, but Richards’ relaxed cheerful style was more akin to chatting to a (very knowledgeable) friend in lovely comfortable surroundings. Our sessions combined insight into how to first understand and then manage my thinking style; with many random thoughts and questions from me.
I found it amazingly easy to talk to Richard, and will always remember his genuine concern, and desire to help his clients. The only way he could maintain this is because he truly loves his work.
I enjoyed every session, finding all the new information fascinating, and left every one motivated and enthusiastic, and smiling! (Yes… smiling whilst dealing with emetophobia!!). Before long I realised that I was challenging all areas of my life; and my internal locus of control and self- esteem were growing steadily.
Now, 3 months after meeting Richard I realise that “ this thing” of which I was so scared, does not actually exist, except in my thoughts; and as I now know how to manage my thinking…….. WOW!
I have been delaying writing this letter until I “KNOW” that I can cope, but have realised of course that that is just another limiting belief… so have decided not to delay!”
Wendy B

After 4 years of suffering with M.E. The Thrive Programme has given me the tools to totally change my perspective for the future and shown me how to take control of my life. I now start each day with a positive thought and end it fulfilled with the knowledge that I am another step closer to achieving my goals for a brighter future that is overflowing with great opportunities.
I completed the Thrive programme in 8 weeks and the changes in my belief system have greatly improved and now my new thinking process is having a positive impact on my health, I no longer have severe symptoms of muscle and joint pain, painful glands, palpitations, dizziness, IBS etc. I no longer wake several times during the night with night sweats and feeling fatigued in the morning. I no longer need to be chaperoned, I have now regained my full independence and I am in the process of starting my own business.
I left each session full of confidence my self-esteem continued to grow and within weeks I was driving again after 4 years! I truly believe that I have learned so much and will continue to learn from these sessions.
I would like to say a big thank you to my Thrive consultant Rita Smith who made me feel at ease from our first meeting and supported me throughout. Rita is full of energy, passionate about her work and will leave you empowered and ready to face the world. I am very pleased I have had the pleasure in meeting and being helped by her. I highly recommend the Thrive programm to anyone who is suffering with ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia.
Laura T – Harlow

Before going to see Alison, I was suffering from social anxiety and panic attacks. It got to the point in which, I rarely left the house and wouldn’t go into social situations. Missing out on all the things teenagers would do was hard; as well as missing tonnes of college. From the very first session with Alison, things started to get better and progress was made. Alison is a warm, friendly individual who is very easy to talk too.
With Alison’s’ help, guidance and support she gave me different techniques and methods to use to help deal with different social situations. Using the basis of black and white thinking and reflecting on situations where good
things have come out of it. At first, I didn’t think it’d benefit BUT when using the methods, things became a lot easier to deal with and now my perspective of situations has changed.
Going from being isolated and not attending college; I’m now studying sports massage therapy, a Kinesiology practitioner and gaining work experience with a UK professional cycling team in this area of work. I’m now never missing social situations and throwing myself into everything that I do. It’s all thanks to Alison, without her, I wouldn’t be
doing what I’m doing now. Thank you!

When Kate first mentioned the Thrive programme to me I did not think I was be a suitable candidate, I did not have a weight problem, I did not smoke or have any other habit I wanted to kick, I am pleased to say that I did not have any real phobias, Lucky me! So why would I need the programme?
Well I knew that I was not ‘thriving’. I was working extremely hard developing a new business; working all hours and trying to bring up a family who I hardly saw. My relationship with my husband was not good; we argued a lot; he naturally wanted me to be around more – he had to take on the household and became mum and dad to our girls. My relationships with friends and family had gone from very regular social gatherings to me not even finding the time to respond to a simple text. My moods were very erratic – I was good with clients and my staff (in the main) but when I was at home I was not great to be with – constantly snapping at my children and even though _____, my husband did everything, I failed to see the value in this and seemed to find fault with most things he did. I could not see that lack of sleep and constant worry was having a very negative effect on my behaviour and performance. I felt guilty about not being a good mum and for letting friends down. My head was filled with the fear of failure and I thought the only way to avoid this was to work work work. Over a period of about 3 years my stress levels were becoming unmanageable I could not really see it – I was fine – just busy!
During my first meeting with Kate we talked and she outlined the programme, – told me how with her help I would learn to listen to my thinking – to understand it and to start to be in more control. She said “don’t question it just do it, you will notice a difference within a week”. The Doubting Thomas in me thought yeah right! But I was keen to give it a go. I found Kate very easy to talk, she has a non judgemental manner and seemed to understand what I was going through. Her knowledge and confidence in the programme meant I trusted her too.
Over the next few weeks I discovered how controlling and negative and scared and stressed and anxious and obsessed and…… I’d become
By learning to listen to my thinking – I could see how damaging my thinking was, how limiting my doom /gloom and negative thoughts were. Within the first few weeks I had started to ‘hear’ myself and was learning how to change, I was able to recognise the positives and although it felt silly at first, I learned to pat myself on the back for my achievements, however small. I had stopped beating myself up all the time and thinking I was crap. Instead of thinking ‘that will never work’ or ‘I can’t do that’ and looking for the things that could go wrong or looking for reasons not to do something. I’d started seeing things in a more positive light and began believing that I could do anything I put my mind to. I cannot tell you how empowering this is J.
My time with Kate was incredible, genuinely life changing – I am emotional as I write this because I am so happy and so pleased that I am ‘better’ and feeling good again. It has changed everything – I still work hard, but I take time out, I am not scared to stop. and guess what? I get more done!
I can also recognise ____ input – he is amazing; I cannot believe how badly I treated him, I am ashamed of that, but I congratulate myself for putting a stop to it. Fortunately he still loves me and we are going forward as a couple and a family, our home is calm and its lovely.
I am thriving!!
Kate and I still catch up every 6 – 8 weeks or so – I never ever want to go back to that person. Our sessions are different now but they are reminders, they keep me on track. It is not a quick fix I am aware that I have to maintain the lessons and practice the exercises to avoid slipping back.

Helped cfs

I am in the process of working through this book with a qualified teacher of the programme. I find it has already helped me immensely to cope with the emotional stress associated with Cfs and i have already noticed my energy levels increased!

Thanks again!
I had to buy this having bought the Emetophobia version to to see what else was in it and take my changes further. A great read giving me a real understanding of me and what makes me tick. I can now say “No” without feeling guilty, and no longer feel like a doormat. Self esteem is through the roof and the dreaded social anxiety is for the most part sorted. I’m now pushing myself with new things and its great. Everyone should get this – even if you think everything is 100% OK. Once again – Thanks!
C. O. Bell

If you want to thrive this is the book for you
This is one of the most helpful books I have ever read, I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful book!

The Thrive Programme changed everything for me!
I would recommend this book to ANYONE who suffers from a phobia, from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, stress, hypochondria, and SO MANY OTHER things. It’s even been proven to be succesful with cancer patients and those suffering other debilitating illnesses! I implore you to give Thrive a try. It will change how you think, how you understand yourself, how you handle situations and how you behave. With Rob’s unique, non-patronising way of communicating with his readers, he makes you explore your mind, exercise your mind and establish a strong sense of self.
You can adapt the programme to anything in your mind/life you know is holding you back – from smoking to being overweight or lacking in confidence.

My son was suffering extreme social anxiety, blushing and total lack of self worth. All of which was heightened by his Exams and College interviews etc.
It was after a very bad family argument that all his feelings and worries were brought to my attention. He was thinking that no one cared or even liked him and felt that he was a complete waste of space. He also admitted that on occasions he would not sleep over worry and anxiety. This, in turn was making him tired and unable to cope with the Exam/College situations. I know after this evening that he needed help.
My son is a very caring, gentle person and very intelligent. He had already done many Exams early and is an A grade student. He has a loyal group of friends and family around him but still was always looking for approval and constantly avoided any confrontation, even to the point of not voicing his likes and dislikes in case of criticism. He would not ask friends to go out or to come round in case they rejected the invite. He would believe that they did not like him enough. Therefore, he would only see friends out of school when invited and would sometimes not go out for fear of embarrassment etc. His body language was really bad, always looking at the floor and would not talk/smile at anyone until they spoke first.
I have several family members that have under gone Hypnosis for different reasons, i.e. smoking etc and had read/heard via the media that it could be used to boost his confidence. I found Clare by her website and we went along for the free consultation with her.
It was at the free consultation that she gave us a copy of the Thrive book and we went away to talk through the options she gave us. We agreed that the Thrive book was very useful and started the sessions with her. I went to every session and was involved, so that I could help at home and understand his needs.
We had 6 – 7 sessions altogether, going through the book, each section was so easy to do yet it really made you change the way you think and even talk. With Clare’s help we could trace back to where my son first started to doubt came from. He remembered an incident that happened when he was 5 years old; playing in the front garden with his best mate some other boys from the estate started to pick on them and pushed his friend. He stood between them and his friend, them telling them to go away. They pushed him to the floor and kicked him, laughing as they walked away. Needless to say I did not know about this until the sessions and was very upset he never told me. He even remembers telling his friend not to tell me or his mother and feeling embarrassed that he let his friend down. He then went on to suffer bulling through School, not telling me or others on most occasions. He thought that it would make things worse and on each occasion believing all of which was said. Therefore, backing up all his self loathing.
It was after the second session that I started to notice the difference in him. Small things at first, his moods were lighter and he started to talk more openly to me. I made a point of reading the Thrive book with him and we did the questionnaires together. It made our relationship better, we began to understand each other and how different our characters are. He did all Clare asked of him and carried out tasks/challenges that seemed silly at the time but all worked. At the end of the course my son was a totally changed person, he walks with his head held high, starts conversations with friends, family and even complete strangers, organising events and even asked girls to dance at the Prom.
It has now been several months since our last session and he does have some low days, as we all do but he has trained his brain to work well in any situation. He still does his lists and he corrects any negative thoughts with positive. He still blushes but shrugs it off, laughing at himself with others if anything happens. He has now passed all Exams with great results, attends a College out of his area, therefore he does not know anyone else who attends but enjoys every day. He is making new friends and keeping in contact with old, going out and having a great time. He still challenges himself and finds that he can achieve most but does not worry over any that do not go well. He is now taking driving lessons, passed his Theory test first time and plans to pass the full test at the end of November. He likes himself and being with others, he believes that he is capable of anything he puts his mind to.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Clare for all her help and making this course so enjoyable, it never felt like hard work. My son and I have a great relationship and we have both learnt so much. The book Thrive is on the bookshelf in the lounge and is looked at by all family members. I believe that anyone who reads and puts in the effort required with this book will benefit immensely. Until reading Thrive you do not understand how important it is to train your thought patterns etc and that your quality of life will be so much better if you do.
Many thanks,
Mrs T

I have been suffering from bad nerves, panic and depression for as long as I can remember. I had my first panic attack way back in 1993 and it was all downhill from there. I managed to get a copy of Claire Weekes “More help for your nerves” and managed to partially recover although I still always felt that the monster was just over the horizon and could come back at anytime (It did occasionally)
Recently I had had a very stressfull time at work and had a panic attack during a meeting (how embarrasing) I was mortified and felt my career was in danger if I could not get myself under control. I also started having very very black days of depression. At this point I decided to seek help and managed to find Sarahs link on a website. I have to say I chose her because she had a very pretty faceand looked friendly.
I met Sarah and started on the thrive program. To be honest I have not looked back. It has been very hard for me as I have had over 20 years of habit forming and believing I am not in control and that has taken some time to shift but I feel SO much better during my day now. My depression has ended and so have my panic attacks. i still get a bit nervous soemtimes during a meeting but even this is getting much better. This is all down to Sarah and the Thrive program and i can’t thank her and Rob enough really. This is my little mantra. “Everyday in every way I make myself better and better” It works.
Give it a go you wont regret it.

I went through the program not really expecting too much but with lots of “hope”. I initially though if I didnt have high expectation then I wouldnt be dissapointed.
Since undergoing the program my outlook has changed. I can see now that I was the one limiting myself and putting negative stamps over most parts of my life and attitude. This has now stopped and I am so much more happier and confident. I no longer dwell on issues that dont need dwelling on and I dont waste my time and energy on issues or people that do not deserve it. I no longer “hope” and instead I now “achieve”.
Pat was calm and confident and really made me feel at ease throughout the sessions. She really knew how to pinpoint exactly how I was feeling and behaving and through the course of the program nutured me to be able to have the confidence to change my ways and give me a better undertsanding of how I could imporve my life.
Overall I am thrilled I went into the program and I would highly recommend it. I am happy for this review to be used for marketing purposes along with my name.
Clare Marx

Firstly I want to thank you for taking me through THRIVE. It wasn’t easy but, with your help, I got through it and have become a much different person. The main point being that I AM IN CONTROL of my life. I am calmer, can control my thought processes and recognise when there is a blip looming. My migraines have halved and I feel very much better in myself. This seems to have had a knock on affect on my brother as he is coping with his illness in a much more controlled way. Because I understand so much more now, I am able to advise him.
Pat K.

Following the ‘Thrive’ programme with Patrick Molloy was the best thing that I could have done. I started the programme feeling unhappy and not in control of my life. It is amazing how our thinking styles and thoughts can effect our lives so dramatically. Although I know ultimately I am the one that has put in the hard work and made the changes I would not have been as successful without Patrick assisting me and helping me to open my eyes and take control and make life changes. I have a more positive outlook on life, more self-belief and a much higher self-esteem. I have recommended Patrick to several friends and I really hope they do the programme. If you are reading this and feeling the same way then you should contact Patrick and start the programme. I want to thank Patrick for his support and guidance.
Miss B.M

Life changing
I had emetophobia for over 20 years, a phobia that developed when I was about 6 years old. Anyone who knows anything about emetophobia will know that it effects every single aspect of your life and is extremely debilitating. My beliefs, coping mechanisms and behaviour had been repeated every day for 20 years and within one month all of this changed.
I decided to work through the book with a therapist and I found this very useful – if you have a therapist in your area who specialises in CLB I would highly recomend it.
This book changed my life.
Kirsty R

“I’ve never been so grateful for the existence of a programme which genuinely is so different and helpful over therapies such as CBT.
A major example of my problems included feeling depressed on a regular basis and using alcohol and destructive behaviours as a way to mask these feelings. I was often told to just stop drinking and to stop engaging in certain behaviours, despite having never really been told how. It constantly made me feel like I was helpless, and began to believe that I should accept that this is me, my personality, and theres no point trying to change my ways.
Thrive is an actively engaging programme which… really does change the way you react, think and feel about almost everything in life. It has truly made me realise that life is actually pretty simple, and what happened to me in the past is the past, and by simply re-gaining control of my thoughts and therefore actions, I am the happiest I could have ever imagined. Thrive truly saved me, and nothing I can say can explain the depth and extent to which it did so, but all I know is that those feelings of sadness and helplessness are a genuine distant memory and Ive never felt so in control of all my emotions.
Even if theres someone out there with minor confidence issues, giving up addictions, or weight-loss, theres nothing I would recommend more than this programme. It lasts forever, because you don’t just leave the programme with a list of techniques and ideas, you leave a changed you.”

After seeing Patrick and going through the Thrive Programme with him, I have seen a massive improvement in my emetophobia and constant obsessing about sickness. I know that I’ve still got to keep working at this but Thrive has given me the tools to be able to do this

Mrs H.W.

3 years fatigue cured in 24 hours
Purchased by husband on Amazon after searching for books on Post Viral Fatigue and then sorting by best review. He had no expectation of success on purchasing but felt he had exhausted all other options. Over 3 years of post viral fatigue symtoms cured completely once he had worked through this book doing 1 chapter per day. It explained everything he needed to know about how his mind worked, what was causing the problem and most importantly what to do to fix it. Results were immediate after even the first session and he hasn’t looked back in 6 weeks nor does he have any concerns that he will.

I am fourteen years old and I have lived with emetophobia since I was five. After nine years of a variety of therapies and other people trying to convince me that there was nothing to be afraid of, I finally found something that taught me that I had the power within me to overcome my fears. I started Thrive four months ago after a three week period of out of control anxiety, centered around the fear of vomiting, that left me unable to go to school, sleep, eat, or function in any rational way. After doing ONE session of Thrive, I realized that I had the ability to change and control the thoughts that were in my head, so I could live a life without fear. Instead of relying on other people to tell me that I am ok, all I do is remember what I learned from Thrive, and I am ok. Things aren’t always 100% perfect, but I always have something to rely on to comfort me and it comes from within now. Now, I’ve done about ten sessions of Thrive and am living a happy/healthy life!

“I came to Clare looking for support in managing an increasingly debilitating fear of driving onto slip roads, which made me feel inadequate and foolish. I think I was expecting to be told of some pre- existing fear linked to a bad driving experience which would bring about a ‘light bulb’ moment after which I would be ‘cured’.
I was not expecting at this point for this process to become life changing!
Clare has supported me in recognising the roots and triggers of my anxiety about driving, which has enabled me to deal with feeling uncomfortable, but doing it anyway, safe in the knowledge that it is ME that makes me feel uncomfortable and ME that can sort it out!
This journey has been about so much more than driving- and has been so much more far reaching than just helping me to drive with more confidence. This journey has been empowering and life changing. I feel more in control in social situations and at work and I know that my choices will dictate what happens next.
The Thrive programme is perfect for those of us who know that we carry ‘baggage’ that may have affected the choices we have made in the past, but are ready to move forward, acknowledging what has happened and then moving on with confidence and conviction.
Thank you Clare, not for what you have done for me, but for what you have enabled me to do for myself.”
JS, Sudbury

Patrick helped me enormously at a point of low self esteem and severe lack of confidence in both my work and social life. He was courteous, patient and did what was most important. listened, questioned and guided. I am back to my old self but noticeably stronger and more assertive in business. I can thoroughly recommend Patrick as a man who really does care about his clients.
Mr A.M.

I have recently benefited from the Thrive programme sessions with Kate.
These have enabled me to develop a greater self awareness and understanding
of my own thinking styles. Reflecting on these has given me the mindset and resources to confront the negatives and develop more positive approaches. I have been experiencing a number of life changes and personal and work related challenges. The constructive questioning and supportive conversations with Kate have played a large part in enabling me to steer a path through these and to feel that I am coming out on top with greater self esteem. There have been many times when in the past I would have spent time dwelling on those things not done and the difficulties to face. Instead I have counted the successes. I have also found that I am taking more pleasure in day to day activities by seeing them as pleasures to be enjoyed and celebrated. I am pleased that I now have these tools to help me to make most of life and would like to share them with others.
Karen C

I went to see Clare because I thought I needed Hypnoband treatment. I didn’t. I needed a whole new way of thinking in respect of why I was struggling with weight loss, followed by weight gain.
Clare lead me through the Thrive program, challenging me and my ways of thinking. What became clear very quickly was that my weight gain was attributable to events that I believed were out of my control. The Thrive programme re-educated me to get these events back under my control.
The result ? – One stone lost in the first two months, a much decreased stress level and a plan of action incorporating many small but measurable things, together with some bigger targets that are challenging, but will be achieved !
I would recommend the Thrive programme to anyone who says they can’t do something. Change your thinking and you can !

The sessions have been hugely informative and enlightening. Very simple concepts explained clearly and meaningfully. I enjoyed the theory – the study and thinking behind why we are the way we are.
I am now in control of my compulsive eating habit. It is easy an actually pleasurable to decide not to eat the snacks, cakes etc. I feel more confident too, and actually much happier generally. It has changed how I treat and speak to my children and colleagues.

Having not felt myself after a virus and a long period of coping with a stressful situation, I then started to develop horrifying thoughts, which quickly flooded my mind to the point where I couldn’t sleep, socialise or work. Worried I was developing a serious mental illness and felt I could lose control at anytime, I contacted Alison, as I needed help urgently. The alternative was months off work waiting to see an NHS therapist. Assured I wasn’t losing my mind, Alison recommended the ‘Thrive’ programme and diagnosed anxiety along with obsessional thoughts.
Alison is very calm, non-judgemental and an excellent communicator. Within a couple of weeks, Alison had helped me to use the techniques in the book to divert my thoughts/unhelpful thinking styles and concentrate on positive achievements/thoughts, in turn lowering my anxiety. This gave me the confidence to go back to work very quickly and take control of my life.
I am absolutely thrilled with the speed of my recovery and although I still have the odd wobble, I am able to deal with these effectively and quickly and am now living a full, healthy and happy life.
I am also using the techniques learnt in other areas of my life to good effect, improving my all round confidence.

I found the experience amazingly helpful, I found out a so much about myself that I never quite understood before. The main thing I have learned is how to manage my thinking. My self-esteem was at around 10% when I first went to see Kate, now it is at around 70% and always improving. I feel like I can do anything I want in life now. I highly recommend the Thrive programme to anybody who is considering it. You won’t regret it!
Shane J

“I feel like i have been on a journey with this and you have been brilliant. I now feel more confident and can understand why I felt so negative about lots of my life. I am 50 this year and I feel like I am on the threshold of life!!! No more negative thoughts for me. I now look and observe people in a different way and I feel more pragmatic about my life. This has given me my life back.”

When I began the thrive programme I was experiencing many difficulties at home and was in a continual cycle of feeling low, not achieving any goals and feeling deeply frustrated with my life. The stress and frustration had manifested in physical symptoms of insomnia and bouts of crying and feeling desperately out of control. I can now say, hand on heart, that the thrive programme has given me the tools to lift myself out of that cycle – i have regained a self confidence i had forgotten existed and learnt so much about myself which has given me a new awareness and strength to sort out any situations i feel out of control of . I highly recommend Clare and the programme – she is enthusiastic about her work and extremely competent and has helped me help myself to get back to feeling positive and happy about my world. i can whole heartedly recommend the programme.
We are all taught how to have healthy bodies but no one has ever educated us how to keep our minds healthy so step out of your comfort zone and take your first step to feeling good and sign up!
Mrs W

Doing the Thrive programme with Alison has been an eye opening experience. It was only once we began working through the book Thrive that I realised just how negative towards myself I could be, and what a detrimental impact this was having on my self esteem and confidence. In just a few short weeks, I have gone from dreading any kind of social activities to embracing them and enjoying them with open arms. Whilst flying has never really bothered me, I have always disliked busy airports, but having been skiing recently I can now say that they truly no longer bother me. It is also such a relief to no longer be afraid to go to the local supermarket for the food shop. Before meeting Alison I hadn’t set foot in a large supermarket for a couple of months as the bright lights, noises and sheer amount of people and produce was overload for my brain and I couldn’t deal with it all. Now, I don’t even think twice about going into a supermarket to get my food, and I no longer notice the bright lights and hundreds of items available for purchasing. I hope that other people with fears, phobias and anxieties would think about doing the Thrive programme because it was truly changed my life.
Suzanne Phipps

Dear Rita,
As you will remember when I first came to you, I was struggling with many aspects of my life. In my view, at that point, “Everything happened to me”. I was very stressed and most certainly not taking control of the events in my life. My husband has a progressive illness, was in hospital for assessment, and it had been agreed by all concerned that a Care Home was best for him; my guilt over that decision was overwhelming.
On the first visit, I sat in your chair and started to relax as we talked about my issues, my thinking and me. You told me how you could facilitate my thinking to change how I approached life. You then produced a copy of Thrive and you assured me that by working through the programme, I would begin to see things differently. How right you were!
You gave me a copy of the book, and as soon as I got home, I was reading the first part because I was so desperate to alter my thinking. Building week by week, I felt my whole attitude changing. When I started I had very low self-esteem and little confidence; I believed that I couldn’t change anything! But “Oh yes I can!”
I have developed a positive approach to life, unless I choose otherwise (we all like a wallow sometimes!). I don’t have the limiting beliefs that I was taught as a child or learnt throughout my life – I will try anything now, and if I don’t succeed will adjust my thinking. I accept that I control my destiny, and can make the choices that I aspire to.
Things that happen in my life are not always of my choosing, such as my husband’s illness. I do however have control over how I think about it. I overcame my guilt and could see that it was my decision for him to be cared for in a lovely local care home. I was very insistent as to which home I wanted for him. He is happy with my choices and so am I. By taking control of that situation, I can cope with it all.
I can’t find words sufficient to thank you Rita for the support and guidance that you have given to me to sort my life out. Sometimes I hit a barrier and think what would Rita say, and follow that thought. I also keep my Thrive workbook close at hand to re-read parts as necessary.
Kindest regards,
Jan x

“Excellent as a first port of call for life change”
“This workbook is extremely well written and the content easily accessible to anyone who wants to make changes in their life whether small or indeed life-changing. The way it is set out is easy to follow and enables the reader to embark on a journey to change themselves from their core. I wasn’t 100% convinced it could work for me upon purchasing it but, as it was recommended to me, I knew it had to have value for me so I gave it a go. It has certainly enabled me to embark on a path fuelled by positive thinking rather than negative and the excercises are invaluable in allowing you to take stock of yourself and your achievements. It gives you permission to give yourself a pat on the back for what you have already achieved in your life with a view to building on that platform and taking your life forward to where you want it to go. I would definitely recommend this workbook to anyone who wishes to change their life in any way, big or small. Go for it (especially the sceptics!)- challenge yourself to take your life forward with a little helping hand!!!”
Claire Mendonca

 It was good to have someone to talk to who understood me and could help me improve my situation. I am now free to enjoy activities without fear or anxiety stopping me. I enjoyed every minute, it’s been worth every penny. Thank you so much Claire!

The programme is absolutely tremendous….
The programme has help me with confidence, stress and relationship issues. Just after two sessions I noticed massive changes in me, in seeing positives in so much more and realising that I am in control of my life – which benefits confidence, esteem and mannerisms. I use the DREAM and SMART techniques on a daily basis, and I have recommended this programme to several people, and even to the local college where I work to help learners benefit in their education. This is a superb approach and I would just like to say a big thank you for helping change my life.

Rob Kelly’s THRIVE technique is brilliant. I am a musician and creative arts therapist working in private practice with children with autism and other special needs. I went to see Rob in February this year, feeling very anxious and depressed and in a lot of physical pain.  I had convinced myself (and my doctor) that another course of anti-depressants was all that was between me and total break down. Rob listened calmly to my string of woes, told me I didn’t need anti-depressants but that I just needed to manage my thinking better.  He showed me how I had a high external locus of control (scoring 11/30), and linked this to my appalling scores for self esteem (13/20) and my high social anxiety (14/20). After one session, I ditched the pills and started working through the THRIVE manual. Within a month I found myself agreeing to give a talk on autism at Rob’s annual IAPH conference and accepting an invitation to Estonia to co present two autism training days and give a talk about my work at the North Eastern Estonian Autism Society annual conference.  (I was very anxious about public speaking and hated flying!) Both events were highly successful and great fun.  I even found myself reassuring a nervous passenger on the plane and was the first person on the dance floor at Rob’s conference! I have lowered my THRIVE scores to  5  for Locus of Control, 4 for Social anxiety and 3 for Self Esteem and I am no longer crippled by the fear of long term pain or anxiety about the future. I am currently training as a THRIVE consultant and have been encouraging all my friends to read the book. One of my ambitions is to develop ways of enabling children with special needs to access the THRIVE techniques.
Koren Wilmer May 2012.

I now enjoy life which I don’t think I did before. I can appreciate what I have and what I can do. I’m no longer desperate. I’m so grateful for being empowered. It’s all so simple really if you’ve got someone to show you the way. Thank you Claire.

A small start to a brighter future…
I was always interested in the power of the mind and positive thinking, I have read many books on the topic and thought I had it down, until I discovered Thrive…
I read the book in full before I decided to work through it again with one of the fantastic consultants Ginny. Ginny helped me to see that despite my understanding of each chapter, I had to apply it to myself before I could really see any life changing differences.
The biggest lesson to face was that all my ‘problems’ were caused by me, and not anyone else. We live in a culture where it is very easy to blame external sources for our issues, but once I had learned that I was the cause, I realised that I could also be the cure.
I now believe that any issue no matter how big or small, can be broken down and completely resolved. I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking to gain a complete understanding of how their mind works. How little habits you didn’t even realise you had can dramatically effect the way you view your life and how powerful you can feel when you recognise them and begin to change them for the better.
I would like to say a big thank you to Ginny for helping me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and to a wonderful friend for recommending the book to me.
You have absolutely nothing to lose by purchasing this book, so why not help yourself change your life for the better?

This treatment has been fantastic. I didn’t believe it at first as I was constantly worrying and anxiety was getting me down. Now I am not longer doing anxiety!
I loved coming on a Monday to see Claire, I felt relaxed with her. On my first session I felt different after leaving the room. I felt ‘normal’ within myself. I have learnt how to manage my thinking and to cope with situations better.
Would definitely recommend Claire to a friend or to anyone who is suffering and letting anxiety take over their life, put a stop to it now and go to see Claire, worth the money all day long.

The funeral yesterday was lovely and my reading went incredibly well. Having previously broken out in cold sweats with a pounding heart just at the thought of public speaking, yesterday I wasn’t in the least bit nervous before or during the reading and, shock horror, I actually enjoyed it!

I am 33 years old and recently visited Melanie to take part in the Thrive programme. For a number of years I had struggled with stress due to juggling a high pressure job in London, a young family and the loss of my mother. These pressures left me feeling exhausted, anxious and low in confidence. Over a 5 week period  I worked through the thrive programme with Melanie on a weekly basis. I can safely say it was amazing and after just one session I could already see the benefits and felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. The thrive programme really makes you realise the unhelpful thinking styles that we all have and that dictate the way we think and feel. Melanie made me realise the negative thinking styles that I had and over the following weeks I learnt how to stop them and replace them with a more positive and helpful thought process. The beauty of the thrive programme really is that deep down it is so simple. The main thing is to learn about ourselves and how we feel and think. Once we know this, it is easy to change the negative points to positives. I learnt that the way I was feeling was being created by myself and was not simply something that happens beyond our control. I now feel completely in control of my life which has got rid of my anxieties and raised my self-esteem and confidence. My working and family life has benefited no end from the thrive programme and I would recommend it to anyone.

Fundamentally life changing
I had severe social phobia since I was 11 up until 6 months ago when I bought ‘Thrive’ (I am now 36.) This manifested itself as intense and unprovoked blushing, crippling self doubt and an absolute fear of school and being amongst my peers. I would cry everyday going to school up until the age of 18 and would have constant anxiety and palpitations and I really don’t exaggerate when i say I felt traumatised just living everyday.
This continued though university where I would only socialise if I could be drunk or the venue was dark so no one would notice me. Over the years I have seen maybe a dozen different councillors, therapists, hypnotherapists, Chinese herbalists and have been prescribed everything from Beta blockers to anti depressants and I’ve also read A LOT of self help books. Nothing worked although things got moderately better once my working life began and I was exposed to more situations. But when I say ‘moderately’ I mean instead of my fear being 10/10 it was maybe 9.5/10.
I had resigned myself to feeling that this was my lot in life as by now my brain had been so hard wired into thinking certain ways that no therapist was ever going to ‘reach me.’ But every now and again in the vague hope of finding a solution I’d search online for any books, CDs or courses that would be my miracle cure. So one night about 6 months ago I typed ‘best book for anxiety’ into Amazon and ‘Thrive’ came up with an almost 100% 5* rating. I was very sceptical and thought the reviews must have been written by Rob Kelly’s friends or current clients. But then I thought ‘but where are all the bad reviews too?’ If this book wasn’t all it was cracked up to be then there would be just as many bad reviews.
So I decided to buy it and it has changed the course of my life. I realised the most fundamental thing was that in all my years of therapy I was searching for someone to ‘fix’ me but this book teaches you to fix yourself. I was utterly convinced that my brain was somehow abnormal and wired incorrectly and I needed specialist treatment or medicine. But I realised with ‘Thrive’ you have to be READY to do the work YOURSELF.
Again, if someone had said there was a book with little work sheets to do and self affirmation exercises I’d have said ‘I’ve done it all before and it’s not going to work.’ But there is something deeply powerful about this book as it presents the most fundamental steps to dealing with your problems. It’s like being re-built and re-educated into thinking positively and I assure you it works. You have to really want it and do all the exercises and I am still astonished to this day at how your mind can be rewired into thinking rationally.
I now am so much happier and grateful for everything I have and feel much more confident. I can’t remember the last time I blushed for no reason and before this I blushed several times a day EVERY day. Don’t get me wrong I still have a way to go as I still have self doubts but I know now how to recognise them and turn them around. There is no hocus pocus in this book and no psycho babble, just simple undeniable advice.
I can’t recommend this book enough. Don’t buy it and think just reading it will solve your problems, you have to do the exercises and really want to change and put the effort in but if you do the benefits are enormous.

Hi Claire,
I don’t know if you remember me, I saw you around autumn-time last year, you suggested I would benefit from doing the ‘thrive’ programme, which I did for six weeks.
Thought I’d drop you a line to tell you how I’m getting on. Well, good news! I’ve got myself a full-time permanent job. At one time I wouldn’t have even considered applying as would have considered it too challenging and beyond my capability! – Had to do 3 practical exercises, 15 mins for each (setting up a device, observation test and a role play) followed by a ten minute presentation and finally the interview itself.
I wanted to say thanks for your help, it has really helped, I have more belief in myself, my confidence is amazingly higher, I’m no longer anxious and am generally more focused and more determined. I am finally living and enjoying life again
Thanks, Dave

“I went to see Pat in January 2013. For my whole life, or certainly as long as I can remember I have had an intense fear of blood tests, injections and anything remotely related. I would work myself up into such a panic that I would actually faint during the procedure. This would cause me the utmost embarrassment and I would do whatever I could to avoid having any injections, even to my own detriment. I then found out that I was pregnant and realised that something had to change. I could no longer avoid these things and realised I would have to face them head on.
I found Pat’s details on a website and thought I would give it a go. I remember my first appointment, and I must admit I was sceptical as to how this thing that had encompassed my whole life could be solved so easily and by ME! I then started the THRIVE programme and with Pat’s support and encouragement within a few weeks I began to feel like a different person. This may sound like a Cliche but believe me its true.
This programme has helped me with so many areas in my life, even things that I didn’t realise were causing me issue. My self-esteem and general well being is now so much higher than it was and I feel able to cope with any challenge set me in a positive way. I have now had 2 blood tests and an injection since I finished THRIVE – The proof was in the pudding – I didn’t faint, in fact I don’t even use that word anymore! Today, when the nurse had finished I actually remarked “IS THAT IT.” 3 months ago it would have been a very different story.
I would recommend THRIVE to anyone and I think everyone should read it. It has changed my whole belief system, I am now the confident person I always wanted to me. This is all thanks to Pat and the programme. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have stumbled across Pat’s website.”

I am feeling brilliant. The CLB course has really helped in all aspects of my life; work, study, relationships and socialising. Something has just shifted and I feel back in control of my life and my own happiness once again. I don’t feel overwhelmed by work or stressed after a disaster date. I feel confident and happy. I have cut down drinking, am eating healthily, have quit smoking and am working at improving my finances. I would recommend the CLB  course to anyone with issues of self-esteem or low control. Anyone who is feeling depressed or just a bit lost. It was life changing.

It was great to run through all of the issues that were affecting my well being. Mostly it was nice to speak with someone who was so positive and encouraging.
I was suffering at the time with constant headaches, brought on by stress, which affected my ability to function in my work effectively as well as impacting on my personal life. Working through the Thrive Programme with Claire has helped enormously, allowing me and my brain to manage everything, but mostly I am much happier and have no limit on how happy I can be – and no headaches!
As with most things I was a little unsure at the first session, though that was likely because of the negativity within my own head. So glad I went on with the total program as it really has changed my whole focus and developed a very positive vibe that I know will stay with me.
Thank you Claire x

Want to make some changes in your life but not sure where to start, what to do or how to do it? Then buy this book, it guides you through showing you how to feel powerful and how to make these changes for yourself, how to overcome high social anxiety and low self esteem. You’ll probably find this book will help you to sort out a few other issues along the way that you didn’t even think about – it short this book WILL help you to change your life!

“The book was very easy to read and made sense, the theories put forward were backed up with lots of evidence and examples which makes them easy to accept. I quickly saw improvements and these had a compound effect, I am looking forward to going through the book again to see what else it has to offer. There are very simple to learn, easy to remember, life changing tips in the programme. I realise now that it is all me. I wasn’t sure I would like Danny, we are very different personalities, wasn’t sure if I would like the programme. I did.”

The Thrive programme has been excellent. It has empowered me to be far more aware of my thinking styles and personality type. Through this self awareness, I feel I have grown emotionally and do not allow myself to fall into any potholes!!! The fact that my head is no longer full of negative, disempowering thoughts, my memory has improved hugely, which is simply brilliant. The techniques provided during Thrive are so simple yet so very very effective. Derek was a pleasure to work with, and whilst challenging your thoughts etc is quite professional and witty, putting you at ease to work through any blocking issues. Thank you.

A truly insightful book that helped me to do what years of counselling and numerous other self-help books couldn’t. The Thrive workbook helped me gain perspective and take control of my life. I no longer suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem because I finally have self-insight and have overcome my limiting beliefs. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to solve their problems. Thrive gives you everything you need to know to change your life for the better!

“Hi Richard,
I hope you are keeping well. Just brief and exciting news to share with you. I have used my Internal Locus of Control and very pleased to confirm all my hard work regarding my Payroll course, has finally paid off and you can see the attachment as evidence. My confidence and self-esteem has rocketed but I always believed that I could pass, but have gone one-better.
Thank YOU very much for the help you have given me, during the latter-half of 2011…….”
Client Email September 2012

I found my sessions very interesting and insightful. I enjoyed the examples Claire gave such as chevreuls pendulum. I always left my sessions feeling revived and positive.
The sessions have made a huge difference to my life. I now feel less anxious, less stressed and less plagued by negative, unwanted thoughts. On starting the course I realised I had scored very highly 24/30 on the locus of control quiz and very highly on low self esteem, social anxiety and all of the thinking styles.
Because I now recognise this, I am able to change my thinking and stop myself from brooding about things I have no control over and that are unhelpful for me to brood about. I now feel much happier, less anxious and stressed and more relaxed about life in general.
The course helped me with my obsessive symptoms that I realised I was just doing for control, to try and control how I was thinking and what I thought would happen in the future. I have now stopped these OCD symptoms (counting, touching things x 3) because I understand why I was doing it and that doing it now has no effect on my day. I thought it would be difficult to stop this but it took just a few days when I understood my thinking.

Worth every penny – and so much more
I was referred to a Thrive consultant (and I highly advise working through this book with one – available on the Thrive website) about five weeks ago when I was facing the physical symptom of finding it difficult to go to the bathroom in public. I had tried various hypnotherapists and other techniques but nothing comes close to what this book delivers.
In a very clear and step by step manner it clearly illustrates how virtually any symptom you can think of – from obesity to ME to every day colds – is a result of poorly managed thinking. It then goes on to illustrate how to break down and re build these thought systems in a powerful and simple manner I haven’t heard of in 5 years of practicing and teaching yoga and Eastern philosophy!
In little over five weeks I am more in control of my life than ever before (well, more aware of it!), in a constant state of happiness and literally THRIVING – not just surviving. My physical symptom is crumbling before my very eyes and I am confident it will be gone in weeks.
With the book and consultant I ended up paying a couple of hundred pounds. If I knew how I would feel now, I would have paid a couple of thousand.
If there’s an obstacle in your path, you’re feeling ‘just not right’ etc…. If you want to really sort your life out and get on with living the one life you have in this incredible world…
Buy this book. Now.
“Yogi Nick”

Dearest Cara,
I really don’t know how to say thank you enough, you have changed my life completely! I know what you would say, and that is that it was me that did that! Yes you are right, but without your kindness, complete understanding and amazing knowledge of what you do, i could never have come so far! I came to you for my emetophobia, due to a recommendation from a friend of a friend, and the fact that you had treated a lot of emetophobes! I have to say i was very sceptical to start, as everywhere i looked on the subject said there was no cure, i now know that is rubbish and believe i am cured!!!  Not only did you help with that,but also with my low self-esteem and social anxiety, of which i didn’t realise were so bad, or how long they have been with me. I really wish i could have met you sooner, so i wouldn’t have missed out so much in life. But i can tell you what,there is no stopping me now. I know now that the only person in life holding me back is me! But not anymore. I know there will be challenges in life , but you have taught me the tools to deal with these and those tools and beliefs shall stay with me forever. My relationship with my children is now amazing, due to me being less stressed, less anxious and having so much more fun in life!! All my friends want to know what i am taking, as they have seen such a dramatic change in me, they certainly don’t believe me when i say its just me enjoying life!! I came to you a total wreck, ready to leave my kids because i couldn’t cope with the constant obsessing about sick, thinking about it 100 or more times a day, now i probably only think about 1 or 2 times a day, and cant get enough of my children and enriching their life with all those things that kids should be doing, which i stopped due to my phobia. I cant recommend you enough to people, i think Cara Ostryn should be  on the national health and it be available to everyone!!!! This whole process has made me think about my future … but now i have been through   ‘changing limiting beliefs’ and totally believe in this, i would like to do the same, i want to be able to help people in the same way i have. If i could help just one person in the same way it would be worth while! I would just liketo say again THANK YOU, you have changed my life!!!
Maggie, 32, treated for emetophobia

Amazing, life changing!
If you have any issues what so ever or if you just want to help or understand other people this is the book. I have alopecia and not only did this book change my life and my way of thinking it also made me feel better physically. My hair even started to return. Life’s too short and no one has ever taught us how to think and how to manage our thougts until now:) I can’t reccomend this book enough.


This book empowered me!!!!
I used this book in conjunction with going to see a Thrive specialist. I worked through the chapters on a weekly basis and by chapter 4, it really started to sink in. I now feel more confident and can understand why I felt so negative about lots of my life. I am 50 this year and I feel like I am on the threshold of life!!! No more negative thoughts for me. I now look and observe people in a different way and I feel more pragmatic about my life. THis book has given me my life back. Thank you Rob Kelly.
Tracey Northwest London

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. I went to a Thrive Consultant as I felt just a bit down but couldn’t figure out why as I’m normally quite a positive person. This book is really very helpful and has changed the way I approach life and made me feel so damn happy. Sometimes I find myself just smiling away to myself now which I would never have done previously. It encourages an internal locus of control so you realise that you create your own problems by thinking too much in a negative way and not allowing yourself to use your imagination in a nice way. I feel so relieved. I was such a b*tch to myself before I read this book! (& thought it was coz of everyone else!) I thoroughly recommend reading this book but do go see a Thrive Consultant too as without mine I wouldn’t have seen which bits I should prioritise to get the best improvement in my mood. I wouldn’t have seen the whole picture. I’m so shocked my self-esteem is so influenced by me and is now so high after being so horribly low before! Do get this book – I’ve studied Psychology and finally there is an approach that makes sense. What a relief from my own (self-made) pointless sadness! Be nice to yourself (using this book) and it will make you feel much much better.

This works! I overcame depression in 2 weeks by using this and seeing Rob, The book covers a wide range of issues, but all of it is really useful and helpful stuff. Very easy to use.
Jonathan Evans

Fantastic – Life Changing Book
I have just completed the Thrive book. I had suffered from depression, social anxiety and low self esteem for ever! And had read so many self help books, had acupuncture, CBT, counselling, medication etc etc, but none of them really helped long term. The Thrive book has totally changed my way of thinking. It is so simple when you know how! For the first time in my life I am actually Living!..

Using the Rob Kelly technique, within three weeks I had changed my thinking and my well-being noticeably improved. When I first came to Beaula for help I had found coping with stress, worry and disappointment pretty intolerable. At that time I felt extremely depressed and lost in life. I have now literally walked away from those suicidal feelings and become someone who enjoys the company of others, can plan properly for the future and I feel comfortable in my own skin.  I could never have achieved this without Beaula’s help and fully recommend this form of therapy.
Thanks Beaula!

I have been suffering with OCD and low self-esteem since my teenage years, due to severe bullying spanning over 6 years. I am 31 years old now, recently in a relationship and wanted to gain my confidence back again. I have had CBT at Bedford Hospital for about 2 months but was still having trouble with certain aspects of low confidence so i thought what or who else could help me. I did some research online and found Greg Coyne – the Bedford Hypnotherapist. I booked a session with him to see if and how he could help me, he suggested ‘ Changing Belief Systems’ which is a form of therapy he uses. I then went on to book 4 more sessions with him and found the sessions very helpful and easy to understand. During the sessions he gave me techniques and tools to use, to help me when i am at work, home or out socially. I started using these techniques after the first session and within 2 weeks my family and i had started to notice that i was gaining more confidence within myself and i was feeling more positive the future. I have now finished my sessions with Greg and i feel my confidence levels have increased by 100% and my self esteem is much higher. I would reccommend Greg Coyne and the therapy he teaches to other people who are suffering with confidence and self-esteem issues.

Having experienced almost persistent insomnia over nearly forty years and failing to respond positively to six widely varying types of intervention, I read Rob Kelly’s website with interest. Following initial contact, I had five sessions with Rob. Before and throughout these sessions, I used his book ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’. It is set out clearly, whether text (I appreciated the occasional humour), quiz or diagram and its content was a great contributor in changing my limiting beliefs. As a result, I now sleep soundly – a new experience and one to cherish. In addition, my social confidence and self-belief have improved beyond measure. So, thank you Rob for your help, you perception and, of course, ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’.

“Hi Andrew,  I have recommended this to some of my friends.  Its now nearly three month since my first session and its going well. I have lost nearly 3 Stone and its been really easy. I am mainly sticking to the three small meals and very rarely eat anything outside these. The amazing thing is I don’t feel hungry and even when going out for dinner or on holiday recently and faced with three courses I followed the guidance and only had a little from each course or missed a course out and stopped when full. When I put out meals and see my small plate next to my husband’s large plate think there’s no way I could eat whats on his plate – it looks huge – and before the sessions I would have polished it off no bother. Many thanks for your help in getting me on the right path and changing my approach to food. Kind Regards Heather”  (November 2011)

“The only thing you need to buy to change your life…”
“I had suffered with Anxiety / Panic attacks/ Social situations for a very long time, as such IT was starting to control my life in a bad way…. I was introduced to one of Rob Kelly’s therapists (Richard Brent), who gave me this book to read and work through it with him, and in 5-6 sessions I was fixed!!! I really enjoyed my sessions, I used to come out of there, the HAPPIEST I have ever been, so much so that my partner said I am now a completely different person. I think this book just really shows, that if you want to change anything in your life, the the ONLY person to do it, is YOU. Such an EASY concept but until you really grasp that concept, you will never understand that you don’t need any external sources anymore, and the only person you need rely on to fix You, is YOU! Such an amazing book, I just wish i’d read it sooner! I am now buying my first official copy for a family member! Thanks Richard!!!”

Hi Cara,
Just to let you know how **** is getting on. He’s now going upstairs on his own, asking for the lights to be turned off, and even saying
he can’t sleep because it is too bright. He was so excited (after the session), and bedtimes all this week have been something he really looks forward to. Thank you so much, his whole attitude seems to have changed from one short visit.
(Mum of 8 year old boy, treated for fear of the dark).

Hi Greg
I hope that you are well and had a good easter weekend. I have completed the Changing Limiting Beliefs workbook and thought to share some of my thoughts / insights with you…. I hope you are ready – you know how chatty I am ! When I first did the self esteem rating – it was sitting at about 25% and I have since done it again and it is sitting at 90% !I am finding that it is easier for me to be assertive with family (especially) who I guess were used to having me behave a certain way and always saying yes, although I did reap the benefits from their commiserations when I was ‘going through stuff’! Not a very good eco-system and now that I have withdrawn from that I have been criticized for being selfish, etc, etc. For once those kind of comments did not sting as much they used to and there was no guilt attached. I am also widening my comfort zone and looking to mix with more positive people. I have also drastically revamped my diet and am thinking about what I put into my mouth and I have since lost 3kgs :-D . You know my ‘personality type’, I want everything yesterday and when I start thinking what’s the point, this weight won’t shift, the DREAM technique has been extremely helpful. That one sided relationship that I was in is now over and I think that our work together had something to do with the way I think, feel and what I am willing to accept. I am so worthy of more and better and I am quite contented to do my change, really love and respect who I am because I know that I will find a more meaningful, soulful relationship. Mental barriers that I experienced before are now melting away and I am pushing fear aside and am beginning to do things to achieve my potential. So a huge thanks comes your way. I do feel a more optimistic about life and I am beginning to believe that I can and have anything that I set my mind to and that’s quite an exciting prospect. When I was reading the CLB book, almost every page I was saying yep that’s me, that’s me and toward the end of the first section, I was thinking ok, now I really sick of being the way I was and that I am ready for change. Using the DREAM technique made me realize just how much negative thoughts were swirling around my head, I was walking into each and every single pothole that was in my path. It does take some effort and I found that I could do detect and reward ok but escape was difficult or my mind would wander off or I would go straight to amend. Magnify was a little more difficult to do.

I contacted Paul in March 2011 as I had decided that I must do something to change how restricted I felt due to lack of confidence.  After an initial chat Paul recommended the Changing Limiting Beliefs course.  I learnt so much about myself and how to change my way of thinking that it has completely changed my life around.  I no longer feel restricted by things and feel like I have had a new start, I now know I can succeed in anything I put my mind to. After suffering with depression and lack of confidence for the majority of my life, I didn’t expect much from the course initially…How wrong was I?  I am now completely off the anti depressants that I have been on for the last 3 years and feel so very confident in everything I choose to do. I was honestly so impressed with the course and Paul’s guidance that I would genuinely recommend Paul Lee to anyone who is not happy with the way they think their life is going.  If you are reading this, then pick up the phone and have an initial chat with Paul, what have you got to lose?  life could be so much better. Thanks again Paul.”

Firstly I would like to give you a huge thank you Richard, for giving the Taylor family our lives back again. I would like to say a little about our experience as a family and as a parent of 13 year old Daughter that has suffered for many years with anxiety and Emetophobia, and I hope this helps others that are suffering too. With  treatment their lives too can become normal and wonderful again, one which I never thought would be possible as things had got so bad. We were so desperate for help and tried every avenue, when we came across your details on the web. Our lives as a family had almost come to a holt, with never being able to arrange days out, holidays, or even having friends round as my daughters anxiety and Emetophobia was so bad she would end up making herself sick from the worry and fear of becoming  Ill. She had slept for months on a sofa with endless screaming throughout the night in fear of being sick  and was unable to even get into bed. Life for her was awful which put tremendous  strains on the family,  it was so upsetting, frustrating and exhausting to see and hear her  suffering every day. From having only 6 family sessions with Richard ,  completely changed my daughters  way of thinking and reasoning. She is now able to answer her own fears with a logical answers and take control of her life again , which was  unheard of. She hardly mentions the word “sick” (which I can’t say I  miss), as her obsession with sickness used to make her talk about it non-stop, literally NON STOP! These sessions with you Richard were fun and we learnt a lot about our daughters thought process which has helped us have a better understanding of her “ illness”  which was priceless. It has completely changed our lives and we are all so grateful for this. To be honest I never thought we would be saying this.
Many thanks, E, N & S

After seeing Pat, I realise that I am much more in control of my own destiny and happiness. Instead of waiting for things to come along, I can make them happen.I  feel  I am the driving force in my own life, and not ‘swept along in it’. If a difficult situation arises, I am able to deal with it in a positive way instead of feeling helpless. I have found I am more relaxed in general and probably nicer to be around!
Anna Keirle

My sessions with Danny helped me to believe something fundamentally important – that I am in control of the way I feel. He helped me realise that my perspective on life – the way that I chose to perceive it – was not helping me in any way. I now feel empowered and ready to take on life’s challenges. Danny is very easy going and personable and I found it easy to discuss my life with him. The best way to explain my sessions with Danny is via the use of a metaphor: Danny will show you the doorway towards taking more control over your feelings and, ultimately, your life. You will then need to walk through it.

I still amaze myself at how in control I am… My clothes are much looser and I feel so much better about myself and my ability to reach my target. I don’t think I have ever been so focused, I don’t even think that’s the right word as I just don’t think about food anymore unless I am hungry or planning a meal. It no longer dominates my thoughts which is brilliant! I am still in awe of myself and giving lots of pats on the back!!

Just wanted to say
 thank you for all you have helped with, for the first time in my life I feel in control of my eating and a lot more confident in myself that I can reach my goal. I am sleeping better and not worrying so much about (things).

My fear of dogs used to take over my life, I was petrified. When I first went to see Jane. I started with the pure hypnoanalysis and she made me feel at ease and I felt as if I wasn’t just there for her to make money!! After a few weeks I was struggling and didn’t feel I was getting anywhere, so Jane suggested working through the CLB workbook. I had a few sessions with Jane, she made sure I understood and was comfortable with it. I then took it on holiday and worked my way through it. After 2 weeks both my family and myself could see a HUGE difference, I can now walk down the street without feeling afraid of a passing dog. I would recommend seeing Jane as I am confident she can help, like she has me!
Thanks for everything Jane! ”

I contacted Paul on the recommendation of a friend in March 2011, as i was very worried about an exam I needed to pass to help me further my career. The therapeutic technique used was Changing Limited Beliefs. Since having 7 lessons followed by a hypnosis session, I feel very confident and assertive at home and in my work place. It has encouraged me to stay positive in all kinds of situations. I feel it was a valuable experience. “

Things are changing for the better, I am the one who is changing and I am enjoying it. I am more aware of myself and my control over ‘me’, which feelsreally good…. so thank you for making me smile :)

“This is an amazing book….buy it NOW as it will change your life!!I had suffered for years with emetophobia and anxiety and thought I would have one more try at ridding myself of it! I decided to do it in conjunction with a trained therapist…in my case the skilful Christian Bell in Rugby who I can thoroughly recommend. In a few weeks I realised that not only had my phobia improved but also the anxiety that I had been plagued with all my life was going….I am getting better all the time and on the odd day when I fall into what Rob calls a pot hole it doesnt last long and Christian is amazingly supportive. I am now planning on doing the training courses on the Autumn to help others not to spend their lifes needlessly suffering….GIVE IT A GO PLEASE!!! (with or without a therapist…this will change your life Im sure)….”

I was nervous at my first session but Claire was great and put me at my ease straight away. I really felt so much more positive after my first session and began to believe that I could overcome my phobia and improve my life. I now believe that I can do anything I put my mind to and learning this one fact has enabled me to take on new challenges such as starting up my own business with confidence. I’ve learned so much about myself that has allowed me to cope better with previously scary or stressful situations. I used to say that I suffered from emetophobia, like I was a victim of this uncontrollable thing. After my sessions with Claire I now understand that my phobia stems from mismanaged thinking and that I have the power to control how and what I think about. These sessions have given me back control over my life and as a result I feel so positive about the future. ”

“Very usefull and informative book”
“Cleverly written and with a certain wit Rob Kelly’s book truly is an amalgam of 20 years experience with various clients, as a therapist myself I recognise much of the content, but the scary bit comes for me when I realise how beneficial for me it personally became after I read it ! But don’t take my word for it take the words of one of my clients who I introduced the book to Jane, a full time school administrator and mum of three said “Bob, thanks for introducing me to the book Changing Limited Beliefs” by Rob Kelly. It was thought provoking and by the end I was amazed on just how much I truly benefited. That was nice to hear. The book can at times seem to be offering a broad brush fix, but if we consider today the many other therapies offered then this at least give practical hope and advice which I suspect will benefit many. Well done Rob, an important tome and a very readable one”

I had suffered with Anxiety / Panic attacks/ Social situations for a very long time, as such IT was starting to control my life in a bad way…. I was introduced to one of Rob Kelly’s therapists (Richard Brent), who gave me this book to read and work through it with him, and in 5-6 sessions I was fixed!!! I really enjoyed my sessions, I used to come out of there, the HAPPIEST I have ever been, so much so that my partner said I am now a completely different person. I think this book just really shows, that if you want to change anything in your life, the the ONLY person to do it, is YOU. Such an EASY concept but until you really grasp that concept, you will never understand that you don’t need any external sources anymore, and the only person you need rely on to fix You, is YOU! Such an amazing book, I just wish i’d read it sooner! I am now buying my first official copy for a family member! Thanks Richard!!

I came to Stephen Chan looking for an edge. I am involved in a very competitive performance art and was looking to get rid of the nagging doubts, fears and concerns that sometimes affected my self-belief. These problems weren’t extreme but I knew they were there, that they sometimes made an unwanted appearance and that, when they did, they negatively affected my performance. I was also aware that on the days when I had a totally positive approach I always had a better outcome so I wanted to understand how I could maintain such a positive approach even when there “seemed” to be a reason for doubting. Like I say, I just wanted an edge. I was amazed to find how much all of this was within my own control and grasp. Once I understood the logic I took it and ran with it and I’d have to say that the experience, as well as being thoroughly worthwhile in terms of its effectiveness, was also extremely interesting. Thanks Stephen!”

“I own both the Kindle and the paperback copy of this, as I am so devoted to it! I have changed my catastrophic thinking and am living much happier, healthier, and confident. I genuinely think that this is the best self help book I have ever read, and I would almost guarantee your every success if you read this book! As another reviewer suggested- if you want to be happy, buy this book! Vera xx”

“Changing Limiting Beliefs – not just a title – a fact”
“If you want to make changes in your life, get this book but don’t expect it to be like anything you’ve read before. Rob Kelly doesn’t just show you how to make the changes he makes sure you understand why and what you need to change. You will quickly come to recognise that it is your thinking and your beliefs that are creating your limitations, be it in health or happiness. Once you discover that you have choices and that you can change the way you currently think and feel you will be chomping at the bit to change your limiting beliefs. This book has shown me that how I view my health is a choice; I can either roll over and view it as something that happens to me, something that I have no influence over or I can recognise that how I react to it is of fundamental importance. I choose to take control. In the months since completing Changing Limiting Beliefs my confidence has soared and my self esteem is off the scale. Thanks Rob.”

I came to see Paul in February 2011, as I was suffering with Anxiety, Depression and Separation Anxiety. I also had great difficulty sleeping! I can honestly say I had hit the lowest point in my entire life and didn’t know what to do or who to turn to, I had tried a lot of different types of therapy but they didn’t work one bit and made my situation worse. My last and only option was Paul at Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy. I didn’t hold much hope but I didn’t have anything to loose, but to my amazement, with Paul’s help, determination and the therapy that he chose for me, I am not the same person I was five months ago. I have turned into the most confident person i have ever been. I feel I can do anything if I put my mind to it. All the things I could never do, I can do them now and I don’t struggle with day-to-day living like I used to. I haven’t felt anxious in a while and if I ever was to feel that way again I am confident enough to say I would beat it as fast as it came! The best way that I can describe Paul, Hypnoanalysis and Changing Limiting Beliefs is FANTASTIC! Paul has given me my life back in so many ways, he has taught me the proper way of thinking and this was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. Thank you Paul. Anyone who is thinking of having any kind of therapy from Paul then go for it, it really does work!!!!!!!!!!!! “

Hi Vikki I want to take the opportunity to thank you more fully than my short mail earlier while I was on holiday. I came to see you after more than 10 years of avoiding walking and driving any path or road which involved height and not even that high sometimes. My life had become limited and I was at the point where I felt really bad that my family also suffered from the limitations I imposed. We have a place in Spain and it was just not possible for us to enjoy the countryside and scenery. I planned travel to avoid anything involving height. Previous hypnotherapy had had a modest impact but not longstanding and CBT was a failure. Then I came to you and you took me through the THRIVE programme. I was a little sceptical at first but your skill and understanding approach quickly helped me see the opportunity to really do something about this fear/phobia.  I am so much a different person and continue to improve. My first trip up to a mountain restaurant my wife has wanted me to go to for 9 years was simply fantastic; no thoughts or planning, I just enjoyed every moment and took in the views almost to intoxication! The THRIVE programme has been a great success for me and my family. I could go on to tell about every difference in my thinking and attitude but that would take up a lot of space. So, thank you for your wisdom in recommending THRIVE and your great skill in taking me through it. You have changed my life.
Best Regards Tom

I really enjoyed the sessions and loved Claire’s examples and visuals used. This course of Changing Limiting Beliefs has completely changed my life, more than I ever thought it would. I feel confident in everything I do. My glass is definitely half full now! My social anxiety and self esteem were both holding me back. Since starting the sessions I have spoken to a crowd of people and gone swimming with a friend – all things I would have dreaded doing before. I now do these things without a negative thought or worrying about what people think about me. CLB has really changed my life. I feel great all down to Claire’s help and my determination to change the way I think. I also struggled with my eating and could eat all day and never feel really satisfied or full, so would eat more. I used to eat at least 2 packets of crisps and a bar of chocolate a day. Now when I want chocolate I only eat one piece not the whole bar without even thinking about it. I really enjoyed the sessions and reading the book and I always left my sessions feeling happy and positive. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone.″

When I first went to meet Alison I had been continuing to punish myself for what I saw as foolish actions, by self-criticism. Everyone has moments where they feel they’ve made a mistake; it’s what we do in these moments and how we choose to look at it that can develop ourselves as an individual. Over time this seems to build a robust core of your esteem instead of an all-important ultimatum proving how good/bad a person one is. I believe Alison was very helpful in advising me to take an active role in changing my own future and she gives you the tools necessary to do this.

I had chronic fatigue, was very unhappy, thought very negatively and had a phobia of food.  While I was on holiday in Thailand I tried pizza, prawns and the Indian food we were given on the plane! It is getting easier to try things and when I look at certain dishes now I think I’d like to try them instead of thinking they look awful. Thank you so much for all your help. The course has changed my life and I can’t put into words how grateful I am.

“Enabled me to change my life!”
“Had tried everything to control life-long anxiety and nothing worked, until now! I have always suffered from panic attacks and thought there was no way out. I was getting to the point of wanting to give up altogether. Tried CBT, didn’t work, tried antidepressants, no joy, tried many other self help books with no success. Tried self hypnosis cd’s. All these did not help and my anxiety was getting worse. Was getting panic attacks at the thought of any social situations. Then I saw one of Rob Kelly’s therapists (Richard Brent), who gave me this book to work through with him, and in 6 sessions I was cured! No Really – I am completely cured!!! I learnt how to stop myself feeling helpless and useless and not feel self worth, to being confident and capable to do anything I want to do. I can now enjoy doing things I never thought I could. I have changed my life because of this book – IT REALLY WORKS!!!”

“Brilliant book – everyone should read it – especially those with cancer”
“This book has – quite simply – changed my life. I’m not sure I would still be alive today – were it not for Robs book, and the information contained within it. Six months ago I was in a terrible state, undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer. The doctors told me I was going to be dead soon, and I believed them: I was depressed, listless, didn’t want to eat, was just waiting for the grim reaper to come knocking. Then someone suggested the rob Kelly technique – so I bought the book. I have completely changed my thinking, my entire outlook on life, and AM STILL ALIVE!!! Buy this book for yourself, and buy five copies for your friends as well. Send a copy to anyone you know who is I’ll, and make sure your kids read it too. I used to have a bible in the drawer next to my bed, now I have this! Thanks Rob and Charlotte, from the bottom of my (still ticking!) heart.
Peter Hastings

Claire helped me to overcome my phobia of sick and panic attacks with the Changing Limiting Belief technique. After being told by my doctor that I had a “mental illness” I was at a loose end and wondered if I would ever be able to live a life that wasn’t controlled by my phobia. Claire made me feel really relaxed and I enjoyed learning more about myself during the process. It helped me to gain control of my life again and feel excited to start living life without having to worry about sick. For the first time in years, I sat in the middle aisle at the cinema without worrying someone was going to be sick and I even had an ice cream halfway through. I used to avoid parties and big events with alcohol but now I am looking forward to joining in with my friends and also having a few drinks myself. I’ve even come off all my tablets as I feel I don’t need them anymore. Some times in life you need someone who can help you to help yourself and that person is Claire.”

I was so down when i started the therapy but Richard put me completely at ease. Only a few weeks later i feel a different person! Definitely worth a try.
Will, Essex

I hired the services of Richard Brent and ELK Hypnotherapy back in November 2009  at the end of the worst and best year of my life. I had come off an extremely hard year having lost my job and my confidence along with a ridiculous amount of money. I couldn’t get back on my feet no matter what tried. I was failing ridiculously to establish a relationship with the countless numbers of women I had been “serial” dating. I couldn’t get either my personal life or my professional life to work out. Thankfully after I hired the help of Richard within a few sessions I had started to rapidly turn things around in my favour. Since my initial consultations with Richard I not only started seeing and successfully establishing a long term relationship with the girl of my dreams I have established a confident and aggressive CV which is now getting me multiples of interviews for the jobs I want ! I can’t thank Richard enough and if the last three months are anything to go by 2010 is going to be amazing!!!
Thanks again Richard

“Cured of emetophobia – a fear of being sick/ ill”
“I had suffered with emetophobia (a huge fear of being sick) for the last twenty years, and it was ruining my life: I couldn’t go out, couldn’t get a boyfriend, was obsessional about what I ate, and lived a life full of anxiety. Over the years I saw several different therapists, read every self-help book I could find, and even spent some time in a psychiatric institute!!
All these ‘professionals’ said ‘they understood’ and ‘they could help’, and some even promised me a cure – none of them did, and in the meantime my phobia just got worse and worse. I could have saved 20 years of my life, about £10,000, and lots of ruined friendships – if I had read this book back then. AT LAST – not only does somebody understand this phobia, but speaks a language that normal people can understand, AND can help. A friend of mine cured themself of depression using the insights and techniques within this book, and recommended it to me. Three weeks after buying it and using it, my emetophobia is completely gone!!! I mean COMPLETELY gone! For the first time in twenty years I feel alive and happy. Thank you, thank you thank you.
Della Johnson

For as long as I could remember I had a fear of flying and a fear of heights. As I got older it got progressively worse until the point that I struggled driving over low bridges and when visiting the Taj Mahal in India I couldn’t wait in queue on top of the one storey central building as there was no end barrier. I travel from Dundee to Belfast regularly by flight and I used to get uptight and anxious for around three days prior to flying and a day afterward. Although I always got on the plane, traveling was such a horrific feeling and my quality of life was just horrendous.
This fear was limiting my life and impacting on my family as if we were to drive somewhere I had to avoid bridges or minor mountains (on honeymoon we couldn’t go to universal studios in LA as it was too high up), so I researched Stephen’s clinic and asked my wife to buy me sessions as a Christmas gift.
This was the best Christmas gift I could get. Prior to going to Stephen Chan my exposure to hypnosis was guys in pubs being made to dance like a chicken. I thought Stephen would put me in a trance, click his fingers and my fear would go. Thankfully this wasn’t the case. I learnt, through the Thrive programme that Stephen employs, that the route of my fear was my negative thinking and that I had the control to change it. As I’ve been relatively successful professionally I never though low self-confidence was an issue for me, but through working with Stephen I was able to build my self-esteem and realise that I have control of my FORMER phobia and it doesn’t have control of me. This has been a very empowering realization.  My first flight was two days ago. I used the techniques I learnt from my sessions to stay calm and relaxed traveling to the airport and when flying. I went from someone grasping the handrests praying the plane would land to someone who was so relaxed that I fell asleep on the flight.
I’m looking forward to my next!!!
I recommend Stephen to anyone who is not living the life they wish they could live. My work at Stephen’s practice has not only resolved my anxieties about heights and flying but has helped me transfer the techniques I’ve learnt to my hectic life of balancing my family, medicine, my diet, exercise and wellbeing and above all my formerly high levels of stress.
Thanks Stephen.
Dr Barry Kerr

Just a little message to thank you for everything Cara, its been so good find such a fantastic therapy and coupled with a fantastic person who doesn’t make you feel judged whilst you are judging yourself! I really do feel great and very happy about the future now.

A huge “thank you” to you Alison. A fabulous tutor with a very sensitive and empthetic approach. It was so fantastic to have someone listen to you and empathise actually understanding why you can feel so powerless. Changing Limiting Beliefs is an eye-opening course. In the space of a few weeks I realised that I was in fat my own worst enemy and through changing the way I perceived situations, myuself etc I learnt how to empower myself and take control of my thoughts. The DREAM techinique is so simple and extremely effective, a technique that can be used anytime/anywhere. Once I understood the power of my imaginiation I began to use it to my advantage instead of letting it take control of me. I am now moving forward  with my life – growing more confident by the day. I have actually applied to further my studies and become a speech and lanugage therapist. I have interviews coming up and one even has a presenation – I will be going for it with everthying I’ve got and my blushing will not be holdng me back!!
Thank you for helping me to get my life back – I now know that I can control my blushing – it doesn’t control me!
Kirsten, Loughborough

When I first came to see Beaula, I had really negative thinking and because of that was causing myself so many problems in all areas of my life. I initially approached Beaula in the hope that she could help me with hypnotherapy but she suggested the Changing Limited Beliefs course instead and I’m so glad she did! Through the course and with Beaula’s help I have indentified my negative thinking and realised how it was affecting me, learnt effective techniques to manage and change my thinking and am now a much happier person. I have more confidence and self-esteem as well as more belief in my ability to control and determine the course of my life. I know that bad events and feelings are time-bound and finite and can experience them without allowing myself to be consumed by obsessing about them or making myself depressed over them.Since I completed the course I have improved immeasurably and after being single for three years even had the confidence and self-belief to ask out a guy I’d liked for ages – beforehand I just assumed he wouldn’t be interested – we have now been seeing each other for two months and are still just as happy as we were at the the beginning! I have been applying for jobs and despite having no success so far I am secure in the knowledge that I CAN AND WILL SUCCEED, with patience and determination. I’ve also recently taken up roller blading and begun learning playing the flute, spend more time socialising, made new friends and can now recognise these as achievements – Beaula taught me that it’s OK for me to be proud and I cannot thank her enough for her help.”
Thank you so much!
Lizzie x

The thrive programme has helped me so much throughout these last few months since finishing the sessions. Whenever i feel anxious or worried i will use the techniques you have given me. I have been in a few situations but i didn’t panic, I carried on with whatever i was doing and soon forgot about it. Also last year i felt anxious about being in an exam, if i was sick whilst doing the exam i couldn’t sleep or eat much. But this year, i felt absolutely fine doing my exams. I completely forgot about it!

For once in my life i feel free. I can do whatever i want to do. I can eat anything without hesitating. For 5 years i had been living with emetophobia. Now after doing the thrive programme i no longer have this phobia. Thank you so much Cara! Smiley
Marcus, 14

I have read a number of “self help” books over the years to improve my self esteem and confidence and to stop me quitting and not achieving my goals.  Changing Limiting Beliefs is very different in its approach and helps you understand your own personality and thinking style before helping you change your thinking in a positive and empowering way.
I was fortunate to have a therapist – Tania that I had sessions with after every couple of chapters.  She helped me immensely as she challenges your thoughts and adds a different perspective.  She is professional, enthusiastic and empathetic putting you at ease effortlessly.  I find it difficult talking about myself and she encouraged and coaxed me so I could not stop talking much to my own surprise. I now feel much more confident and relaxed with higher self esteem and the determination to set goals and achieve them.  The best thing is knowing I have the choice and the power to change if I want to ……………..My friends on the golf course were calling me “Super Soph” the other day as I was so relaxed and my golf so good – itis definitely working for me.
Sophie James

When i first came to Stevie I felt pretty hopeless at getting rid of my social anxiety…I was also feeling semi-depressed and suffering stress related symptoms (unbeknownst to me at the time). Anyways I had just graduated from Uni…. and lived a pretty normal life but I relied on Alcohol waaay to much to socialize. Anytime I bumped into anyone randomly I would go bright red, stammer and feel really shit about it. It prevented me from doing what i wanted which was to play in my band, play sports, and basically live a normal life without being anxious.
I tried many things; two crap self-help books come to mind and was prescribed beta blockers….and prob anti-depressants if I waited any longer. But when I tried the books it just didn’t stick and felt like too much effort.  I tried willpower where I just willed myself not to guess what others thought of me, which worked, for like a day.
Anyways I never told anyone about this, including my family; they just thought I was semi-shy. I also could put on quite a brave front to the point where my mates probably believed I was indeed semi confident… but each time felt like a battle, I wasn’t learning to be confident. Last but not least I started having a couple of “black moods” and even had this weird thing where I kept waking up as soon as I drifted over to sleep (you know that feeling you get when you wake up cause u think you are falling, try having that every time you drift over!).
I’ll not lie I felt hopeless, alone, scared basically like shit!
Then I went to meet Stevie Chan, stumbled upon his website as I thought hypnotherapy may be a last resort…. turns out he didn’t give me any hypnotherapy…. he put me on the THRIVE programme.
He presented me with a book and over 6 sessions we went over the book which teaches you how to manage your thinking, explains why you feel these things and how to get rid of them YOURSELF! In writing this probably sounds like any other self-help book but it’s really not.
I believe it gives you the tools to deal with any situation and do what you want. To top it off Stephen was a great guy, very dead on, easy going and put me at ease.
It took me a little longer to grasp it but when I did I felt fantastic. I can honestly say I haven’t felt depressed at all, with the exception of one time…but I knew why and was able to get rid of it immediately!
Socially I’m a lot better; I can talk to people, be confident, play music, play sports and live my life… I’m still learning but i know with time I will have lowered it significantly. I also feel like I’ve covered all bases, I couldn’t relapse into the way I was before because I would know why I did so.
The way I look at the programme is quite simple. It’s like keeping fit for your mind. Stevie was my personal trainer until I could do it all by myself!
I really think they should teach this shit in schools because I know there will be so many people out there unable to deal with things because they don’t know how….this gives you the tools on how to!
I’m a religious guy too and it did indeed challenge my faith (as you learn that you are in control and not anyone else) but i came out with an equally strong faith….but I’m still in control!
….oh aye I’m getting a Tattoo! (Before I would have died of guilt)
Cheers Stevie lad, was a pleasure!”

For about the past 18 months now I have had a lot of issues with how much I went to the gym vs how much I was eating. I felt as though if I ate something which I called ‘bad’ (Cakes, Chocolate, McDonalds etc.) then that would affect my level of fitness. So I then started to watch what I was eating (and I mean everything, even down to drinks!!!). I also started to lose weight and my clothes didn’t fit anymore which mad me really really unhappy as well as the people around me. I did not know where to turn and I felt as though I was stuck in a vicious circle.  So I then (with the help of a family member) browsed the internet for a Psychologist in my local area. We came across Beaula and a phone call was made, I got very good and welcoming vibes on the phone straight away so I proceeded with a free consultation.
Within the first 10 minutes I felt at ease and I knew that she could help me. She was asking me questions that she already knew the answers to and she’d only just met me!!! She knew what my underlining issue was within 45 minutes of meeting her but as she said, it was up to me to find out. She said on my initial consultation that there would be good days and some not so good days and she was right, everything (whether it be positive or negative) I approached her with during our consultations didn’t surprise her at all as she was expecting it. It’s like as though she knew me better than I knew myself!!!
She has a very welcoming and calming demeanour but at the same time she puts out the facts and re words everything until you understand her train of thought.I have had 6/7 sessions with Beaula and I feel so much better now. I know that it will take a lot of time to get back to ‘how I was’ before, but I know that I can contact Beaula at any time if I feel as though I’m struggling with anything, whether that be via e-mail, phone or a visit. Thank you Beaula, couldn’t have done it without you.
Best Regards

Completely Enabled Me To Change My Life
I have read this book twice over now and will continue to read over and over. It was given to my sister (who has been recently diagnosed with epilepsy) and I happened to pick it up and have a read… Well I don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t!!
This book has helped me to successfully battle stress, anxiety, living in the past and my negative outlook on life. I wake up every morning excited and happy to start the day now! Life is no longer the drag it was for me only 6 months ago!
Sarah Newton

Dear Jon,
Thank you so much for making the Changing Limiting Beliefs course so interesting, I really enjoyed talking with you each week. I learned a lot during the course and the six weeks passed so quickly. Putting the car into the garage is no longer a problem and this was my biggest problem when I first came to see you. I also feel more confident now. Best Wishes and Many Thanks”
K. D.

I was worried about my teenage daughter, she had gone from being happy confident and bubbly to staying in her room and not being able to deal with life anymore. I went to see Jon who I had never met before to see if he could help. He introduced me to a 6 wk course called “Changing Limiting Beliefs” This course has been amazing- not only has it given me the confidence and knowledge to help my Daughter, who is now happier and is now building her self-confidence back up, but also changed my life too. I am now happier and more confident than I have ever been and understand a lot more about the way we think, which I can now pass on to my family. Many Thanks to Jon”
S. L.

“Absolutely Fabulous!”
“Down to earth and easy to read, reading this book has made life so simple. Since reading this book I have gone on to make many improvements and achievements, all of which I thought impossible before. Well worth taking the time to read and apply the knowledge contained in this book.”
Sarah b

“Now that I know and understand how my mind works I feel more confident and more in control. No-one’s ever shown me that before. Thank you”

Just to say once again thank you so much for all your help, I am doing really well and life could not be better. Challenging limiting beliefs really work, for me just knowing that I am in control of my thoughts has empowered me to deal and have control about having anxieties about harming my child. I used to live on the edge asking myself why I was having these thoughts and hence giving meaning to them, now I know I am in control and I know they have no meaning to me. Cara is such an easy person to speak to and is non judgemental, when I had my first meeting I knew she would be right for me as she I could see that she was really interested in my getting better, I would recommend anyone.

Hi Greg –
I was caught in a negative spiral, and even though i felt i was being positive and pro-active towards my challenges, i was incorrect. Just thinking you’re a positive person doesn’t necessarilly mean that you are. Greg taught me the DREAM technique, the positive mental approach to any negative situation and i can whole heartily say that this is absolutely amazing. You don’t even have to believe it works, if you just use it when a negative thought pops into your head, you’ll be amazed at how something so simple creates the changes that will unfold on your day to day life. I would swear that this negates the need for a lot of other theraputic solutions providing you always use it whenever a negative thought crops up. This has changed my spirit, my approach to all situations and my true positive nature. This is truly amazing, may sound cliche but its fact ! i never thought i’d feel this so empowered, this is what you hear about and see on the tv and always think its a load of blah blah blah, but something so simple and easy to use, truly works. This is something i will be using for the rest of my days, i feel no challenge is too great.

Hay Danny; having come to you 3 sessions ago feeling very low in my self-confidence and constantly worried, I can now say that I now feel happy as me.  As I continue to apply your techniques and work through the handbook I feel more and more confident in realising these positive changes as permanent ones.  Thank you!”
Susan Parr

I want to say how important it was for me to have you tell me that I was wrong to think as I did and to waste my life worrying over things that were not my responsibility.  When you have spent most of your life doing this you loose sight of reality and I needed someone I trusted to make me realize this. What helped me most was that you always brought me back to think positively and you didn’t, accept excuses and feel sorry for me. You have made me think differently about everything around me, and about myself.  Since meeting you I am very aware of how I deal with my worries, and am constantly improving and this in turn is giving me confidence which makes me feel happy. Thank you Simon
Best wishes Ruth.

Dear Beaula,
I completed my Challenging Limiting Belief training recently and wanted to thank Beaula for all her support and guidance. I suffered very low self esteem and other anxieties which caused IBS, headaches and tiredness to name a few. I had suffered for a long time and had tried various alternative therapies and CBT and medication but none of them really worked in the long term. CLB however, made me really look at my personality and how I work on a day to day basis which I had never really understood before and this is the basis on making any real changes. I now have a much higher self – esteem and am enjoying social activities and enjoying life to the full. I know that if I challenge my thoughts and beliefs on a daily basis my IBS and headaches etc will disappear as I can make this happen. I would definately recommend seeing Beaula if you want to get sorted out once and for all!
Many many thanks,

“Highly Recommended”
“All I can say is that after understanding the technique in this book I totally rid myself of my life-long fear of flying. My usual flying routine used to be something like this:
– Feeling sick for a week beforehand
– Not sleeping the night before
– Spending most of the few hours before the flight in the lavatory
– Clutching a rosary and saying a good few Hail Marys on take off
– More fervent prayers if the plane banked or hit turbulence
– Listening out for every tiny noise the aircraft made and being paralysed with fear if the engine note changed
– A feeling of total euphoria as I stepped off of the plane at the other end
After following Rob Kelly’s tedchnique I breezed through the preparation for my flight and on take off was actually looking out of the window and chatting happily to my partner. I never, ever thought this could happen. The rosary was left at home and the only alcohol involved was a celebratory bottle of champers on the flight to congratulate myself for finally letting go of my fear. Thanks Rob!!!!”

We contacted Beaula Paige in July 2010 after reading her website. Our 16 year old son was suffering from Emetophobia, which was destroying his life. He had also developed severe OCD tendancies which were completely ruling his daily way of life. The emetophobia caused him to believe that everything he did, touched, smelt or ate would make him vomit. Consequently, this caused his body mass to drop to 16 and his weight became 42k. He was hospitalised and we were desperate to find him some help. He first visited Beaula in the summer and began a programme of self help. He had incredibly low self esteem and found attending the sessions very hard. Every week brought new challenges and although sometimes this was incredibly difficult for him to cope with, she encouraged him to stay positive and focused. Now, in November, the difference is truely amazing. He has embarked on a completely different take on life. He no longer has OCD rituals which rule his life and he is eating! His weight has raised to 53k and he is now having driving lessons and he has successfully returned to college and has recently secured a part time job. We are so pleased with his successes. We can’t praise Beaula’s professionalism enough. We would recommend her to anybody who needs some help to enjoy life.”

“A genuinely great boook”
“I don’t go in for holistic medicine. I don’t go in for alternative therapy. I don’t believe in jargon. I don’t believe in wishy washy evidence free self help books. What Rob has produced here though is a book that cuts through reams of psychobabble and leaves the reader feeling genuinely in control of their world around them. Helped me no end. Thanks for the advice and the book Rob.
Top Marks!”

“Changing Limited Beliefs”
“This book helped me a great deal to overcome sleeping problems and to solve other issues after having a baby. I really like the style of the book and the way it is written and highly recommend it.”

“A must read for all!”
“As a psycholgy graduate I have spent 3 years reading tedious scientific journals to understand people, however I have learnt so much more about how people think, their thought processes and motivation in this single book. I can honesly say I have never read a book so interesting and honest, Rob Kelly gives an insight into who we are with an accuracy that is almost spooky! Most impressively of all, the way it has been written is unique, it is unpretentious and accessible to all. Anyone can read this book, and I mean anyone, the writting style makes sure that is not overwhelming or patronising! So it doesn’t matter if consider yourself a bookworm or your other books are currently door stops, everyone is included on this journey.I would definitely recommend it to everyone!”

“Does what it says on the tin!”
“I followed this workbook and found it really challenged me to stop and think about the way I think. There will be many out there who believe their lives are too complicated, too hard, too difficult right now to change. It’s just not true. I recommend at least trying this book because I’m a happier person for it – high praise indeed from someone who really can’t bare all that psychobabble and self-help patronising twaddle that’s out there!! Caveat: Rob Kelly says it how he thinks it is…which, if you’re averse to some coarse language you might find a touch offensive. But it’s written in a straightforward, honest style and besides, if you really have mastered the book, then you’re not going to get too stressed about his opinions, are you? Read it and smile. You could find a whole new way of living your life with you in the control seat for once. I did.”
Helen Hoffmann

This has been a revelation and has changed my way of thinking for the better. I felt terrified to walk down the aisle and talk in front of all our guests. With your help I could enjoy my wedding day, calm and composed walking up the aisle. I said all my vows without anxiety and even took over the end of Mark’s speech when he got emotional! I cannot thank you enough for how you helped me, you are an angel!”

I had suffered from anxiety for all my life. I didn’t understand why, but I always got nervous ever since I was a child. The nerves would make me sick, have a bad stomache, have headaches and muscle aches, have terrifying panic attacks and suffer with sleeping. I associated my anxiety to food and didn’t eat any sugar or dairy products for over a decade. I had absolutely no self confidence, and didn’t believe that I deserve the things that other people have. As you can imagine, my life had become very bleak and I day to day life was an impossible struggle. I was ready to give up as it was all to much hard work and I couldn’t live like this any more. I have tried many interventions to ease the anxiety, but nothing helped. I had a long course of CBT which had no effect, have been on anti-depressants twice but this did not help control the nerves. I have bought many self-help books and self-hypnosis CD’s, which I have dilligently worked through but these also have not helped. At the end of my tether, I summond up the courage and called Rich hoping he could wave a magic wand and take it all away. Though I really didn’t believe anything could ever change. Amazingly, after six sessions with Rich, working through the ’Changing Limiting Beliefs’ workbook, I am CURED! Or should I say, I have cured myself!!! Rich taught me how to control my thinking, how to appreciate and acknowledge my achievements. I now know I can do anything that I want to do AND ENJOY IT. This has been put to the test over and over, and I have put myself in situations that I didn’t think I was able to cope with before. At first it took focussed hard work to change my thinking, but I controlled each situation with less and less effort. A week after I finished the course I was halfway through a social situation and I realised I had forgotten to panic! I now know and enjoy my personality type. Every day, I am feeding my confidence and I know I have never felt happier. I really did not think this was ever possible, and I have done it in 6 sessions. Thanks Rich for showing me how! If you can identify with anything I have experienced, the best thing you can do to change your life is to give Rich a call. You can do it too!

I received this book as a gift !(which is mentioned at the start).I thought at first it would be like the other self help books or the numerous times I wasted at AA meetings having promised my friends and family I would attend BUT!! how much was I mistaken. Having had a roller-coaster relationship with alcohol and carrying the label of failure , drunk, demonised female, kindly given to me by my family, friends and the rest of the ignorant world, I had had enough. Thrive is a book of two halves one you read and the other practical. By this I mean you take away a chapter and deliver the chapter. Honesty is key otherwise there is little point. My eureka moment came when I realised I was not the alcoholic my so called close friends and family stigmatised me as (and sadly I adopted) but a human being with a drinking problem. The weight almost instantly lifted from my shoulders. The book is not about constantly reminding you of your character but reminds you that YOU control your thoughts, words and actions. It is not a book you read overnight , take your time (for myself 6 weeks). My last drink, my last thought about drink and my last time I referred to my self as an alcoholic began the moment I committed to reading this book. The reality is I am in control and loving it.!!
H Tomlin

Extracts from a 3-page handwritten testimonial from Catherine H
‘Diane creates such a warm and relaxing environment which makes you feel at ease even if you are feeling anxious.  Diane’s broad knowledge and years of experience meant that I could immediately begin the most appropriate treatment for my symptoms.  I knew I could trust her 100%. I undertook 6 weeks of PHA and then 6 weeks of CLB.  I was suffering from anxiety and frequent hot flushes.  I had been battling depressions since I was 14 years old. I had tried many other therapies including CBT, all of which did not help long term…the PHA showed how much ‘rubbish’ I had hoarded away and not dealt with … releasing these worries made me feel lighter and like I could now move on.  CLB was such an eye-opener in that I never realised how badly I viewed myself, although I’m 26 and earned a Phd…..The impact on my life has been dramatic;  I am kinder to myself, which is so great …. I am in control of my own life!  I am more productive in my job, accept challenges I would normally have avoided, and my permanent grey cloud (as it felt before I started) has gone … most likely now for good. For anyone who is feeling stuck, powerless, anxious and doesn’t know where to turn next I would highly recommend seeing Diane and trying PHA and/or CLB
(EXTRACTS FROM A PERSONAL LETTER FROM CATHERINE)‘…my attitude to myself has changed so much and my confidence is growing day by day.  Thank you so much for showing me the tools I needed to get myself back on track.     ….I hope you are well, Diane, and that you forever continue to help people like you did with me.’

Really Very Helpful,
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. I went to a Thrive Consultant as I felt just a bit down but couldn’t figure out why as I’m normally quite a positive person. This book is really very helpful and has changed the way I approach life and made me feel so damn happy. Sometimes I find myself just smiling away to myself now which I would never have done previously. It encourages an internal locus of control so you realise that you create your own problems by thinking too much in a negative way and not allowing yourself to use your imagination in a nice way. I feel so relieved. I was such a b*tch to myself before I read this book! (& thought it was coz of everyone else!) I thoroughly recommend reading this book but do go see a Thrive Consultant too as without mine I wouldn’t have seen which bits I should prioritise to get the best improvement in my mood. I wouldn’t have seen the whole picture. I’m so shocked my self-esteem is so influenced by me and is now so high after being so horribly low before! Do get this book – I’ve studied Psychology and finally there is an approach that makes sense. What a relief from my own (self-made) pointless sadness! Be nice to yourself (using this book) and it will make you feel much much better.

I was failing my driving test a couple of times as i was extremly nervous! I couldnt sleep anymore, i was so scared to fail it again. I went to see rob and he gave me this book. It totally changed my thinking! After just a few days i felt so much more confident. I went to my driving test and i knew im gonna pass. I wasnt even nervous. So guess what… i passed!!! This book helped me so much. I realised that thinking positive makes you feel so much better and makes life easier!

I love it!!
At first I didn’t think a book would get rid of my emetophobia. But it worked. It really does! I read through all of the pages and did all the exercises in the book and towards the end of the book was in a few uncomfortable situations but I wasn’t anxious of even nervous.! For 5 years I was living with emetophobia. And after finishing the book I was fully cured! I feel free to eat what I want without hesitating or feeling anxious. I would defiantly recommend this book to everyone! It’s fantastic. Thanks Rob,

“Life changing”
“A concise and no-nonsense approach which explains human psychology in the clearest term. Rob and this book lifted me out of depression and the vicious cycle of low self-esteem, destructive thinking and abusive relationships. I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to have a better understanding and relationship with themselves and the world around them.”

I came to see Paul in July for help with some issues I had throughout my life.  I grew up in a household where one of my parents was very depressed and in an environment that was heavily influenced by the beliefs they had as Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Although I am successful and have a great life, I still had very low self esteem and felt that I needed to please others to feel good; that I wasn’t respected; that I was in constant competition with others; very anxious about what others thought of me.  I had tried to change these beliefs through other techniques such as NLP in the past but the beliefs came back after a while. After an initial consultation with Paul I decided to try Pure Hypnoanalysis.  This really helped to bring up some of the experiences and beliefs that I had.  With the help of Paul I was really able to see some of the traits that I had carried forward from my childhood.  I did find that it was more difficult to bring back experiences as we got further into the process so I made a decision to try ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’ instead.  The insight from the Hypnoanalysis really helped me with the programme. I have just finished CLB and I feel fantastic.  My life has really changed, I have this wonderful feeling of control.  I may end up in situations that are stressful but my outlook and perspective has completely changed.  It is like having a bubble around you and the negativity just bounces off.  I am really glad I took the time to do some something good for myself and I know my life is just going to get better and better everyday… Thanks again for helping me. “

Read Me!
This book cuts through all the fluff and clutter of other self-development books and offers so, so much more.
It unlocks the complexity and the magic of the mind and helps us realise that we create almost everything in our lives, both good and bad.
I’m an intelligent, outgoing, fun, and sporty guy who had been absolutely plagued with ME for the past 8 years. I can’t tell you the level of frustration I’d been through along with all the tiredness and toxic thoughts. I got to a point where I just didn’t want to be on this planet anymore.
Luckily I got to hear about Thrive. Once I got over my obvious initial cynicism and scepticism (I had tried so many other things in the past!)…I put in a really concerted effort to get a thorough understanding of the book and the programme. 5 weeks later…and I not only knew that I would never have ME again, but I was the most energised and alive I had been since my teenage years…whilst a whole lot more powerful too.
If you are in anyway `stuck’ right now, for goodness sake…dive straight into Thrive. And to get the absolute best out of the process, I’d recommend using one of their Thrive consultants. I used a great lady called Shirley in London. She was there (without judgment) to answer all my questions, to support me, to show me where I was faltering, to ensure I maintained my motivation throughout (especially as I had a couple of mini-dips and doubts) and she was there to celebrate at the end. I’m writing this with a huge smile on my face. It had been missing for quite some time, but has now not left my face since I completed the programme. I feel genuinely thrilled with life and I intend to stay that way.
I would happily recommend this book and programme to anyone, in any walk of life. The way it’s been written and structured means that it’s easy to grasp. Just ensure you read it thoroughly and understand all parts. And if you’re interested in working with one of their consultants…you can find them on the Thrive website.
Rob Kelly…thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have my life back!

“5***** all the way”
“I have trained in Changing Limiting Beliefs with Rob Kelly and I teach my own trainees in the course for which this workbook is designed and written. I can teach people without the workbook but their resultant knowledge is nowhere near as deep and effective if I do. 90% of the work we do as trainers is helping people to gain proper self-insight and understanding and this book explains everything they need to know about themselves, the way their mind works, their current pitfalls, how to pinpoint their specific problems and then, ultimately, how to make the necessary changes to achieve the life they really want. Also, the trainees keep the book and can refer back to it whenever they need to as an invaluable reference. I can’t praise it enough. Keep up the good work Rob and I can’t wait for the new children’s edition.”
B Page

The sessions helped me to gain an insight into what makes me tick and helped me to realise that I can control what happens in my life and how to deal with situations that I previously felt were not in my control. At the start I would have said more sessions of hypnotism but I now realise it is more powerful to be taught how to alter things yourself. I will treasure the ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’ book and refer to it in the future I’m sure. Thank you Claire”

I decided to seek help at a time in my life when, I had some really big challenges to face and I couldn’t see a positive way forward. I worked through this book with Cara Ostryn who is based in Rickmansworth. Looking back I can’t believe how quickly my life has turned around. Now I face my challenges with confidence, rather then finding ways to avoid them. I have achieved things that I never believed I could. I highly recommend ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’ to anyone who needs to change their life.”
A big thanks to both Rob and Cara.

Before my first session I was unsure that hypnotherapy was the way to go but I had been bulimic for three years and it was out of control. Deciding to give it a go was the best decision I have ever made as after only my third session (3 weeks) with Claire I saw clearly how I could change my habits. I have not purged in over 5 weeks and am resolved to keep it up. Claire was very friendly and immediately put me at my ease. You do need an open mind, be willing to change, and be honest. Without Claire’s help I know I would still be on the same destructive path. Needless to say I would definitely recommend Claire for anyone needing help and I cannot thank her enough.”

WARNING: If you don’t want to get better – YOU HAVE TO...
As a teenager studying her a-levels, accused of being depressed, suffering from anxiety; a panic disorder and IBS, I was hugely sceptical when a close friend suggested reading Rob’s book. After spending countless hours in CBT, with doctors and discussing medication, non of which had worked for me, I was at the end of my tether. Yet I still couldn’t believe that this book i’d heard so SO much about could ACTUALLY help me. In fact, at the beginning, as Rob suggests, I didn’t believe it could. I didn’t want to believe it, I couldn’t believe it, and in fact, I’d kind of made up my mind, that on principle, I wouldn’t believe it. It was only after my doctor tried to put me on Prozac (I’m seventeen, and I don’t suffer from depression). That I seriously had to take matters into my own hands, to make myself better. Upon reading the first chapter, I realised, the book had been written for me. Upon completing the first three or so chapters, I realised the book had been written for everyone. Everyone in the world can benefit from it. Everyone in the world SHOULD benefit from it. This book made me realise that the only thing standing between me and everything I could want out of life, are some silly little ideas I had about how I cope. I refuse to let any dodgy thinking patterns prevent me from living my life to the full and ‘Thriving’ (Nice name by the way). My new approach to life? ‘Bring it.’ Everything has improved – scratch that, I have improved everything in my life, Even my SKIING.
Being ‘ill’ isn’t an excuse any more. Times have changed for ‘disorders’. I honestly can’t thank the authors enough for providing me with a chance to live my life so freely.

Totally life changing and empowering!
Iwas told about this book whist seeing a fantastic Thrive consultant and bought it during analysis with her and that was after my life had turned really awful for yet another time, I had reached a stage where I thought I just cant keep feeling like this anymore I needed help. This book gave me that its fantastic there isn’t a part of it that doesn’t help change your life and empower you and the results really are quick. I would recommend this book to anyone but especially for people who feel at a complete loss and feel like there no way out of there problems because this will help you to see past all of that and become the person you want to be!!!! Fantastic love it and thankyou Rob!!

When I first came to see you I wanted to lose weight but you realised I had other issues. Work issues had to be addressed first. The practical demonstrations showed me how powerful my mind is and I was quite surprised. I found the DREAM technique really good, it’s a big help turning my negative thoughts into positive ones. I’ve lost a half stone and am much more confident. At my birthday party I gave a speech. At one time I wouldn’t have done that, I would have run a mile. It was the first time I had spoken into a microphone and I felt really proud. Thank you so much”

Reading is believing
If you want to change anything in your life then this book is a MUST… Well, it worked for me and I have tried really hard for 5 months to recover from PVFS (Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome) after having a virus infection at Christmas. The complexity of the human brain is immense. No wonder there are so many illnesses. The drug pushing doctors offer a vast array of medication for symptoms, yet, whether you actually need the medication in my opinion is debatable. Every visit to the doctor ended in a conversation about why I didn’t want to take anti depressants. I did get down though, anyone who has suffered from or is suffering from PVFS/CFS/ME will understand why. But the point here is that I wasn’t depressed and the only solution the doctor could find was anti depressants. This was very frustrating. I searched for answers and tried to understand what it is i need to do to recover and get my old life back. Again, anyone in my position knows how frustrating the vicious cycle of this illness can be as it feels like somebody has pulled the plug out and all of your energy is sucked out and drained into a dark sewer. Upon reading the other reviews for this book i did think it was worth a try. I can honestly say, stop searching for other ways to recover and buy this book! With an open mind! The simplicity of this book offers easy and memorable techniques to implement into your every day life. It may challenge your own beliefs, ideas and preconceptions but once I re-wired my thinking I became free from any symptoms and now feel in control of myself once again. The days of the dark sewer are over and I’m able to go on 5 mile walks and am starting back to work next week. Life is Great again after 5 months of misery! This is my personal experience and I hope I haven’t offended anybody with my opinions. I don’t normally write reviews but felt compelled to do in this instance. So, why wait when you can start challenging yourself and start living the life YOU want again. It’s by far the best £20 i’ve ever spent and Rob Kelly if you read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I feel so confident, I’ve lost 8lbs and I didn’t even consult for weight loss! I would never have worn purple before – I always wore black. I have even asked a guy out that I fancied!”

Absolutely Amazing
Hi, I’m 15 years old and I suffered from Emetophobia . This book has helped me get my life back on track . My Emetophobia first started when I was 8. For the past 8 years I didn’t go anywhere, my head was always down, my attendance at school was very poor due to the phobia, my eating habits were terrible, night times were hurrendouse and most of my day was spent in my bedroom crying. Throught the years I have been to numerous doctors clinics and mental health centres with no difference. After reading the Thrive workbook and attending a fiew sessions with an IAPH member I am now so positive and happy, I take the good out of any situation, I walk with my head held high, I’m going out shopping e.t.c , my eating habbits are improving and I generally love the company of others again! I feel so resillient now :D . Before reading this book every day was a misery but now I treasure every day and look forward to my future! Thank you to the amazing Rob Kelly ( author ) for helping me to understand my ways of thinking and writting the best book ever written! My advice to anyone out there that has even a small anxiety to someone with a large, limiting anxiety please BUY THIS BOOK !!!

Dear Diane,
Hope you are well, sorry it has taken me such a long time to email my thanks!
When I first came to you, although I had had a few sessions up in Northampton, I was stills suffering quite badly with the Emetophobia, I struggled to eat in restaurants, sit in crowded, enclosed spaces, travel on public transport, even eat certain things without panicking about being sick in front of everyone. I searched for exits and toilets compulsively everywhere I went. But since seeing you, it has changed my life dramatically. I have had a few wobbles where I have needed to focus on the DREAM technique but I expected that, and feel that I have grown stronger and stronger throughout them. I have since spent a month in India (with lots of being sick!) and 3 months in America, doing solo and dual flying hours towards my pilot’s license. I am currently a High Ropes Instructor and still focusing on a career in the Army – just over a year ago, Emetophobia would have held me back from all of this; I wouldn’t even have been able to get on the plane to India! More than helping in my everyday life, I have been reading other peoples stories and they all involve a trauma between the ages of 1 and 6 as the cause for Emetophobia. Mine was the same, but the difference is theirs all involved a vomit related trauma, whereas mine didn’t. This has started a huge interest for me in the causes of the phobia itself and I have been drawn into researching it more and more because so little is known about it. I cannot thank you enough because you have changed my life so dramatically. Although each session brought up painful memories and emotions, I cant imagine living now as I did before hypnotherapy. When I came to you the phobia had reached its worst, and I thought I would be in fear of being sick forever. Now I don’t feel held back by anything and what you have done for me is amazing. I hope you continue to help people as much as you did me.  Thanks again, Naomi

Astonishing, transformational personal help book
I have been through the Changing Limiting Beliefs book and found it to be an extraordinary experience. It isn’t really a self-help book (although it has many elements in common with that type of book), it’s far more than that. I found the book was most effective when using it like a course notebook for further education, in other words, you scrawl notes all over it, write comments in the margin, underline or highlight bits, stick post-its all over it, and so on. It isn’t just a ‘start on page 1, finish on page X’ read, you have to work at it. For many chapters you really have to read them several times to ‘get it’. And, as it says in the book, you absolutely MUST do all the exercises, it really won’t help you nearly as much if you don’t. I found it was best to take my time with the book so I could really think about what I was learning and could practice putting it into effect; I took about 6 weeks to get through it all. Rob Kelly takes you on a journey through your personality; how you think, why you think like that, and how you can change the way you think. For me, the most amazing revelation was that how I think, all my fears and anxieties and habits and hang-ups, are reinforced by almost unnoticeable daily behaviours that keep me the way I am. Break the cycle – Rob shows you how – and within a few days you are feeling, thinking and behaving quite differently… and for good. By the end of the book you have the understanding, insight and tools to think differently about your world. At the start of the book Rob asks you to do some simple questionnaires that reveal key aspects of the way you are. Do them again at the end to see the difference that it’s made; I found it a revelation! I worked through the book with some 1:1 guidance from Rob himself, but you can do so on your own or with one of his many practising associates. I have read many self-help and personal development books. Changing Limiting Beliefs stands head and shoulders above all the rest combined. What a stunningly effective piece of work!
Tom G

“Changing YOUR limited beliefs will be the best thing you ever do”
“If you are reading this, someone has probably recommended changing limited beliefs to you. Don’t think about it,ponder about it, talk about it, just buy it now and read it, it will change your life. In january 2011, I was diagnosed with depression, 2 months later and im off anti-depressants and high as a kite on life! If you have depression youself, you probably won’t believe me but it really is the wonderful truth. Rob Kelly writes well, in easy to understand English. He takes you through a journey of understanding yourself(and others around you!) to curing yourself of your debilitating illness (your limited beliefs). I read this book alongside therapy in changing limited beliefs, which I would highly recommend. My therapist is called Rita Smith and she is based in Epping, London. She is a fantastic therapist, thought I’d share that too! I can’t rate this book high enough. Go and read it, have a wonderful life and share it with your friends.”

“Real World Tool”
“I use this manual many times a week with my clients and I can safely say that it does “what it says on the tin”. 100% recommended for both lay folk as well as professionally qualified therapists.”
Wolverhampton Therapist

Hi Beaula,
I have benefited a geat deal from the sessions i have had, they allowed me to manage my thinking in a way I never thought was possible. The basis of it is so simple – turn your negative thought into a positive – it works! It takes effort, but the results are worthwhile. I still have to manage my thinking as i can slip back into bad habits but I am far more confident than I ever was and I feel I can achieve anything now. It is very powerful knowing you can manage your thinking, at the end of the day it is only you that can make yourself happy. I am very greatful and feel i have turned a corner now. Thank you.

I bought this book after suffering with depression & counselling not really helping me. Since reading this book & putting the techniques into practice I have been so much happier & now feel very positive about my future. I would definitely recommend this book.

“I cured myself of M.E. with this book!”
“It’s hard to believe it, but I haven’t worked or enjoyed life for more than twelve years. I was first diagnosed with ‘glandular fever’, then post-viral-fatigue-syndrome, then eventually ME. I don’t know – or really care now – what it was. I have spent thousands of pounds searching for a cure, but I was always looking outside of myself (what the book calls ‘external’) instead of inside of myself. Looking back now I KNOW that I was causing the ME through my anxiety and emotional responses – but if you had said that to me just three weeks ago, I would have punched you in the face for saying so!. There is so much rubbish on the internet about ME, and it is just that: rubbish – most of it spouted by people with a huge interest in staying ill! I have already recommended this book to all the ME sufferers I have met over the years, and I would recommend it to everyone. Buy it, use it, change you life! Thanks Rob Kelly”
David Canter

“This book helped me change my life”
Life is full of ups and downs, I found when the downs came along they hurt me and as a result others. Big things became of small things and so the cycle started, reading this book and being committed to working through the steps helped me to understand how I could get back control of my emotions. By practicing the DREAM technique a few times it became second nature, now when life has it’s downs they don’t get bigger than they should it didn’t happen overnight but working through the book and stopping the simplest sad though is something that creeps in on you until you can’t remember the last time you let yourself get dragged into a place you knew you didn’t want to be in. The book is written in plain English in a way that gives it to you straight a no nonsense approach to a no nonsense problem. I heartfuly recommend this book for everyone to work through, read it and you will be able to change your life. Your future will be in your control and those around you will appreciate you for it. It makes it easy to become the best you can be and stopping the gloomy dark days that may be with you from time to time. All the best and if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Rob pass my thanks on.
G. Bunting “G.B”

“Changing your life”
“This book contains valuable information for bringing about change for the better in a persons life. How you think about things has been proved to be very important for a persons wellbeing and happiness. Often people are frustrated by things they don’t want in their life, or things they do want to be able to do but there seems to be major obstacles to success. This book requires some effort as there are exercises that must be carried out to get the benefits of bringing about a happier more fulfilling life. It is well worth the effort and I recommend this book as a life changing tool.”
Nicolas Grogan

Thrive & how it helped me
Over the last few years my life has changed considerably due to the serious illness of my husband. Looking after him (willingly) affected my confidence and social skills which before this time I think had been very good. I felt my life needed to change and thought loosing weight was the answer and although I am doing this reading the book and talking things over with a therapist made me realise that my thinking and beliefs needed to change first. I have read the book over several weeks and with the help of it and the therapist I feel so much better about myself and my thinking and beliefs are now more positive. Thank you.

“Amazing, astonishing, groundbreaking, eye-opening, LIFE-CHANGING!
I am a 23 year old lad, and much like many other 23 year old lads of the modern ‘TOWIE inspired’ society, my hair is/was (or as I once so adamantly believed) the most important thing in life. What could life possibly bring without my glorious, spectacular full head of wonderful hair? Surely I would be held back from achieving success without my hair? Surely everyone would look at me in disgust whilst thinking “God he’s a bit young to be losing his hair, doesn’t he look terrible”. These are just a few of the destructive and ridiculous thoughts that would barrel their way around my mind during just about every minute of my previous day to day life.
Although it may seem silly to some, hair loss to me was rather a big deal at such a young age (or again so I once thought). Constantly checking in mirrors, taking photos with my phone held over my head, even wearing a woolly hat in the middle of summer (I know…ludicrous) just to mention a few things that I used to waste time doing. I really was obsessed.
For the worst part of about 3 years I had been unable to concentrate on anything other than the thought of losing my hair. I was anxious, nervous, depressed and aggressive, all the while having low self esteem and an overwhelming lack of concentration or focus. My family decided to step in and I was asked by my big sister to “go and see Ginny”. From the moment I sat down with Ginny Foy and ‘Thrive’ my life began to change. This book is an astonishing and original piece of brilliance. The way in which I was guided by both Rob and Ginny (and myself of course) to completely and utterly change the way I think over just 6 weeks, was truly remarkable. I not only learnt that my hair had absolutely nothing to do with my social anxiety and low self esteem but that I could turn every negative thought, feeling or statement into a positive one and really take control of my life.
The simple, yet insightful way in which the book is written makes for not only a fascinating read but at the same time allows each reader to think “yeah ok that makes sense” or “Damn I never thought of it like that”, It’s quite simply THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK YOU WILL EVER READ. BUY IT NOW OR FOREVER LIVE IN THE SHADOW OF THE AMAZING PERSON YOU REALLY CAN BE! I really do believe that hair or no hair I am now going to Thrive in everything I ever do. Thank you Rob Kelly and more importantly (for me) a mahoosive thank you to the legendary Ginny Foy. This experience really has changed my life.”

A manual for life
I have read LOTS and LOTS of self-help books all promising various things but largely failing to deliver. This is so much more than a self-help book. As far as I’m concerned it’s a manual for life. I’ve only read through it once (quickly – I couldn’t put it down!) and I already feel different – less anxious, more optimistic, and I know my worth. I feel excited for the first time in ages. Goodness knows what will happen when I read through it again slowly and do all the exercises! Well, actually, I think I do know what will happen. Watch out world! This time last year I was in bits with severe depression and anxiety. Reading this book made realise how I got myself into that situation, and how to stop it from happening again. Don’t hesitate to buy this wonderful book.

I never thought my life would change.. until i discovered Rob Kelly
I met rob kelly a few years ago.. & i was a mess and i mean a BIG MESS!! I suffered severe emetophobia & panic attacks which crippled my life for YEARS..i thought i would always be like this.. I was given this book and it is so inspiring and motivational.. it literally Changed my Life!! If you want to make a difference and change your bad thinking habits &give yourself a new lease of life ..then It is a MUST READ!!!! Thankyou rob!!!!

I still amaze myself at how in control I am
My clothes are much looser and I feel so much better about myself and my ability to reach my target. I don’t think I have ever been so focused, I don’t even think that’s the right word as I just don’t think about food anymore unless I am hungry or planning a meal. It no longer dominates my thoughts which is brilliant! I am still in awe of myself and giving lots of pats on the back!!”

“life changing book!”
“I bought this book a few months ago as it was recommended by a friend. I felt very low at the time and completely lost as to how to work out the direction that my life would take me. I felt i had not control about any decisions and felt so powerless. I started going through this book a little at a time. I bought some different coloured high lighters and went through it bit by bit underlining and highlighting all the parts that were ME! i thought the book was written especially for me and couldnt beleive it. It made such sense of the way i was feeling but most of all WHY i was feeling the way I did. The most startling part of it was the fact that it was my thinking that was causing the problem and when i finally got that – I knew that I was the one who could change it. That insight was pretty fantastic. It nmeant i could have a life free from anti depressants, sorrow and poor choices. It really is quite unbelievable and very easy to read. Obviously there were some parts that were beyond me (limited education) but not as much as i alwasy thought. I understood it the more i read it. I will be telling as many people as i can to buy the book – even if it gives you some understanding as to how your mind ticks. I think that the schools should be bringing this to the young children and educating them at an early age how there thinking affects their emotions and actions. It is quite staggering!!!”

“Rob Rocks :D ”
“I have read many self help books in the past, all claiming to ‘change your life’ and all of them with exercises dedicated to this goal. These techniques only ever seemed to last a few weeks with me, and then I would either forget or believe it wasn’t working so stop.
However, Rob’s book is completely different to any book I’ve ever read. For a start, I completely understand it! He writes in a way which makes you feel at ease when you’re reading it. The language and descriptions of what could be complicated techniques and theories are made interesting and up to date, making this book perfect for anyone and everyone. It is not your typical self help book, this book goes further than any other, and Rob actually explains why, before he does the ‘self help’ bit. It is so interesting to learn about why and how people become stuck thinking in a certain way, and how we really do have a choice whether we want to lead happy lives or not. I have so many dreams, goals and ambitions that I used to think could maybe happen, but deep down I never really believed it. But now, I truly feel that the sky’s the limit….and even further than that! Rob’s teachings have made such a difference to my life, and I cannot thank him enough.”

I’ve ‘suffered’ with claustrophobia for as long as I can remember. I would always try to avoid situations that brought on the symptoms. It started off with small gestures, such as getting out of the queue for a roller-coaster (because I hated being clamped down by the safety bar) and eventually progressed to avoiding any situation that was even remotely enclosed. I would always have to sit in the front seat of a car, stand at the back of the crowd at gigs and get out of elevators if there was anyone other than myself in them. I’ve walked up hundreds of flights of stairs while my wife and friends have been waiting for me at the top having taken the lift. My symptoms progressed further and further until I realised that something had to be done. I visited three separate doctors and explained that I’d been having panic attacks and that I needed some help. Needless to say, none of them were much help (in fact one actually laughed and told me that I needed to ‘toughen up’). I began to get used to the idea that I would never be able to rid myself of this burden, until one day at work somebody mentioned that they had undergone hypnotherapy to deal with their vertigo. I eventually stumbled across Pinner Hypnotherapy and booked a consultation. As soon as I met Anne I realised that there was nothing to be nervous about, and more importantly, that she knew exactly what she was talking about. We decided on the best course of action and booked 4 sessions in advance. At first I was a little apprehensive, but before long it became second nature and I would actually look forward to our weekly sessions. I was given work/exercises to do throughout the week, each one more eye opening and life changing than the last.
All in all, I think that going through the Thrive programme with Anne is one of the most important things I’ve done. It’s changed my life and given me the tools to deal with my claustrophobia….and life! I now get into lifts without hesitation and don’t even think about standing in crowds. I’ve also got a better understanding of how my head works. Since my sessions have finished, I’ve been trying to convince everyone that I know and love to work through the Thrive programme.
Anne is a lovely lady. She is very friendly and intelligent and made me feel comfortable during our sessions. She made all my options very clear and helped me all the way through. I’ll never regret going to Pinner Hypnotherapy and I’d urge anyone with a problem (no matter how big or small) to go and see Anne…she’ll sort you out!

This book changed my life, no matter what things you might be dealing with, please take some time to read this book….simple really.

Excellent Perspective
This is an amazing book, I myself have been suffering with chronic anxiety and panic disorder for a number of years. Despite on and off sessions of therapy which have all helped me but in different ways; I really feel this book has provided the absolute clarity and understanding of how a person thinks and the effects this thinking has on an individual. It also provides techniques which really work as exactly how the book promises they will, unlike, I hasten to add other self-help psychology based books. In the last 5 years I can’t remember a time when I had a happy feeling; but during reading the book and upon completing it and implementing the techniques described I have felt what it is like to be happy again and have started to gain control of my life. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who really wants to change their life and ‘thrive’ :-)

“Hey There Stevie,
Sorry for the delay, I’ve been very busy with my life and haven’t had a minute since my few sessions with you!! From about the age of 14  I started having chest pain, panic attacks, unknown rashes, feeling down and not worth anything, not wanting to go out and socialise as much etc. The doctors had me diagnosed with:
•   Sliding hiatus Hernia
•   Eczema, Psoriasis
•   Stomach Muscle Spasms
•   Acid Reflux
They started me on about 5 or 6 different courses of tablets and  These tablets only worked for a while, probably because I thought the doctor had found the problem. I was also referred me to the hospital for Ultrasound Scan, Chest Xray and OGD (camera down into the stomach) which all came back normal. Who was I to think the doctor was wrong or to question a doctor. Eventually when I was 19 I had a panic attack when I was driving and the doctor finally woke up and suggested it might be depression or anxiety.  I was started on Anti-Depressants.  I started taking these and they worked for a while but then stopped working.  I was on Mirtazepine, Venlafaxine and also Fluoxetine – but none of them seemed to work and I was getting more and more depressed.  11 months later I was referred to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) as the doctor thought this was appropriate. I finally thought, ‘good job, this might actually help me’!!!  the first consultation I was very nervous but after seeing the nurse 3 or 4 times, once a month for an hour I realised there was no change at all.  The nurse informed me that I could be going to CBT for years and the Depression will never go away for good.  I got disheartened when, every month I went, we went over the same spiel and was given ‘homework’ to do but never went over it.  I was doing things I didn’t understand and was never told why I was doing it. I actually started getting worse. As a last resort we saw an advert in the local paper, we were very sceptical but thought we may as well give it a go because nothing else seemed to work. I work in a medical practice and asked the doctor there if he thought I should go for it.  I was advised very strongly not to go as no-one knew enough about it and he gave me a name and number for another private doctor who would do more CBT which wasn’t working for me anyway!!  I see the same people day in and day out in the surgery and everything seems to be doom and gloom for them.  A lot of them have depression, are on anti-depressants and go to CBT or the psychiatrist- But it’s still not helping them.  When they go into the doctor they reminisce about there depression and always talk about it (this is only making them worse). I went for my first consultation, Stevie was able to tell me the way I was feeling and I had never even met him before!!  He said I could get rid of my depression within 5 or 6 sessions with him and it would be away for good unless I let it come back.  I couldn’t believe it but was still a bit sceptical. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy wasn’t the right thing for me so instead we did a thing call CLB (Changing Limiting Beliefs)  I found it very interesting because I was finding out about myself.  CLB is similar to CBT but it is very different at the same time, you actually know what you are meant to do and everything is explained properly to you.  It’s all to do with understanding the causes of depression and changing the way you think and feel. Stevie was my trainer, it wasn’t him that changed me, he just helped me along the way.  I helped myself change all the negative thoughts to positive thoughts and have a completely different outlook on life.  I also learnt the DREAM technique.  I haven’t had a panic attack or chest pain since completing the sessions or any bad thoughts! Stevie was right – I would be ‘cured’ once and for all – now that I know how to overcome depression it would be impossible for me to go back into it, or get to the state I used to be.  If I had of listened to that doctor I would still be attending CBT, still be on anti-depressants and still be attending my own doctor and also still be stuck in my depression!! I am so glad I went.  I feel 110% better and can’t believe how easy it was to get out and get my own life back! I would definitely recommend this service to EVERYONE!!”

Far more than a self help book
This book has made a real difference to my life! Parts of me that I always thought I was going to have to deal with, like excessive worrying, panic attacks, I have been able to control through working through this book. I know now in the future if I have to deal with any serious set backs or sad times that I have the skills to do so and confidence in myself to achieve! There is nothing to be sceptical of in this book. Its not scientific, pscyhological mumbo jumbo, nor is it a superficial self help book. Instead it is something that everyone can relate to regardless of whether you think there is something specific you need help to change in your life. You won’t regret it.

At first I was a little wary of ‘working through a textbook’ but after reading the intro and Chapter one, I just wanted to read more and more. I felt that I was on the road to recovery with every single Chapter I read. Rob manages to use non-psychological’ language that is easier to understand and he backs up his findings with example and research studies. I managed to relate each topic to my specific problem and it has helped me no end. He consolidates everything really well and gives you exercises / questions to answer which gives you a visual representation of how your are progressing.
Very worth while and more than worth the money. Thanks Rob and All.

“Hi Cara!!!
I’m sorry I didn’t get in touch sooner. I was just worried to say I was 99% better without actually experiencing a vomit situation!!! today my darling daughter vomited on me in my mums car (she has tonsillitis) and I coped!!!! I dealt with it and felt panic for approx 1min!!!! U have changed my life!!! Thank u !! ”

“This book is totally different to any other ‘self help’ book or ‘life changing’ book you may have come across in the past. It is looking at things in a totally different way. This book will help with anything from feeling depressed or just not sleeping. Take it in stages as it is a lot to take in and really read it. I read some parts twice just so they had really sunk in. Rob’s humour and understanding mean its enjoyable and makes you realise that you Can and Deserve to feel better. For over 10 years I was on various tablets, seen various doctors, councilers etc diognosed with everything from anxiety to depression to finally bi polor then back to just ‘on and off’ depression-what ever that was ment to mean! I was at the end of my tether and now after working with Rob personally and reading the book I can say for the first time in over 10 years I am well on the way to happyness and contentment. Even if this book was £100 I would buy it!”

I just wanted to say thank you so much Cara for taking me through the Thrive programme recently. Although I have only recently completed the course, my weight problems seem just a distant memory and I now look forward to everything in life with positivity. I was very sceptical about whether or not the course could help me but I’m so glad I made the effort to contact you as I found the whole process really relaxing and enjoyable. The weight is still coming off easily and my whole outlook on life has changed for the better. I know my success has been down to my effort but the way you took me through the information and made me understand my self as a person has been an invaluable experience. If there are areas of your life with which you are struggling and you REALLY want to change for the better, then Thrive is a must.

No More Brooding
This book and the Thrive Programme helped me so much. It has had a hugely positive effect on my life. I am now able to identify when I am thinking in an unhelpful way and I have been much more productive and happy since completing the programme. The effects of the programme were in evidence even after my first session! I would highly recommend this to anybody.

“Hi Greg – I decided to come to you for help this year with my low moods, lack of confidence and anxiety. After my first consultation i was really relieved that i was able to change,break habits and become a happier individual again. I did want a quick fix if i’m honest with you and was suprised that it would be me who had to take responsibility and commit to the change. I knew it was going to take a lot of of hard work and determination but after spending the hour with you i also put my trust in changing limiting beliefs and in you Greg. As soon as i started the programme i was overwhelmed with emotion… from that moment i felt excited, and assertive and knew everything was going to change and I could get my life back on track. Every evening i committed to an hour and looked forward to understanding how JOANNE’S mind was working. One of the first exercises showed how i had such a low self esteem. I had always been so critical of myself and punished myself as i wasn’t the perfect person. But who is?? I needed to stop the high expectations and manage my thinking and let go of all those negative beliefs and habits. Ive identified my personality and that majority of my thoughts and beliefs were external. I needed to change this to having an internal locus of control. I always believed in fate,luck,karma and what would be would be- so basically i just gave up trying and blamed everyone else. But now i feel more in control and am making these changes and not feeling so scared and it feels bloody good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall i just say the glasses I’m wearing now are Rosy..
I have learnt that I’m a perfectionist and also have an hypervigillance,obsessive thinking style. I have understood the cycles of behaviour and now will challenge them and interrupt them by writing a diary daily. This is helping me with my weight loss and driving anxieties. I have also started the dream technique which i found harder. Never really ever praised myself before but this is becoming easier when dealing with my achievements. Last week i was involved in an incident where i choose to volunteer to save a ladies life by performing first aid till the paramedics came. I stayed calm and focused and after the initial shock i was sooo proud of my huge achievement. My self esteem was so high and i praised my achievement by writing my positive thoughts down. Would i have volunteered a month ago?? Not too sure Greg. The lady was well and she thanked me with so much passion. I Felt powerful,good ,strong and happy at last. Ive now lost a stone in weight breaking my cycles of thinking relating to food and emotions and I’m enjoying my driving so much more. I look forward to seeing you on Friday Greg. ”
Kind regards J….

“The book that changed my life!”
“This book has quite simply changed my life! I have been lucky enough to meet ‘the man himself’ Mr Rob Kelly and he is a truely inspirational guy. Luckily for all of you out there who want to change your own life and create the happy and successful life you deserve, Rob has provided you with the only tool you will ever need – Changing Limiting Beliefs. This book is written in such a way that you are able to understand why you feel the way you do and learn what it is that is holding you back from creating the happy life you want – YOU! When I first met Rob I had been suffering with ‘depression’ for almost 3yrs. I had been through numerous counsellors, given pills from the Dr and seen a life coach, and although I would feel better for a short period the depressed feelings and anxiety would always come back! I was beginning to believe that this was just the way I was, I was beyond help and I would live my life this way forever, I felt entirely helpless and in honesty would rather be dead; there’s my ‘limiting beliefs’ right there!! Rob said to me on our first meeting that in just 4 weeks I would not feel depressed anymore and even better I would never go back to that state of mind again. I must admit, I had my reservations (ooh, another limiting belief!!) but I was more than willing to go for it and see what would happen. And, unsurprisingly to Rob, I am not depressed anymore – I feel amazing! This book has undoubtedly saved my life, oops correction, I have saved my life through learning to manage my thinking and controlling my thoughts – all this came from Robs book – Changing Limiting Beliefs. I dont even remember what those really bad days felt like anymore, to me now, it feels like those dark times were in another world and I am certainly never visiting there again, infact my new positive mind wont allow it!! I have recommended this book to everyone I know, I’m not saying all my friends are depressed – far from it! But this book can help anyone with even a tiny phobia or lack of confidence issue. It will unlock a belief in yourself you never knew you had. You really can achieve anything you want in life, there is absolutely nothing stopping you – only YOU if you choose to let yourself be a barrier. Trust me, get this book and you will never look back! I seriously cant recommend this book enough, it should be a compulsory fixture on everyone’s bookcase and certainly as part of school curriculum! Thanks Rob, keep up the great work!! x”