Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive – The Book

Released at the recent Vitality Show in London, Rob Kelly’s latest book, “Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive”, is now available to buy at The Thrive Programme Shop. This “targeted” adaptation of the best-selling Thrive Programme book is designed to help those with a phobia of vomiting to overcome their fears. The special edition builds upon the tools & techniques found within the original book, but focuses specifically on Emetophobia. The insights that are described within the book are backed up by the latest scientific research into emetophobia.

The short video below is about Mary.  Mary had suffered with terrible emetophobia for over 75 years.. she had it from age 6 to age 81.  In October 2014 she COMPLETELY CURED herself by going through ‘Cure your emetophobia and thrive’

How can the book help me?

This book is all about YOU taking control of your life and making the changes that YOU want to. The book format makes the innovative Thrive Programme easily accessible to anyone and everyone. It gives you a very flexible way of taking control and creating the life you want; you can work through the book at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.

The book is highly interactive, with many exercises to guide and help you in really changing your life. It is completely different to other emetophobia help books out there. Many ‘self-help’ books do indeed contain good advice on how to improve your life. Most people, however, do not end up applying the advice or techniques for very long. Why? Because, most of the time, the really important part – the reason why these techniques work – is not fully explained.

“Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive” comes from a completely new direction. The book will enable you to really understand your personality, your thinking and the underlying driving forces behind your symptoms, making it easy to change your life for the better. Thrive not only targets the symptoms of emetophobia, but also focuses upon building a sense of personal control, raising self-esteem and reducing social anxiety. This helps you to also overcome any other issues or problems you may have, as well as develop a resilient and thriving attitude towards life. All the techniques in the book are very simple to use and fully explained so that you know exactly why you are using them. Anybody willing to put the time and effort into following the programme can eradicate their Emetophobia for good and start to live their lives to the full!

You can buy the book direct from The Thrive Programme Shop and work through it by yourself at home. Alternatively, if you would like additional support, you can be guided through The Thrive Programme with one of our trained Thrive Consultants. Thrive Consultants help people to gain the most from the programme by ‘bringing the book to life’, tailoring the programme to a people’s individual needs and personality, and providing additional insights and explanations. Click here to locate a licensed Thrive Programme Consultant.

We recently ran a research survey for emetophobes who had completed the Thrive Programme. We had 62 respondents, 61 of whom rated their symptoms as having a ‘severe’ impact upon their daily lives before they started the programme. The remaining participant rated her symptoms as having a ‘significant’ impact. We also designed a questionnaire (called the Emetophobia Symptom Severity Scale) to measure the severity of their fear. Scores on this scale could be between 0 and 30, with a higher score representing greater impairment. Respondents in the survey initially scored an average of 24.5 (range 18 to 30).

After completing the Thrive Programme, 55 out of the 62 participants rated their symptoms as having ‘little or no’ impact on their daily lives. The remaining seven individuals rated their symptoms as having a ‘moderate’ impact. Participants’ scores on our Emetophobia Symptom Severity Scale had all been reduced, with an average score of 4.7 (range 1 to 11). In addition to this, the respondents reported improvements in their self-esteem, social anxiety and sense of control over their lives as a result of undertaking the programme. Self-esteem scores changed from an average of 15.5 to an average of 3.3 (scores could be between 0 and 30 and a higher score represented lower self-esteem). Social anxiety scores reduced from an initial average of 16.5 to an average of 3.6 (scores could be between 0 and 30 and a higher score represented higher social anxiety). The participants’ sense of control scores changed from an average of 24.5 to an average of 5.3 (scores could be between 0 and 30 and a higher score represented lower sense of control).

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