Overcome your fear of being sick/vomit (Emetophobia) – Desire for control support video

"Desire for control, perceived control and learned helplessness"

The video below is an support video for people going through The Thrive Programme to overcome their fear of being sick/seeing others vomiting. The manual they are using is called 'Cure your emetophobia and thrive' - which is available from this website. (There is also a teenagers with emetophobia version of the book)

The Thrive Programme is the most successful and predictable cure for emetophobia and is fully backed up by scientific research. In our own research survey, all 164 participants overcame their fear of being sick. The programme was created by Rob Kelly - a therapist with over 30 years clinical experience - who has helped thousands of people to overcome their fear of being sick, and live happy, fulfilled lives.  

Desire for control

A personality trait reflecting the extent to which individuals are generally motivated to control the events in their lives. How much control you want or attempt to gain over situations.

Perceived control

How much control you think you have. How predictable you believe your experiences are. This is a combination of locus of control/SPACE and your send of competency.

Learned Helplessness

The maladaptive passivity shown by animals and humans following experiences with uncontrollable events. Little of no control over events of concern.

Learned helplessness is an unhelpful thinking style in which a person believes that they are helpless and behaves in a helpless manner, even when they have the power to alter their damaging situation. Learned helplessness theory is the idea that clinical depression and similar mental illness arise from the perception that you have no control over the outcome of a situation. Learned helplessness is something that can be applied to any area of a person's life. As you may already have noticed, one big problem with learned helplessness is that it is somewhat self-propagating. You believe that you are powerless to alter your situation, so you do nothing to try to change things. As you are doing nothing, your situation doesn't change, which then further backs up your belief that things are hopeless.

Overcome your fear of Emetophobia and thrive!

By recognising and then modifying any unhelpful thinking styles you have, you are helping to reduce stress and anxiety, build a more internal sense of power and control, create higher self-esteem and lower your social anxiety.

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