Before reading this book every day was a misery but now I treasure every day and look forward to my future! Thank you to the amazing Rob Kelly for helping me to understand my ways of thinking and writing the best book ever written!

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The research-backed self-help programme to help you overcome your fear of being sick

Cure Emetophobia & Thrive Book

Comments from people who have overcome their emetophobia


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“Cured of Emetophobia – a fear of being sick/ill”

“I had suffered with emetophobia (a huge fear of being sick) for the last twenty years, and it was ruining my life: I couldn’t go out, couldn’t get a boyfriend, was obsessional about what I ate, and lived a life full of anxiety. Over the years I saw several different therapists, read every self-help book I could find, and even spent some time in a psychiatric institute!!

All these ‘professionals’ said ‘they understood’ and ‘they could help’, and some even promised me a cure – none of them did, and in the meantime my phobia just got worse and worse. I could have saved 20 years of my life, about £10,000, and lots of ruined friendships – if I had read this book back then. AT LAST – not only does somebody understand this phobia, but speaks a language that normal people can understand, AND can help.

A friend of mine cured themself of depression using the insights and techniques within this book, and recommended it to me. Three weeks after buying it and using it, my emetophobia is completely gone!!! I mean COMPLETELY gone! For the first time in twenty years I feel alive and happy. Thank you, thank you thank you.”

Della Johnson – London

Della the happy!

“Absolutely Amazing!”

“Hi, I’m 15 years old and I suffered from Emetophobia . This book has helped me get my life back on track . My Emetophobia first started when I was 8. For the past 8 years I didn’t go anywhere, my head was always down, my attendance at school was very poor due to the phobia, my eating habits were terrible, night times were horrendous and most of my day was spent in my bedroom crying.

Throughout the years I have been to numerous doctors clinics and mental health centres with no difference. After reading the Thrive workbook and attending a few sessions with an IAPH member I am now so positive and happy, I take the good out of any situation, I walk with my head held high, I’m going out shopping etc., my eating habits are improving and I generally love the company of others again! I feel so resilient now . Before reading this book every day was a misery but now I treasure every day and look forward to my future!

Thank you to the amazing Rob Kelly ( author ) for helping me to understand my ways of thinking and writing the best book ever written! My advice to anyone out there that has even a small anxiety to someone with a large, limiting anxiety please BUY THIS BOOK !!!”


“What you have done for me is amazing”

“Dear Diane,

Hope you are well, sorry it has taken me such a long time to email my thanks!

When I first came to you, although I had had a few sessions up in Northampton, I was stills suffering quite badly with the Emetophobia, I struggled to eat in restaurants, sit in crowded, enclosed spaces, travel on public transport, even eat certain things without panicking about being sick in front of everyone. I searched for exits and toilets compulsively everywhere I went.

But since seeing you, it has changed my life dramatically. I have had a few wobbles where I have needed to focus on the DREAM technique but I expected that, and feel that I have grown stronger and stronger throughout them. I have since spent a month in India (with lots of being sick!) and 3 months in America, doing solo and dual flying hours towards my pilot’s license. I am currently a High Ropes Instructor and still focusing on a career in the Army – just over a year ago, Emetophobia would have held me back from all of this; I wouldn’t even have been able to get on the plane to India!

More than helping in my everyday life, I have been reading other peoples stories and they all involve a trauma between the ages of 1 and 6 as the cause for Emetophobia. Mine was the same, but the difference is theirs all involved a vomit related trauma, whereas mine didn’t. This has started a huge interest for me in the causes of the phobia itself and I have been drawn into researching it more and more because so little is known about it. I cannot thank you enough because you have changed my life so dramatically.

Although each session brought up painful memories and emotions, I cant imagine living now as I did before hypnotherapy. When I came to you the phobia had reached its worst, and I thought I would be in fear of being sick forever. Now I don’t feel held back by anything and what you have done for me is amazing. I hope you continue to help people as much as you did me.”

Thanks again, Naomi

Emetophobia Testimonials

“The difference in my son has been incredible”

“Just wanted to write to thank you for your time with the Thrive programme. I had originally gone to see Jon to receive hypnotherapy for my son aged 12 to help his emetephobia which was limiting his day to day activities including attending school and using transport. I felt powerless to help him but knew I had to do something. I was very surprised when Jon suggested the Thrive programme as I hadn't heard of it but Jon was very reassuring that it would help my son to get better completely and I trusted his judgement albeit I was a little apprehensive especially as I was doing the programme in order to help my son!

From the moment I received the book, I believed. Jon explained each part of the book over a few weeks and his knowledge, enthusiasm and belief in the programme was infectious and I thoroughly enjoyed each session. I was armed with the knowledge I needed to talk to my son about his emetephobia and anxieties about school and using transport.

The difference in my son has been incredible. He has been so pleased that I have seen Jon and now feels that he can get better because of what I have taught him. He has attended school without any worries and visited the orthodontist last week where the dental nurse asked if he was still suffering from feeling 'sick' and shaking when he went there. My son actually laughed and said 'no' stating that he couldn't believe that he had felt like that the last time! Speaks volumes!

The book is very easy to follow, hard to put down and you feel that Rob Kelly is talking personally to you. It changes the way you see your belief systems and it made my son realise (as well as myself) that beliefs we have can be changed even if they are habitual! Thank you Jon for suggesting I do this programme, it has been incredibly enjoyable, fulfilling and most importantly, life changing!”

Sharon and Kieran Ford

Read what people who used to suffer with Emetophobia have said about the Thrive Programme and how it helped them overcome their problem.

Note: ‘The Thrive Programme’ was initially named ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’, so some feedback comments mention ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’ rather than ‘Thrive’

“It was my time to change - THRIVE has given me a new lease of life!”

“At 8 years old I developed an ever growing fear of sickness, although I'm not sure what it was that started it exactly. Since then my emetophobia had developed a growing debilitating presence in my everyday life. I developed obsessive cleaning and sanitation habits as I was terrified of getting anything like Norovirus.

Through recognizing my career aspirations and ambitions, some significant life changing events (Divorce), battling with Depression in my early 20's for 18 months and now being a proud mum to my seven year old son meant I couldn't go on anymore with this phobia it was really ruining my life. It was only after I researched "fear of sickness" online that I realised firstly it had a name "emetophobia" and secondly that I wasn't alone and thirdly there was a programme called "THRIVE" that could cure me! WOW!

So I found an amazing Thrive consultant (Cara Ostryn), who worked with me through the book and the programme and really helped me to understand my inner workings, my belief systems which helped me find that cure. The fantastic thing about Thrive is that YOU can cure yourself, the Thrive book is your anchor along with the consultant but you have to put the effort in and work through the exercises and process process process your mind to make this change.

The Thrive programme has taught me about myself, people have seen such a signifant change in me. As well as curing my phobia, it has given me confidence, a new gravitas in my personal and professional life. It's a whole new me, and I can't actually believe a book has done this for me. It has changed my life, it was worth every penny. Im sure like any emetephobe that this review reaches out to, you only need to take 6 weeks of your life after suffering years of misery to cure this debilitating and secret Phobia. Thrive really is a cure.”

Thank you Cara and Rob.


“I am proud to say that I am an ex-emetophobe! This is all thanks to the exercises and techniques in the Thrive book and Cara. It has completely changed my life; and no amount of thank yous would be enough for Cara showing me how to effectively use the exercies and techniques in the Thrive book, and supporting me. I recommend this to anyone who has a fear, phobia, anxiety, stress, etc.

Try the Thrive Programme and I guarantee you will a whole load better, especially with Cara helping you. It is completely different from other therapies such as CBT, it makes you feel good about yourself and empowers you, so you can get over your problem.  It's surprising how just changing the way you think and react to things can help so much, and this is all thanks to Thrive.”

Aisha, 21

“A friend of mine cured themself of depression using the insights and techniques within this book, and recommended it to me. Three weeks after buying it and using it, my emetophobia is completely gone!!! I mean COMPLETELY gone! For the first time in twenty years I feel alive and happy. Thank you, thank you thank you.”


“After suffering with crippling panic attacks and emetophobia for 20 years and being told by a lot of therapists and doctors that I can't change it I am so happy I found this! Material was simple to read but very effective. It came to the point where I was looking at a childless future this book and my trainer Richard have now changed this for me and I cannot wait until the time comes that I can be a mother and do what I want to achieve.”

“Life changing”

“I had emetophobia for over 20 years, a phobia that developed when I was about 6 years old. Anyone who knows anything about emetophobia will know that it effects every single aspect of your life and is extremely debilitating. My beliefs, coping mechanisms and behaviour had been repeated every day for 20 years and within one month all of this changed.

I decided to work through the book with a therapist and I found this very useful - if you have a therapist in your area who specialises in CLB I would highly recomend it.

This book changed my life.”

“Dearest Cara,

I really don’t know how to say thank you enough, you have changed my life completely! I know what you would say, and that is that it was me that did that! Yes you are right, but without your kindness, complete understanding and amazing knowledge of what you do, i could never have come so far! I came to you for my emetophobia, due to a recommendation from a friend of a friend, and the fact that you had treated a lot of emetophobes!

I have to say i was very sceptical to start, as everywhere i looked on the subject said there was no cure, i now know that is rubbish and believe i am cured!!!  Not only did you help with that,but also with my low self-esteem and social anxiety, of which i didn’t realise were so bad, or how long they have been with me. I really wish i could have met you sooner, so i wouldn’t have missed out so much in life. But i can tell you what,there is no stopping me now. I know now that the only person in life holding me back is me!

But not anymore. I know there will be challenges in life , but you have taught me the tools to deal with these and those tools and beliefs shall stay with me forever. My relationship with my children is now amazing, due to me being less stressed, less anxious and having so much more fun in life!! All my friends want to know what i am taking, as they have seen such a dramatic change in me, they certainly don’t believe me when i say its just me enjoying life!! I came to you a total wreck, ready to leave my kids because i couldn’t cope with the constant obsessing about sick, thinking about it 100 or more times a day, now i probably only think about 1 or 2 times a day, and cant get enough of my children and enriching their life with all those things that kids should be doing, which i stopped due to my phobia.

I cant recommend you enough to people, i think Cara Ostryn should be on the national health and it be available to everyone!!!!

This whole process has made me think about my future … but now i have been through   ‘changing limiting beliefs’ and totally believe in this, i would like to do the same, i want to be able to help people in the same way i have. If i could help just one person in the same way it would be worth while! I would just liketo say again THANK YOU, you have changed my life!!!”

Maggie, 32

“Firstly I would like to give you a huge thank you Richard, for giving the Taylor family our lives back again. I would like to say a little about our experience as a family and as a parent of 13 year old Daughter that has suffered for many years with anxiety and Emetophobia, and I hope this helps others that are suffering too.

With treatment their lives too can become normal and wonderful again, one which I never thought would be possible as things had got so bad. We were so desperate for help and tried every avenue, when we came across your details on the web.

Our lives as a family had almost come to a holt, with never being able to arrange days out, holidays, or even having friends round as my daughters anxiety and Emetophobia was so bad she would end up making herself sick from the worry and fear of becoming Ill. She had slept for months on a sofa with endless screaming throughout the night in fear of being sick and was unable to even get into bed.

Life for her was awful which put tremendous strains on the family, it was so upsetting, frustrating and exhausting to see and hear her suffering every day. From having only 6 family sessions with Richard, completely changed my daughters way of thinking and reasoning. She is now able to answer her own fears with a logical answers and take control of her life again, which was unheard of. She hardly mentions the word “sick” (which I can’t say I miss), as her obsession with sickness used to make her talk about it non-stop, literally NON STOP!

These sessions with you Richard were fun and we learnt a lot about our daughters thought process which has helped us have a better understanding of her “ illness” which was priceless. It has completely changed our lives and we are all so grateful for this. To be honest I never thought we would be saying this.”

Many thanks, E, N & S


“This is an amazing book….buy it NOW as it will change your life!!I had suffered for years with emetophobia and anxiety and thought I would have one more try at ridding myself of it! I decided to do it in conjunction with a trained therapist…in my case the skilful Christian Bell in Rugby who I can thoroughly recommend.

In a few weeks I realised that not only had my phobia improved but also the anxiety that I had been plagued with all my life was going….I am getting better all the time and on the odd day when I fall into what Rob calls a pot hole it doesnt last long and Christian is amazingly supportive.

I am now planning on doing the training courses on the Autumn to help others not to spend their lifes needlessly suffering….GIVE IT A GO PLEASE!!! (with or without a therapist…this will change your life Im sure)….”


“We contacted Beaula Paige in July 2010 after reading her website.

Our 16 year old son was suffering from Emetophobia, which was destroying his life. He had also developed severe OCD tendancies which were completely ruling his daily way of life. The emetophobia caused him to believe that everything he did, touched, smelt or ate would make him vomit. Consequently, this caused his body mass to drop to 16 and his weight became 42k.

He was hospitalised and we were desperate to find him some help. He first visited Beaula in the summer and began a programme of self help. He had incredibly low self esteem and found attending the sessions very hard. Every week brought new challenges and although sometimes this was incredibly difficult for him to cope with, she encouraged him to stay positive and focused.

Now, in November, the difference is truely amazing. He has embarked on a completely different take on life. He no longer has OCD rituals which rule his life and he is eating! His weight has raised to 53k and he is now having driving lessons and he has successfully returned to college and has recently secured a part time job. We are so pleased with his successes.

We can’t praise Beaula’s professionalism enough. We would recommend her to anybody who needs some help to enjoy life.”

“I love it!!”

“At first I didn’t think a book would get rid of my emetophobia. But it worked. It really does! I read through all of the pages and did all the exercises in the book and towards the end of the book was in a few uncomfortable situations but I wasn’t anxious of even nervous.! For 5 years I was living with emetophobia. And after finishing the book I was fully cured!

I feel free to eat what I want without hesitating or feeling anxious. I would defiantly recommend this book to everyone! It’s fantastic. Thanks Rob”


“I beat emetophobia using THRIVE”

“I worked with Rob Kelly himself, and I was a very severe emetophobic. Rob introduced me to ''Thrive'' - a concept I fought I might add, like my depended on it. That said, my life was so utterly consumed by a phobia of sick, that I had nothing to lose - so I tried, despite my very sceptical view of this ''cure''.

I had emetophobia for over 30 years - it ruled every second of my life, coloured every experience, destroyed everything in my life, tormented me - I lived in fear.

Everything I did, or did not do was defined by sick. I had seen in excess of 45 different therapists, over decades, spent thousands upon thousands on treatments (literally) with the promise of a ''cure'' only to be told I was ''resistant'' my phobia was ''too severe'' and labelled ''untreatable''. I had almost given up, hen I met Rob Kelly - he will remain the most amazing, insight, perceptive and kind man I have ever met - his knowledge of people, their minds, the interplay of emotions, personality traits and basically what makes us all 'tick' will never ever cease to amaze me - I often feel he can reach into my mind and read my thoughts - its at times, erie how spot on he actually was / is.

This guy actually gets emetophobia - I have never met anyone else who does like him and I have been treated in every corner of this Earth - again literally. This actually DOES show you how to cure yourself. Hard to believe, and believe me many a heated argument was had on this would not be unfair to say I was quite an offensive person to treat...

That said, Rob never waivered - not once. His utter belief in this was shocking at times to me - he KNEW it worked. Did I believe him - sorry, no, not once. Did I do what Thrive asked - eventually yes & I so wish I had long before - because when I did, I actually started to SEE a difference in myself.

I hate being wrong, I truly hate it - but I am happy to say I was wrong - in every sense of the word - this works, by god does it work. I have a life for the first time in my life and I got it using thrive.

If you think life is not worth living because of sick, or that you just CAN'T deal with it, or CAN'T do anything because you might be sick - then please put yourself out of the misery I know it is to live with a phobia like this - buy this book and do exactly what it says - nothing more, nothing less. And trust me, if it helped me - it can help you too.

This is not some bogus approach by some guy who is trying to sell a book - not some ''motivational'' book - not one of those billions of ''self help'' books that don't get it / make any difference. This approach does, and I am living proof of it - proof that a phobia can be beaten, against all odds and now I am so desperately grateful as for the first time, I have a life & I never ever thought I would!

Thank you Mr Kelly, you are truly the most inspirational, wise man on this planet - I so hope others can benefit as I did. Thanks for sticking with me!!!!!!

Your life does not have to be about sick - there actually is a treatment now, that does work!”


“I bought this book to go through with my wife as she was at her wits end (and so was I). We did all the exercises together just as per the book and I read it just as much as she did. It's the best £20 we've ever spent as not only is she over her emetophobia, I've changed too.

With all the hassle we've had for years with avoidance, poor social life, and anxiety beyond belief, this book has taken that all away (OK we / she did) and it was so easy. Challenging, but easy. So, now looking forward to a great summer holiday, visiting the restaurants we've always wanted to, and so much more...

Thanks Rob”

“At last! someone who really understands emetophobia”

“This book is an absolute must for anyone suffering with a fear of being sick, or for anyone living with someone with this fear.

My daughter has spent the last 11 years totally consumed with the fear of being sick, Over the years she has seen psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists (none of which helped as they didn't seem to really understand emetophobia).

Only now, at the age of 17 has she really began to grasp why she has this fear and how she has the ability to change thanks to this amazing book.

As a Mum, reading this book really helped me understand how I unknowingly helped my daughter to maintain this fear, and since my behaviour and responses to my daughter have changed, coupled with her new found knowledge from this book, she is beginning to enjoy life at last.

This book is well written, easy to understand and I would say its an absolute must for anyone with this fear to read it.”

“The only book you need to CURE your emetophobia”

“I was reluctant to buy yet another book advising me how to 'cope with' or 'live with' emetophobia. So when I came across Rob Kelly's 'CURE your emetophobia and thrive' I was intrigued, to say the least. What insights could this author possibly offer that others hadn't? An abundance, as it happens!

Unlike the others this book offers clear explanations as to why people have emetophobia and why the therapies they have tried in the past are likely to have fallen short. It contains clear and concise exercises and actions to undertake so that YOU can CURE your emetophobia, as YOU are the only one who can!

Everything the author says is backed up by research and evidence. As someone who is quite pedantic I tend to challenge everything I am told, but even I couldn't argue with evidence and logical reasoning.

Each chapter I read was like adding another piece to the puzzle and by the end of the book all my questions had been answered. There was no doubt in my mind that if I applied determined effort and followed the detailed plan of action I could overcome my emetophobia. And I did!”

“I never thought my life would change.. until i discovered Rob Kelly”

“I met rob kelly a few years ago.. & i was a mess and i mean a BIG MESS!! I suffered severe emetophobia & panic attacks which crippled my life for YEARS..i thought i would always be like this.. I was given this book and it is so inspiring and motivational.. it literally Changed my Life!!

If you want to make a difference and change your bad thinking habits &give yourself a new lease of life ..then It is a MUST READ!!!!

Thankyou rob!!!!”


Former emetophobic.

“I can't thank Stephen Chan enough. When i came to see him i was at my wits end. I got diagnosed with post-natal depression and got put on anti-depressants after having my daughter, I was so low and very angry, I hated myself and was convinced i was the worst mummy ever! My biggest problem though was that i was very anxious and had the biggest fear of being sick! The thought of being sick or even feeling sick terrified me!

I spent 6wks completing the Thrive programme with Stephen and it was the best thing I’ve ever done! Stephen put me right at ease and explained why I was feeling the way I was feeling which was very reassuring! We worked together changing my thinking patterns and now i feel like a whole new person. I’m now making plans for me and my daughter's future as a family as I now feel strong enough to take things on. I’m planning a career and looking at places for us to live.

The biggest change I’ve noticed is my fear if being sick has literally vanished. That was the main thing holding me back and if my daughter was sick or I even felt sick I freaked out, now I’m super mummy.


I honestly can't thank Stephen enough as he has changed my life and i am now looking forward to the future.”


“I am fourteen years old and I have lived with emetophobia since I was five.

After nine years of a variety of therapies and other people trying to convince me that there was nothing to be afraid of, I finally found something that taught me that I had the power within me to overcome my fears. I started Thrive four months ago after a three week period of out of control anxiety, centered around the fear of vomiting, that left me unable to go to school, sleep, eat, or function in any rational way.

After doing ONE session of Thrive, I realized that I had the ability to change and control the thoughts that were in my head, so I could live a life without fear. Instead of relying on other people to tell me that I am ok, all I do is remember what I learned from Thrive, and I am ok. Things aren't always 100% perfect, but I always have something to rely on to comfort me and it comes from within now.

Now, I've done about ten sessions of Thrive and am living a happy/healthy life!”

"A nurse, suffering with emetophobia would sound like a joke!

Not when you are the one living through it….Every single thing, and every comment, at home or work, was filtered through my emetophobic glasses. There seemed no way out… life was exhausting.

That was until I came across the Thrive programme, and tentatively made contact with Richard Parsons. What a fantastic decision I made !…

I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful and compassionate response, at a time when my self -esteem was low, leaving me feeling very vulnerable. Usually I do not enjoy being in “the patient” role, but Richards’ relaxed cheerful style was more akin to chatting to a (very knowledgeable) friend in lovely comfortable surroundings. Our sessions combined insight into how to first understand and then manage my thinking style; with many random thoughts and questions from me.

I found it amazingly easy to talk to Richard, and will always remember his genuine concern, and desire to help his clients. The only way he could maintain this is because he truly loves his work. I enjoyed every session, finding all the new information fascinating, and left every one motivated and enthusiastic, and smiling! (Yes… smiling whilst dealing with emetophobia!!). Before long I realised that I was challenging all areas of my life; and my internal locus of control and self- esteem were growing steadily.

Now, 3 months after meeting Richard I realise that “ this thing” of which I was so scared, does not actually exist, except in my thoughts; and as I now know how to manage my thinking…….. WOW!

I have been delaying writing this letter until I “KNOW” that I can cope, but have realised of course that that is just another limiting belief… so have decided not to delay!"

Wendy B, consulting for Emetophobia, May 2012

"After seeing Patrick and going through the Thrive Programme with him, I have seen a massive improvement in my emetophobia and constant obsessing about sickness. I know that I've still got to keep working at this but Thrive has given me the tools to be able to do this"

Mrs H.W. Surrey

“I was nervous at my first session but Claire was great and put me at my ease straight away.

I really felt so much more positive after my first session and began to believe that I could overcome my phobia and improve my life. I now believe that I can do anything I put my mind to and learning this one fact has enabled me to take on new challenges such as starting up my own business with confidence. I’ve learned so much about myself that has allowed me to cope better with previously scary or stressful situations. I used to say that I suffered from emetophobia, like I was a victim of this uncontrollable thing.

After my sessions with Claire I now understand that my phobia stems from mismanaged thinking and that I have the power to control how and what I think about.

These sessions have given me back control over my life and as a result I feel so positive about the future. ”

“After some weeks of deliberation, I finally got round to telephone Jon Hicks at Bigods Hall Hypnotherapy Clinic for an appointment.

I have been suffering from Emetophobia since I was a child, and am now in my 50`s. Firstly it was encouraging to see on the web site how common emetophobia is.

I had always imagined myself to be almost the only person in the world to suffer from it! I had 12 weeks of therapy with Jon Hicks, six of which was hypnotherapy which I found relaxing and relieved me of clutter in my mind… The next six sessions were concerned with “Changing Limiting Beliefs” – basically re-educating me in my thinking and feelings.

A combination of the two has made an amazing difference to me. I am now happier and more confident than I have ever been, and learning how to change my thinking and beliefs has had the effect of diminishing the emetophobia considerably.

Jon is an excellent therapist, and clearly and patiently discussed all aspects of my treatment. His sympathy and common sense approach to life`s difficulties made the sessions enjoyable and I always felt so much better for seeing him. I found some excercises challenging, but the difference I feel at the end of the course has made it all worth while, and I would recommend anyone with mind problems to go to Jon.

Many Thanks Jon”