Someone Being Sick

Fear of being sick, or seeing someone being sick.

Most sufferers of emetophobia (a fear of being sick) predominantly fear themselves being sick (vomiting) but many also fear someone being sick around or near to them.  If someone is being sick near them, then tend to feel very out of control and panic. They then perform safety-seeking or avoidance behaviors in order to escape from the situation.

Why fear someone being sick?

It's understandable why people don't like being sick (who does like being sick?) - it's not very nice! Most people put up with the unpleasant experience though...  Emetophobia - much like any other phobia - isn't actually about being sick, it's about feeling out of control emotionally.  An external locus of control plays a large factor in any phobia, but is particularly important in emetophobia. Other factors that help create this fear are: high social anxiety, perfectionism, 'disgust propensity', and low self-esteem.  Have a read of our emetophobia quiz and see how much you know!  So why fear someone else being sick?  Well, you can develop the 'skills' to control your own body and emotions, but you still can't control others peoples.... if other people are being sick, then you might catch it!  so emetophobes sometimes fear other people being sick.

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