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This course is ideal for anyone suffering from emetophobia, or people closely related (i.e. parent, partner) to a sufferer.


This exciting course will give you a complete overview of how you can ‘Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive’, with an opportunity to have your questions answered by Rob Kelly. Rob’s engaging, enthusiastic (and sometimes irreverent) approach will leave you feeling empowered and capable, with an in-depth understanding of how you can overcome emetophobia. The day will include lectures, interactive questionnaires and insider knowledge on how to get maximum benefit from The Thrive Programme. The course includes a significant amount of information and insights that are not found in the main ‘Cure your emetophobia and Thrive’ book.


The course will include:


  • Overcoming your emetophobia with the Thrive Programme
  • The Thrive Formula – how to effectively apply it to yourself
  • Understanding your psychological foundations – and why they are the root to your success
  • Why it’s not about the past
  • How your strong desire for control can make your emetophobia much worse
  • Learn how to build a strong Internal Locus of Control – particularly around your self-esteem
  • Unhelpful Thinking Styles – how to use them to your advantage
  • How to identify the key areas that YOU need to focus on
  • The role of significant others, unhelpful ‘support groups’ and other people who have inadvertently helped you to maintain your emetophobia (the course is really helpful if you are the parent of a child with emetophobia, or if your partner or spouse is suffering)
  • Understanding and reducing perfectionism and obsessive thinking
  • Master some powerful techniques to help manage your thinking
  • Presentations from people who have already cured themselves of emetophobia using the Thrive Programme
  • Getting 100% over your phobia, not just ‘a bit better’
  • Question and answer session (there will opportunities to ask questions throughout the day, and to chat to Rob Kelly and other Thrive Consultants)
  • Overcome common mistakes people make when applying the programme
  • Really take charge of your life, and Thrive!


The Royal Society of Medicine is easily accessible from Bond Street and Oxford Street tube stations. Full details can be found here


What to Bring

Bring your copy of ‘Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive’ (available here): to gain maximum benefit from the training day, you need to have studied the book beforehand. It is not essential to have completed all the exercises, actions and quizzes prior to the training day. Full course notes will be available to download from the website after the event.

Tea and coffee will be provided. Bring your own lunch or pop out and buy something locally.


Who is the course for?

The course is designed for anyone suffering from emetophobia, whether you’ve suffered for one year, one decade or one lifetime! Close family members and spouses can have a significant impact on your ability to cure your emetophobia – the course is ideal for them as well so bring them along.


Forthcoming Dates for ‘Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive’ with Rob Kelly

Copenhagen – 14/15 February 2015
Oslo – 14/15 June 2016
Edinburgh – 2015 date TBA
Manchester – 2015 date TBA

Future dates for 2015 include USA and Canada. To register your interest in future courses please send an e mail to Please check our Facebook page for further announcements.
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