Support videos to help you overcome emetophobia

A video describing the process by which we create phobias and anxieties

In this video I describe how to recognise when to take action. (Thrive Consultants use the metaphor of 'marbles' to help emetophobes build their self-esteem: Every positive, kind, supportive, loving, supportive thought you have about yourself or your life is a white marble. Every negative, hostile, unkind, mean, un-supportive thought you have: a black marble.)

'It's not about the past': one of the most important concepts to grasp, when overcoming your phobia and learning to thrive.

How to 'stay on track' when overcoming your fear of being sick. Building the confidence to know that you are doing the right thing, heading in the right direction, and pacing yourself.

Understanding the differences between internal and external self-esteem, and how to raise your self-esteem.

When overcoming emetophobia it's very important to spend the right amount of time building your 'foundations' (your self-esteem and locus of control). Most emetophobes spend hours every day firefighting and attempting to control their anxiety, rather than building their foundations so that don't create anxiety in the first place. (ie they need to stop 'firefighting' and put more effort into stopping building fires in the first place!)

In the video below I talk about the effects of 'Desire for control' and 'locus of control'.

The connection between 'desire for control', locus of control, and learned helplessness. How to overcome your sense of helplessness and learn to thrive.

Jane describes how Maggie (her 'significant other') colluded with her about her fear of being sick, making it harder to overcome.

It's important that you know just how much your beliefs have changed, and how strong your new beliefs are: weak beliefs won't help you...

In the video below I describe the differences between 'Primary' and 'Secondary' control

In the video below Rhi describes how she cured herself at home, with the book

Below is the full presentation Rob gave at the first ever National Emetophobia Awareness Day.

You can watch all our video testimonials on our YouTube channel: Emetophobia Expert

Watch some video diaries as emetophobes cure themselves over 6-8 weeks:

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Read our research report that shows all 64 participants cured their sickness phobia - in 6-8 weeks

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